The end of an action-packed day of Test cricket. India batted themselves into a strong position but England are fighting back. Burns (31* off 109) & Hameed (43* off 85) have taken the hosts to 77/0 (32 overs). They need 291 runs to win.

ENG 75/0 after 31 overs: Two fours! Siraj bowls it on the pads twice and Hameed clips it to the fine-leg fence for four both times. India then lose a review. Hameed was struck in front on the back leg but the umpire said not-out. Kohli went for the review and it showed the ball going over. Nothing going India’s way at the moment.

ENG 67/0 after 29 overs: Rare instance of India troubling the English openers. Siraj attacked the stumps and Hameed played inside the line, the ball took the outside edge and went through the vacant first slip region for four. It wouldn’t have carried if there was a catcher placed there but this will encourage India.

ENG 59/0 after 25 overs: Shot! Hameed leans forwards and plays an elegant drive through the vacant cover region for four. Poor bowling from Siraj. He had a leg side field with two fielders in the circle in front of square. He was supposed to attack the stumps but he bowled that one well outside off where there was hardly any protection.

ENG 50/0 after 21 overs: England’s openers have added a half-century stand. Both batsmen have looked solid so far. Mohammed Siraj joins the attack and concedes one run in his first over.

ENG 49/0 after 20 overs: Better from Jadeja, bowls a maiden to Burns. Found his mark in that over, with Burns even getting hit on his helmet after missing a sweep.

ENG 48/0 after 18 overs: Four! Jadeja bowls it quick on the pads and Hameed clips it to the fine-leg fence. To exploit the rough, the left-arm spinner choosing to bowl from over the wicket to the right-handed Hameed.

ENG 43/0 after 17 overs: Just a single for Burns in that Bumrah over. Hameed continuing to leave the ball well.

ENG 42/0 after 16 overs: Some drama in that over. Hameed played a forward defence to Jadeja and it was caught by substitute Suryakumar Yadav at silly point. The Indian players went up in appeal, saying the ball bounced off Hameed’s boot and went up to Yadav. The umpire took a review and the soft signal was not-out. And the replay showed that the ball glanced the boot and bounced off the ground before being caught. So not-out.

Time for drinks. England have gotten off to a good start in their second innings. Openers Rory Burns (18 off 51) and Haseeb Hameed (17 off 40) have taken their team to 37/0 in 15 overs.

ENG 37/0 after 14 overs: Jadeja starts the over with a high full-toss but Burns can’t put it away. The left-arm spinner has to play an important role for his team in this innings and he hasn’t gotten off to a great start.

ENG 34/0 after 13 overs: That’s a hat-trick of overs with fours. This time Hameed gets his first. Bumrah bowled it short and wide, the right-hander used his wrists to cut it powerfully past extra-cover for four.

ENG 30/0 after 12 overs: Four! Another pull by Burns and another boundary for England. This time it is Jadeja who drops it way too short. The left-arm spinner has bowled three overs but is yet to settle into a rhythm. Meanwhile, Bumrah is returning to the attack replacing Umesh.

ENG 25/0 after 11 overs: Shot! England get their first boundary as Burns plays a cracking pull shot off Umesh’s bowling for four. England will be happy with this start.

ENG 20/0 after 10 overs: Two strange shots from Burns in that Jadeja over. A square cut against turn and then a slog. “What a shot, what a shot,” quips Kohli from leg slip.

ENG 18/0 after 9 overs: Umesh remains on attack at the other end. The openers have looked comfortable against the pacers, the new hard ball not troubling them. Still a very good pitch when the seamers are on.

ENG 15/0 after 8 overs: As expected, Jadeja comes on early on. Hameed not hesitant to drive against the spin in that over.

Well, that didn’t take long. Jadeja comes on to bowl the 8th over and the gets the ball to turn big from the rough into the left-handed Burns.

ENG 11/0 after 7 overs: A maiden over from Umesh, Hameed doing well to trust the bounce and leave...

ENG 11/0 after 6 overs: Funnily enough the best over Bumrah has bowled so far is also the one he has conceded runs in. But good attacking lines in that over.

ENG 6/0 after 5.1 overs: Tidy over from Umesh... and from the other end, Bumrah DOES bring one back in after the wide outside off in the previous overs. Reactions from the slip cordon indicates that was the plan. Well left by Hameed.

ENG 4/0 after 4 overs: Bumrah with two maidens but can’t be happy about that. India can’t waste the new ball, right now Bumrah is well outside off stump. Maybe it is a set-up?

ENG 4/0 after 3 overs: Hameed is off a pair.

ENG 0/0 after 2 overs: Just like the first innings, Umesh Yadav first up followed by Jasprit Bumrah. Burns and Hameed play out maiden overs.

Final innings begins

Target for England: 368

Target for India: 10 wickets in 3 sessions and then some.

Which way is this one headed?


IND 466/10 after 148.2 overs: Umesh Yadav (25 off 23) is the last batsman dismissed as he hits it straight to cover. Overton gets his first wicket. What a remarkable performance with the bat this has been by India in their second innings. England have been set a target of 368 runs.

IND 465/9 after 148 overs: SIX! What a shot! Umesh Yadav is such a cleaner striker of the ball. Chris Woakes bowls a slower ball and Umesh sends it well over the long-on fence. India lead by 366. This has got to hurt England in more ways than one.

IND 458/9 after 147 overs: Four! Overton bangs it in and Umesh pulls it powerfully into the gap. The runs keep flowing for India. They lead by 359. Mohammed Siraj is the last man in and he gets off the mark with a single to mid-wicket.

IND 450/9 after 146 overs: WICKET! Bumrah played a classy flick through mid-wicket for four earlier in the over but he hits it straight to mid-on this time. Woakes gets his third as Bumrah walks back for a valuable 24 off 38.

IND 450/8 after 145.5 overs: Shot! Woakes targets the pads and Bumrah plays a classy flick past mid-wicket for four. Follows that up with a solid back foot defence and a stylish cover-drive straight to the fielder two balls later. This is so good to watch. India’s lead is now 351 runs.

IND 446/8 after 145 overs: Quiet over from Overton to begin the post-tea session. Bumrah solid in defence and picks a single off the last ball to retain strike.

8.32 pm: Right, the players are back on the field for the post-tea session. This is going to be a long one. India lead by 346 runs. Here we go!


IND 445/8 after 144 overs: That was an absolutely dominant session by India, with Rishabh Pant and Shardul Thakur leading the way. Umesh Yadav and Jasprit Bumrah have now added an unbeaten partnership of 31 runs and India lead by 346.

IND 440/8 after 143 overs: What is with India’s fast bowlers and straight drives?! This time Bumrah plays a superb drive down the ground off Woakes for four. To make matters worse for England, Root seems to have pulled his hamstring trying to stop the ball at mid-off.

IND 435/8 after 142 overs: Crafty batting from Bumrah! Moeen bowls it flat and wide, Bumrah stays low and plays a delicate late-cut for two. The runs continue to flow for India.

IND 431/8 after 141 overs: Shot! Now Bumrah gets in on the act and sweeps Root in the gap for four. India lead by 332.

IND 424/8 after 140 overs: SIX! Moeen tosses it up and Umesh whacks it a long way over the long-on fence. This has got to hurt England. India lead by 325 runs.

IND 414/8 after 137.3 overs: WICKET! Pant perishes after getting to 50. He tried to whack it but the ball went straight back to Moeen. The end of a brilliant knock, Pant has played his part for India.

FIFTY FOR RISHABH PANT! His seventh half-century in Test cricket. The left-hander returns to form with a vital knock for his team. He has shown patience and played some fine shots as always. India lead by 314 runs.

IND 412/7 after 136.5 overs: WICKET! Root comes on to bowl and strikes imemdiately. Thakur, just like Kohli, edges it to the slip fielder. He added 100 runs with Pant for the 7th wicket and walks back for a magnificent 60 off 72.

IND 411/6 after 136 overs: Thakur is putting on a straight-drive exhibition. He really is. The right plays another one of those stunning shots for four. This partnership has added 99 runs.

Shardul Thakur with another glorious straight-drive for for. India get to 400 runs and the lead crosses 300.

IND 396/6 after 134 overs: FIFTY FOR SHARDUL THAKUR! He has now scored 108 runs in this Test with crucial contributions in both innings. What an asset he has been for the Indian team. India lead by 297 runs. Thakur hit Robinson for a six in that over before Pant got an inside-edge for four.

IND 383/6 after 133 overs: Thakur with a pull in the gap for four, before Pant attempts the most audacious reverse-sweep off Anderson. He missed it completely and England appealed loudly for LBW but the umpire said not-out.

IND 378/6 after 132 overs: Pant survives! Oh, that was a huge opportunity for England! Pant played it towards mid-wicket and set off for a single but was sent back by Shardul Thakur. Moeen Ali got to the ball quickly and had all the time in the world to try and get the direct hit but he released the ball in a flash and it missed the stumps. Pant somehow scrambled back. He would’ve been out by miles if it was a direct hit. It’s all going India’s way at the moment. Joe Root with his head in his hands.

IND 375/6 after 131 overs: Rishabh Pant (37 off 87) and Shardul Thakur (36 off 54) are playing at ease right now. England’s bowlers look flat and the lead is now 276 runs. Joe Root and Co need to break this partnership (63 runs) quickly to remain in the game.

IND 375/6 after 129 overs: What a shot from Thakur! Anderson drops it short and the right-hander gets on his toes to punch it past extra-cover for three. He really does have high-class strokes in his arsenal.

IND 362/6 after 124.2 overs: 50-run partnership between Pant and Thakur comes up! England seemed on top after Kohli’s dismissal but India are getting a valuable contribution down the order. India lead by 263 runs with four wickets in hand.

IND 358/6 after 123 overs: Pant decides he has had enough and steps out to Moeen and whacks it straight over for four. That was a top shot. Thakur then ends the over with a classy back foot punch for four. This partnership has added 46. India now lead by 259 runs.

IND 344/6 after 120 overs: Four! Woakes pitches it slightly full and Thakur drives it uppishly through extra-cover. He’s adding valuable runs for India again.

IND 336/6 after 119 overs: Thakur picks up two with an edge past short-third. He then survives a close run-out call after Waokes’s direct hit. India pick up seven runs from that Moeen over.

6.11 pm: It’s time for the post-lunch session at The Oval. Can India push their lead towards 300?


IND 329/6 after 118 overs: Thakur with a stunning on-drive for four in that Overton over at the stroke of lunch. India lead by 230 runs now. England removed Jadeja, Rahane and Kohli in this session to put India under pressure. But India are slowly building another partnership with Pant and Thakur. Still not much to choose between the two teams.

IND 324/6 after 117 overs: Thakur gets going with his first boundary! That was a quality stroke. Moeen tossed it up and he drove it through cover despite not getting to the pitch of the ball.

IND 315/6 after 115 overs: England have lost all their reviews. Moeen struck Thakur on the front pad and DRS showed the ball missing leg.

IND 314/6 after 114 overs: India have Rishabh Pant and Shardul Thakur at the crease now. They lead by 215 runs. The hosts have done well in this session and will be looking to keep the target inside 300.

IND 312/6 after 111 overs: WICKET! Moeen Ali removes Virat Kohli! It went straight after pitching and got the edge, the slip fielder took a simple catch. Kohli can’t believe it but he has to walk back for 44 off 96. India in trouble, they lead by 213.

IND 304/5 after 109 overs: There’s that gorgeous Kohli cover-drive again! This time Overton over-pitches and gets smacked for four. The India captain moves on to 44. India lead by 205.

IND 298/5 after 107 overs: Kohli survives! Overton gets his outside edge and the ball falls just short of Root at first slip. Kohli pushed at it a bit but having soft hands helped him there. Maiden over.

IND 298/5 after 106 overs: Well, Pant didn’t step out even once in that Woakes over. He defended with a straight bat and left the ball comfortably. Perhaps, the skipper being at the other end will keep him honest.

That wicket could cost Rahane his spot in the side. He looked quite clueless in his brief stay at the crease and missed the ball completely trying to work it to the leg side. Tough times for India’s vice-captain.

IND 296/5 after 103.4 overs: WICKET! This time Rahane is out LBW and he doesn’t take a review. He walks back for an 8-ball duck. Woakes is doing a fine job for his team.

IND 296/4 after 102 overs: Rahane survives! Facing his second ball, he shouldered his arms and the umpire said out for LBW. But the review showed the ball going over. Woakes with a fiery over first up!

IND 296/4 after 101.2 overs: WICKET! Woakes joins the attack and strikes immediately. Jadeja (17 off 59) is struck in front and the umpire raises his finger. India take the review and it shows three reds.

IND 296/3 after 101 overs: That was an action-packed over! Robinson gets Kohli’s outside edge but it falls inches short of Rory Burns at second slip. The right-arm pacer then bowls it too full and Kohli thumps it down the ground for four. Robinson kicks the ground in disgust.

IND 291/3 after 100 overs: Oh, what a shot! Kohli plays the perfect cover-drive for four. He really is a master of that stroke. Anderson didn’t enjoy it but the Indian fans sure did.

The 50-run partnership between Kohli (32) and Jadeja (16) is up. They came to the crease under pressure but have steadied the ship admirably. India lead by 188 runs.

IND 287/3 after 99 overs: Kohli plays with soft hands and gets three past gully. Jadeja then clips one to the fine-leg fence for four. That was a testing over from Robinson for the most part but he erred in line at the end.

IND 280/3 after 98 overs: Anderson bangs one it and Jadeja decides to drop his hands too early and gets hit smack on his tricep. The left-hander didn’t flinch, though, after taking the blow. Maiden over.

IND 280/3 after 97 overs: This time Robinson gets too straight and Kohli flicks it past square-leg for two. He hit a full delivery straight to cover to end the over and looked disappointed with himself.

IND 278/3 after 95.4 overs: A bit of a delay in proceedings there as Anderson gets the ground staff to work on the popping crease. The landing spot has gotten soft due to moisture and they’re flattening it out.

IND 277/3 after 95 overs: Jadeja gets a thick edge and the ball goes past gully for two. Ollie Robinson has gotten off to a accurate start. This partnership has added 40 off 84.

IND 275/3 after 94 overs: Shot! James Anderson gets too straight and Virat Kohli flicks it with control through mid-wicket and mid-on for three. Ravindra Jadeja then ends the over with a single.

IND 271/3 after 93 overs: Just a single for Kohli from the first over of the day by Robinson. It’s bright and sunny at the moment and the conditions look good for batting.

3.30 pm: Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja are at the crease. India are 270/3 and lead by 171 runs. This promises to be another tantalising day of Test cricket. Here we go!

Just in: The BCCI medical team has isolated head coach Ravi Shastri, bowling coach B Arun, fielding coach R Sridhar and physiotherapist Nitin Patel as a precautionary measure after Shastri’s lateral flow test returned positive for Covid-19 last evening.

Hello and welcome to live coverage of day four of the fourth Test between England and India at The oval.