6.10 pm: Two cracking singles finals tomorrow, with An Se Young taking on Akane Yamaguchi while Anderson Antonsen faces Kento Momota. Unfortunately for Indian shuttlers, no representation in the final. Next up, the Indonesia Open Super 1000 as the Bali badminton festival continues next week.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 21-9 Srikanth Kidambi: Correction to the scoreline. It was 21-9 in the second game. Here’s how it unfolded. The match lasted 41 minutes.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 21-9 Srikanth Kidambi: And a tame end to the match as Srikanth lets one drop inside the back-line. Drift perhaps, and the game did drift away from Srikanth. The wait for returning to the final continues for Indian. More good signs in Bali, but not much to take away from the match today.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 20-9 Srikanth Kidambi: 11 match points for Antonsen.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 18-9 Srikanth Kidambi: An error from the Dane and then a powerful Srikanth smash. Couple of good points... but that’s that for now. Antonsen is three points away.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 16-7 Srikanth Kidambi: The angles have not been Srikanth’s friends today. A flat feel to this game now.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 14-6 Srikanth Kidambi: One of the better rallies after a string of errors in recent times... longest at 26, so that tells you something. Lucky net chord helps Srikanth. But he gives the serve back as AA plays a good body smash.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 13-5 Srikanth Kidambi: And Srikanth has lost both his challenges too now.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 12-5 Srikanth Kidambi: Finally the run of points ends at 8 for Antonsen as he returns a small favour with an error of his own.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 11-4 Srikanth Kidambi: ...and this is getting away quickly. Last four or five points have all been on Sri’s errors. From 4-4, make that seven straight points for AA and he has a big lead heading into the interval.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 8-4 Srikanth Kidambi: Oh dear, bad error from Srikanth. Going for the kill again and misses a straight forward shot. Another error next up, not going for the kill but just a simple mistake. Too costly.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 6-4 Srikanth Kidambi: Another good point at the net for Srikanth. Some indecision in the next rally as he finds himself caught between attacking and playing the safer shot, seemingly. AA gets the serve back and sees another error from Srikanth.

Anders Antonsen 21-14, 4-3 Srikanth Kidambi: Good early exchanges at 2-2 and then a couple of good points. A superb rally at 2-3 goes in favour of AA as Sri challenges and gets it wrong. Better signs here though, Srikanth playing at a good tempo. Gets the serve back with a backhand kill at the net, set up by a good smash.

Unravelled rather quickly at the end of the opener. From 11-12 at one point where he won five straight points, Srikanth let Antonsen get away.

Anders Antonsen 21-14 Srikanth Kidambi: Perhaps fittingly, the opening game goes Antonsen on the back of a Srikanth error. Unforced, largely. He has missed these shots too many times in the last few rallies.

Anders Antonsen 20-14 Srikanth Kidambi: Errors continues from Srikanth... at the wrong time (not that there is a right time but at the business end of a game is when you’d hope these don’t happen, leaves you no room for a comeback). Six game points.

Anders Antonsen 18-14 Srikanth Kidambi: Big miss from Srikanth! Going for the kill, finds the net instead. Gets the serve back as AA sends a lift wide. Needs a run of points here otherwise this opening game is done.... and he makes another error, does Srikanth. Been his problem recently.

Anders Antonsen 16-13 Srikanth Kidambi: Srikanth doing well to not let AA run away with this. Great downward angle on the smash keeps the gap at 3.

Anders Antonsen 15-12 Srikanth Kidambi: Anotonsen showing he’s no mug at the net and then Sri sends another lift long. Better off playing straight shots, his crosscourt game has not quite clicked for the backcourt. The Indian gets the serve back on AA’s error.

Anders Antonsen 13-11 Srikanth Kidambi: Five straight points for Srikanth! Another great net exchange that Sri controlled. A good rally next up that stops Sri’s run of points as he lets one drop inside the line.

Anders Antonsen 12-10 Srikanth Kidambi: Imperative for Srikanth to fight back and fight back quickly. A quick smash and then a really good net exchange gives Srikanth a couple of points. And then a terrific around-the-head smash. Antonsen challenges another call at the back-line, long this time. Good run this for Srikanth.

Coach Park Tae Sang once again in Srikanth’s corner. ESPN earlier reported this:

Anders Antonsen 11-6 Srikanth Kidambi: Wow a great challenge from Antonsen on the backcourt call. That looked out, but it has caught the line. More pace injected by the Dane in the rally next, he has a handy lead here. A forehand smash smack into the net from Sri as we go into the interval.

Anders Antonsen 8-6 Srikanth Kidambi: And if one has to talk about Sri’s weakness, especially in recent times, it’s his defence. Often in trying to block or return shuttles, Srikanth tends to serve up easy smash options. That has happened a couple of times here. The Dane pulling ahead a bit and Srikanth responds with a great service return.

Anders Antonsen 6-5 Srikanth Kidambi: One of Srikanth’s biggest strengths is the net play. When that is going at a good level, he will compete no matter what. Good early signs here. Antonsen is finding some good angles on the smash, that’s his strength.

Anders Antonsen 3-3 Srikanth Kidambi: Morten Frost pretty much confirms what we thought. Antonsen will go hard in the opening game because he is a great frontrunner. The Danish great reckons his compatriot is the favourite for this one if he can play his attacking game. Good early exchanges here.

Anders Antonsen 2-0 Srikanth Kidambi: Srikanth, who chose to serve, gives the first point to the Dane with an error. The Dane can be a super fast starter, Srikanth needs to be wary in the early exchanges. He seemed to have opted for the near side.

Warm ups done. Here we go.

5.20 pm: Anders Antonsen is a former champion of the Indonesia Masters. Srikanth is a former finalist. It’s been a while since the two of them met, mainly because Srikanth has not been around these stages for a while. But he’s playing somewhere close to the best he has in some time!

Former world No 1 Srikanth Kidambi takes on Denmark’s Anders Antonsen for a place in the final against Kento Momota. Srikanth has a 1-2 H2H record against the Dane.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the semifinals at the Indonesia Masters Super 750 badminton tournament in Bali where Srikanth Kidambi takes on Anders Antonsen.

Srikanth has enjoyed some good recent form on the tour and has now reached back-to-back semifinals. First the Hylo Open Super 500 and now the Indonesia Masters Super 750. He has registered an impressive win here in Bali, defeating the local favourite Jonatan Christie in the pre quarterfinal and then defeated HS Prannoy yesterday in the quarterfinal. Prannoy had earlier caused the biggest upset in the men’s singles draw, defeating second seed Viktor Axelsen.

Against third seed Antonsen, Srikanth will have his task cut out.

Should he win this, he will be reaching the final of a Superseries / Super 500-plus level event for the first time since India Open in March 2019.