Former India wicketkeeper Kiran More said MS Dhoni was the biggest success story of his time as a selector.

In an episode of CRED’s The Long Game, More spoke about scouting Dhoni, his tryst with Javed Miandad at the 1992 WC and more.

More, considered one of India’s best wicketkeepers with 130 dismissals in 49 Tests, said, “Becoming a selector was tough because you are playing with somebody’s career and it’s not easy to drop someone or to pick someone.”

“But you have to be honest because you are going to pick the Indian team. When you select a national team there are a lot of strategies that go on like the combinations of the team, the balance of the team, and what the captain needs and what the coach needs. We need to find 15 match winners who can win a match on any given day.”

About Dhoni’s selection, he added: “The success story of our time was MS Dhoni. We never thought that he was a wicketkeeper, we thought he was a batter. So I went especially to Jamshedpur to watch his batting. He smashed about 130 runs and kept wickets decently. From there he went into India A and then to Kenya and the rest is history.”