Now the focus turns to a must-win match on Saturday against Poland in a match of two teams with one win each. (India can technically progress with a draw too, so must-not-lose is perhaps a better way to put it). Assuming France remain perfect by beating Canada, the winner of India-Poland will progress as the second-placed team. Join us for that, thanks for tuning in tonight.

9.25 pm: One of the two men to score a hat-trick tonight, Hundal Araijeet Singh, declared player of the match. Says the team were hurting after the defeat yesterday.

Full time stats: India bounce back from their defeat against France with a dominant win. What a crazy day in Odisha... a total of 70 goals in 5 matches!

FULL TIME: And..... breathe. India defeat Canada 13-1, the most goals scored in a Junior Hockey World Cup match since.... ....a few hours back when Spain scored 17. What a mad day!

Q4: India 13-1 Canada HAT-TRICK! A second hat-trick for the Indian vice captain in two matches. Sanjay scores three again as India impress with their drag flicks, converting another PC late in this match.

Q4: India 12-1 Canada: Missed trap... at this time seems even the Indians are tired of converting the PCs! Well, another one given soon.

Q4: India 12-1 Canada: Another PC for India with 2 mins to go. Remember, Spain have already scored 17 today so this is not even a record for the day!

Q4: India 12-1 Canada: GOAL INDIA! Abhisek Lakra with the drag flick this time. GOODWIN Daniel (CAN’s GK) is not having a great night. Heart goes out for him, at this point.

Q4: India 11-1 Canada: A PC not converted by India is a bigger update than them scoring one... never mind, they have another one soon.

Q4: India 11-1 Canada, GOAL! Sharda Nand Tiwari with yet another drag flick as India continue to make the most of the PCs they get. His 2nd goal of the night. (We are going to lose count at this rate of who has score how many!) Meanwhile, Maninder was once again impressive with his stick work in the buildup to the goal.

Q4: India 10-1 Canada HAT-TRICK! Hundal Araijeet Singh gets two in very quick time and it is his third of the night. This is another field goal, as he fires from distance through a crowd of players and the Canadian GK should have done better.

Q4: India 9-1 Canada, GOAL INDIA: Yet another assist for Maninder Singh and a second goal for Hundal Araijeet Singh who does well in front of the goal.

Q4: India 8-1 Canada: A PC for Canada but nothing comes of it this time.

Q4: India 8-1 Canada, GOAL INDIA! Uttam Singh gets his 2nd of the night as India score at the start of the final quarter. Great turn at the edge of the box to make space for himself and a powerful finish to follow.

End of Q3: India 7-1 Canada The Canadian coach was bullish about testing the Indians who might be tiring but there are no signs of that. The goal rush continues is Odisha.

Q3: India 7-1 Canada: India’s drag flicking has been a real positive from the first two matches. Sanjay the standout, seems Araijeet Singh is also a great option. Has to be one of the tallest hockey players I have seen.

Q3: India 7-1 Canada, GOAL INDIA! Probably the best drag flick we have seen tonight! Hundal Araijeet Singh with a terrific strike after India earn another PC. Rifled into the top left corner, no chance for the goalkeeper.

Q3: India 6-1 Canada: Another PC for India, looks like Canada have taken their foot off the pedal here.

Q3: India 6-1 Canada, GOAL INDIAAAA!: Hundal Araijeet Singh with the drag flick, but it is saved. India have another PC shortly after. This time Sharda Nand Tiwari looks to take it... and he nails down the middle! Through the goalie’s legs and he adds to India’s tally.

Q3: India 5-1 Canada: Another PC for India after Canada go down by a man.

Q3: India 5-1 Canada GOAL, SANJAY! On a hat-trick again. His 2nd of the night, his 5th of the tournament. Another solid drag flick from him as India start the second half with an early goal. The commentator reckons Canada’s goalkeeper should have done better.

Third quarter begins

HALF TIME: India 4-1 Canada A solid performance from India so far. Maninder Singh, No 13, has had a super match. If I am not mistaken, a couple of assists, to go with his goal. The Canada coach reckons India are a bit tired here, having played late yesterday, and hopes to take some advantage of that in the 2nd half.

Half time stats: India dominant by most metrics

Uttam Singh (L) opened the scoring for India (Photo: HI)

Q2: India 4-1 Canada: Something to celebrate for Canada! They pull one back late in the half. Looks like a late deflection from the drag flick... yes, given to Chris Tardif.

Q2: India 4-0 Canada: A PC for Canada late in the half.

Q2: India 4-0 Canada, GOAL INDIA! Maninder Singh has been involved in all of India’s goals so far and he is on the scoresheet too now. Brilliant display of stick-skills to move on goal and he drives a powerful strike home. The build-up to it was a joy to watch. Deserving goal for the No 13.

Q2: India 3-0 Canada: Oh a chance for Canada after a long ball from defence. But the final control is missing.

Q2: India 3-0 Canada: Canada are a player down for the time being. India continue to push for goals... they could use a few more as well, given France’s 6-1 win earlier.

The senior Indian team in attendance

Q2: India 3-0 Canada: Maninder Singh, No 13, continues to be impressive down the left wing. He’s brought down and India have another PC. Canada save it somehow! Seemed destined to be a goal. Great stickwork on the line.

Q2: India 3-0 Canada GOALLLL! A superb drag flick from Sanjay is blocked on the line by a player and it results in a penalty stroke. The vice-captain makes no mistake. Hat-trick yesterday, up and running today.

Q2: India 2-0 Canada Fast start to the quarter by India but they really should have scored a field goal. Might have been Sudeep who missed taking the shot. But a PC is earned.

END OF Q1: India 2-0 Canada: Graham Reid will want his wards to be making better decisions in the final third... some good dribbling on display, nice moves down the flanks but the finishing touch is missing.

Q1: India 2-0 Canada: India defend the successive PCs well enough... 3 mins to go, lead 2-0.

Q1: India 2-0 Canada: Vishnukanth with a powerful strike across goal but that seems to have hit Uttam Singh. He limps off for now. Meanwhile, Canada force a Penalty Corner down the other end.

Q1: India 2-0 Canada, GOALLLL INDIA! A goal for the captain! Lovely through ball fed to Vivek Sagar Prasad from the left channel and dribbles through and lifts one over the goalkeeper. Not 100% certain but that might two assists for Maninder Singh.

Q1: India 1-0 Canada: Unsurprisingly, all India in the early stages of this match. First 7 minutes and they have controlled proceedings.

Q1: India 1-0 Canada, GOALLLLL INDIA! An early goal for India in the first three minutes and it is Uttam Singh with a composed finish from the center after a good move down the left. He had scored India’s first goal yesterday as well. That should calm the nerves, if any, for India.

Pushback in Odisha. Can defending champions India bounce back?

How they qualified: Host nation

Junior World Cup history: 2016 – 1st, 2013 – 10th, 2009 – 9th, 2005 – 4th, 2001 – 1st, 1997 – 2nd, 1985 – 5th, 1982 – 5th, 1979 – 5thCanada

How they qualified: Nominated as reserve team (following withdrawal of Australia & New Zealand)
Junior World Cup history: 2016 – 16th, 2013 – 16th, 2001 – 16th, 1985 – 12th, 1982 – 8th

The match is live on Watch.Hockey and the platform seems fine today. Players are out in the middle now.

Here’s how things stand in Pool B:

07.17 pm: It has been raining goals in Odisha today, by the way.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup. Stay tuned for updates from the pool B match between India and Canada in Odisha.

Vice-captain Sanjay scored a hat-trick but it was not enough as France stunned defending champions and favourites India 5-4 in their opening Pool B match of the FIH Men’s Junior Hockey World Cup in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha on Wednesday.

And with France making it two wins out of two, this is a must-win match for India to make sure things are in their own control to progress to the semifinals with a top two finish.