The umpires have had enough and we have an early close due to bad light. Well, that was a solid day for the Indian team but England’s double strike has set this match up nicely for day four.

IND 270/3 after 92 overs: Play has been stopped due to bad light. If the light improves, we could still have play till 11 pm IST. India lead by 171 runs. Kohli (22 off 37) and Jadeja (9 off 33) are unbeaten.

IND 270/3 after 92 overs: Four! Moeen drops it short and Jadeja whips it to the square-leg fence. India wouldn’t mind this – facing spinners and adding to the score instead of going off.

Well, well. The light has deteriorated to an extent that the umpires have disallowed fast bowlers from operating. Root is coming on to bowl.

IND 263/3 after 90 overs: Two fours! Kohli with two more front-foot drives past cover. He loves that area and isn’t holding back. Expensive over from Anderson, India lead by 164 runs.

IND 254/3 after 88 overs: Anderson with a tight line to Jadeja in that over. Kept it just outside off from over the wicket and moved it both ways off the pitch.

IND 254/3 after 87 overs: Shot! Robinson pitches it right up, after an unsuccessful LBW appeal earlier, and Kohli plays a trademark cover-drive for four. India lead by 155 runs.

IND 246/3 after 86 overs: Kohli takes a single off the first ball with an inside edge before Jadeja plays out the rest of that Anderson over. There was a loud appeal for caught-behind but the umpire said not out and Root, who has one review remaining, didn’t go for DRS. The ball seemed to have hit the pad.

IND 245/3 after 85 overs: Maiden over from Robinson to Jadeja. The left-hander bringing his front leg out nicely and defending with a straight bat. India lead by 146 runs.

IND 245/3 after 84 overs: Jadeja picks up a streaky boundary past point off Robinson before Anderson bowls another testing over to Kohli. These are tough times for the Indian batsmen with the second new ball and dark clouds hovering.

IND 237/3 after 82 overs: Now Anderson bowls a fiery over to Virat Kohli. The Oval is incredibly loud at the moment, the English players are pumped too. India have been pushed into a corner out of nowhere. Meanwhile, Ravindra Jadeja has been sent ahead of Ajinkya Rahane at No 5 again.

IND 237/3 after 81 overs: WICKET! Oh dear, India have lost both their set batsmen in the first over with the second new ball. Ollie Robinson doing the job for England. This time Cheteshwar Pujara (61 off 127) gets caught out after an inside-edge.

IND 236/2 after 80.1 overs: WICKET! Rohit is out off the first ball with the second new ball! Again, he perishes playing the pull shot. Robinson banged it in and it didn’t bounce enough. Rohit top-edged it to fine-leg. He walks back for 127 off 256.

IND 233/1 after 79 overs: Now Rohit picks up a boundary down the ground and Root is at the receiving end. Rohit and Pujara bring up their 150-run partnership. Two senior batsmen coming together to change the game for their team.

IND 228/1 after 78 overs: Shot! Moeen gives it some air and Pujara steps down to get to the pitch of the ball and drive it to the right of mid-off for four.

IND 217/1 after 75 overs: Captain Joe Root brings himself into the attack and concedes just a single in his first over. England are trying to contain the run-flow till they can get their hands on the second new ball, which is five overs away now.

IND 212/1 after 73 overs: What a shot! England don’t keep a third-man and Rohit plays the most delightful late-cut for four. It was slightly short and wide from Woakes, Rohit stood absolute still and opened the face of his bat at the last moment. Made that look so easy.

IND 206/1 after 71.2 overs: FIFTY FOR PUJARA! His 31st Test half-century. He came out with aggression and has shown his class as a batsman in a crucial partnership for India.

IND 202/1 after 71 overs: Woakes starts the session with a maiden over. Rohit looking as calm as ever and coming behind the ball nicely in defence.

IND 202/1 after 70 overs: Rohit picks two and Pujara a single in the first over of the session, which was bowled by Overton. The right-arm quick had some words for Pujara in that over but the right-hander didn’t seem bothered.

8.32 pm: The players are back on the field for the post-tea session. England are 11 overs away from the second new ball. Another good session for India here and the hosts will be in big trouble.


IND 199/1 after 69 overs: Well, that was an absolutely dominant session by India. Rohit Sharma (103 off 218) and Cheteshwar Pujara (48 off 97) have led the visitors to a 100-run lead.

CENTURY FOR ROHIT SHARMA! And what a way to get there! He steps down to Moeen Ali and thumps it straight back for six. His eighth Test ton and first overseas in the longest format. This has been such a classy knock.

IND188 /1 after 63.3 overs: England lose their second review. Pujara was struck on the pad by Moeen and England thought there was glove involved as the ball popped up to silly-point. But the review showed it was just pad.

IND 184/1 after 62.4 overs: 100-run partnership between Rohit and Pujara! The two right-handers have been in perfect sync and played some delightful strokes. India lead by 85 runs now with nine wickets still remaining. England under the pump.

IND 179/1 after 62 overs: Four! Another aggressive shot from Rohit against Moeen. It was tossed up in line with the stumps and the right-hander swept it in the air over the in-field. And another four! This time Rohit plays the delicate sweep to send it right of short-fine. High class batting this.

IND 168/1 after 60 overs: Shot! Moeen tosses it up and Rohit steps out to drive it in the air through the vacant cover region for four. Nervous times for England.

IND 163/1 after 59 overs: Anderson returns to the attack and bowls a quiet over. Solid defence from Rohit. He is batting on 73 off 183. India lead by 64 runs.

IND 162/1 after 57 overs: Moeen Ali continues his spell and Rohit and Pujara rotate the strike comfortably. India lead by 63 runs now.

IND 153/1 after 54 overs: India lead by 54 runs. With nine wickets in hand, this is a solid position to be in. Pujara, meanwhile, seems to be struggling with his ankle. He’s getting some more treatment.

IND 138/1 after 50 overs: Four! Woakes bangs it in and Pujara brings out the upper cut. A play-and-miss after that but no harm done. He has raced to 34 off 46.

IND 125/1 after 48 overs: Shot! A picture-perfect cover-drive for four from Rohit. Woakes erred in length and the right-hander didn’t miss out. India will want to cash in in the next 32 overs till the second new ball is available.

IND 120/1 after 46.3 overs: FIFTY FOR ROHIT SHARMA! He got a couple of lives but has looked solid for the most part. India needed runs at the top of the order and the experienced right-hander delivers again.

Update: Pujara is back up now and ready to take guard. Remains to be seen if his movement will be hampered after that ankle twist.

IND 117/1 after 44.5 overs: Shot! Second square-cut for four by Pujara in this innings. But on dear, he has twisted his ankle badly after playing that shot. He ran to the other end and as he tapped his back to turn and go back, his left foot got stuck in the grass and his ankle twisted severely. He seems to be in a lot of pain and the physio is out.

IND 111/1 after 44 overs: Wonderful delivery from Woakes. It was angled in with a scrambled seam and nipped away. Rohit’s outside edge was beaten and there was a sound, but it was of the bat hitting the pad. Lovely symmetry in the score at the moment.

IND 110/1 after 43 overs: Two runs come from that first over after lunch bowled by Overton. Pujara got one on the pads and flicked it nicely past square-leg.

6.10 pm: Right, we’re ready for the start of the second session. India will be in control of the match if they win this next period. They lead by nine runs. Rohit and Pujara are at the crease. Here we go!


IND 108/1 after 42 overs: England got the wicket of KL Rahul but India did really well in that session. They lead by nine runs. Rohit Sharma (47 off 131) is looking solid and Cheteshwar Pujara (14 off 21) has started confidently.

IND 107/1 after 41 overs: Four! Overton drops it short and Rohit pulls it away comfortably. The right-hander moves on to 47 off 128.

IND 103/1 after 40 overs: England lose their first review. Moeen came on to bowl his first over of the innings and pitched it wide. Rohit shouldered his arms but the ball turned and hit his front pad. The umpire said not out and Root took the review, but it showed the ball missing leg comfortably. The scores are level. India get the lead! Moeen drops it short and Pujara pulls it up and over for four. The visitors will be pleased with their fightback so far, they have nine wickets in hand.

IND 98/1 after overs: Shot! It was short and wide and Pujara hit a blazing square cut for four. India trail by just one now.

IND 94/1 after 38 overs: Rohit survives! Anderson pitched it on a length and Rohit went for the on drive but was in no control. Luckily for him, the fielder at mid-on didn’t see the ball and moved the wrong way, it landed just wide of him. Rohit then ends the over with a well-controlled cover drive for four.

IND 88/1 after 37 overs: Shot! Robinson pitches it right up and Pujara plays a powerful drive to the right of mid-off for four. That should give a lot of confidence to the India No 3.

IND 84/1 after 36 overs: Cheteshwar Pujara gets off the mark with an inside-edge to fine-leg for one. That was another fine over from Anderson.

IND 83/1 after 34 overs: WICKET! Anderson gets Rahul. The ball went past the outside edge and there was a sound. The umpire said not out but the review showed a spike. Rahul isn’t happy with that decision but he has to walk back for 46 off 101.

IND 82/0 after 32 overs: A beauty from Anderson to beat Rohit’s outside edge. It was angled in with a scrambled seam and nipped away. England have done well to dry up the runs in the last half hour.

IND 80/0 after 30 overs: Just a single from that Anderson over after drinks. There is still no sunshine at The Oval. England will feel they can keep creating chances in these conditions.

IND 79/0 after 29 overs: Rohit finds the middle of the bat this time and gets it through cover and mid-off for two. Good over by Robinson.

IND 77/0 after 27 overs: Now Rohit survives! He pushed tentatively at it again and got the edge, but the ball went wide of Rory Burns at second slip and he couldn’t hold on. England’s catching in this match has been quite poor.

IND 73/0 after 25 overs: Rohit pushes at a wide delivery from Robinson, he wasn’t in control, but it goes through point and gully for two.

IND 71/0 after 23.4 overs: Rahul survives! He hit the first six of the Indian innings earlier in the Woakes over and then got struck in front. The umpire raised his finger but DRS showed the ball missing leg.

IND 64/0 after 23 overs: Shot! Rahul leans forwards and plays a delightful cover drive for four. Ollie Robinson returns to the attack and concedes seven runs in his first over of the day. India’s openers have safely negotiated the first half hour of the day.

IND 57/0 after 22 overs: Woakes beats Rahul’s edge with a beauty, the right-hander then has a wild swing at a short and wide delivery and misses. Rahul then ends the over with two through the slip cordon and gully.

IND 55/0 after 21 overs: A maiden over from Anderson. He isn’t getting movement in the air so he’s doing well to hit the deck and get some seam movement.

IND 55/0 after 20 overs: Four! Rahul gets his first runs of the day with an elegant straight drive for four. The Indian openers are looking solid. There isn’t much movement in the air for the English pacers. Five runs come from that Woakes over.

IND 49/0 after 18 overs: Solid by Chris Woakes, starts his day with a maiden. Kept testing Rahul just outside off.

IND 49/0 after 17 overs: A bit of an LBW shout against Rohit but no harm done. He follows that up with a gorgeous straight drive for four. The important thing is that there isn’t much cloud cover. The pitch looks wonderful for batting.

3.30 pm: Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul are at the crease and James Anderson has the ball in hand. This is a massive session for India, they need the openers to fire.

Hello and welcome to the Live coverage of the third day’s play in the fourth Test between India and England at The Oval.

India were 43/0 in their second innings at stumps, trailing by 56 runs. Rohit Sharma was 20 not out and KL Rahul 22 not out. Can the overnight batters build on the strong start?