9.05 pm: Sunday will feature the medal matches. India vs France for Bronze, followed by Argentina vs Germany. India lost to France 4-5 at the start of this tournament, a chance to make amends for that result. That will be all from us today.

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FULL TIME: India 2-4 Germany: The goal that India conceded immediately after making it 1-3 was perhaps the moment the game decisively went to the Germans. If India could have built on that (really good) Uttam goal, it could have been a different story perhaps. Here’s how the stats look:

FULL TIME: India 2-4 Germany – The title defence is over for Vivek Sagar Prasad and Co. A tactically astute German performance and they are deserved winners. India will now play France for bronze. Germany vs Argentina in the final.

Q4, India 2-4 Germany, GOAL INDIA! Dhami with a late consolation. India won the ball in midfield, countered down the right channel. Powerful strike.

Q4, India 1-4 Germany: Winding down without too much happening. Last minute.

Q4, India 1-4 Germany: Germany are down a man with a green card. Not going to bother them much. 2 mins left.

Q4, India 1-4 Germany: we haven’t really seen much from Sanjay (largely because Germany have not conceded more than a PC) but he tries to fashion a chance down the right flank. Well defended by Germany. 4 mins left.

Q4, India 1-4 Germany: no goalkeeper substitution yet from India and in fact, Germany are attacking so much that India can’t really afford it.

Q4, India 1-4 Germany: PC Germany! Good save from Pawan down to his left. Germany keep up the high press still, not falling back. What a solid performance all over the park this has been.

Q4, India 1-4 Germany: Nine minutes to go. Germany controlling possession.

Q4,, India 1-4 Germany: A flurry of substitutions waiting to happen... India really still not creating anything of note going forward. Meanwhile, a huge chance for Germany at the other end. A terrific effort from Paul Smith to go past Pawan but he shoots wide.

Q4 begins. Germany rather comfortably placed.

Q3, India 1-4 Germany: Superb chance for Manjeet right in front on goal but he only connects with air. Well worked move from the left flank but when the ball came to the center, India couldn’t find the decisive touch. A goal-less Q3.

Q3, India 1-4 Germany: Huge gift from Germany in their own half, India break forward and Rahul Rajbhar has a big chance 1v1 with the goalkeeper. But he is tackled down.

Q3, India 1-4 Germany: Uttam Singh, the commentators reckon, has been the best Indian player going forward. Hard to argue with that. Nice dribble through the middle of the park but once again crowded out. 4 mins left.

Q3, India 1-4 Germany: Germans have a significant physical advantage in defence and midfield and it is showing at the moment. India’s possession is largely in passive areas, the moment they come forward, they are getting crowded out. Need a moment of magical stickwork from someone.

Q3, India 1-4 Germany: Where’s the inspiration coming from or India? Still all a bit flat at the moment. Germans resolute. Crowding the middle of the field and letting India come from the flanks and dealing with the threat. 5 mins done in Q3.

Q3, India 1-4 Germany: Germany seem to want another goal early and come forward in numbers. India attack immediately after down the right. Neither move results in a chance. End to end start to the second half.

Indian coach wants a quick goal to pull things back, Germany coach says it is not comfortable as it looks. Let’s see what the 2nd half has in store.

HALF TIME STATS: India 1-4 Germany at half time. As dominant a German performance as it sounds from the scoreline and the stats below.

HALF TIME, India 1-4 Germany: India would dearly love a do-over in Odisha at the moment. Slow start, but decent Q1, however it all unravelled in Q2.

Q2, India 1-4 Germany: Good work from Uttam down the right flank to keep a move alive but India are not able to fashion any chance. Missing simple passes in midfield at the moment. Tough to see them recover against a strong German structure.

Q2, India 1-4 Germany, GOAL GERMANY! A PC for Germany and it is blocked by Manjeet on the line with his feet it seemed. Pointed to the spot. Christopher KUTTER makes no mistake from the penalty stroke.

Q2, India 1-3 Germany, GOAL INDIA! The hosts have something to build on. Uttam Singh deflects a shot from the left byline and reduces the deficit.

Q2, India 0-3 Germany, GOAL GERMANY!: Oh dear. This is getting from bad to worse for India. A superb touch from MÜLLER Hannes (C) to kill the ball from deep and he fires one in on the turn.

Q2, India 0-2 Germany: Note entirely sure how but somehow India prevent a German goal after a cross came in from the right flank.

Q2, India 0-2 Germany, GOAL GERMANY!: A scramble inside the Indian area and finally a shot comes that takes a deflection and lobs over Pawan in goal. Phillip HOLZMUELLER credited with the goal.

Q2, India 0-1 Germany: Indiscipline from India. Not for the first time this tournament. Middle of the park, uncalled for tackle. Green card for Dhami

Q2, India 0-1 Germany: We saw very little of Hundal in the first Q, he goes on a good run down the left to try and force a PC. A nice nutmeg but no set piece for India.

Q2 begins: India have paid for a rather passive start to the match. Very little of note going forward, Germany had a huge chance earlier in the quarter and eventually finish with a goal. Can the Indians put more pressure in Q2?

Q1, India 0-1 Germany: India have a PC right after with 5 seconds left. No variation this time and Sanjay’s drag flick is wide. Germany staff celebrate that like a goal. Erik KLEINLEIN, meanwhile, was the scorer of the Germany goal.

Q1, India 0-1 Germany, GOAL GERMANY! A variation from the PC not dissimilar to the one India scored from against Belgium. Prashant saves it but has lost the ball after, the stray ball is tapped in.

Q1, India 0-0 Germany: With not much left on the clock in Q1, Germany have their second PC.

Q1, India 0-0 Germany: Except for that open chance that was missed, precious little created from either side so far. Cagey, as you could expect for the big match.

Q1, India 0-0 Germany: Good little spell for India in Germany’ half but nothing comes out of it.

Q1, India 0-0 Germany: Sudeep with a driving dribble forward but he is brought down by the German defence. India looking for a PC, not given.

Q1, India 0-0 Germany: Coach Graham Reid said during half time against Belgium that India were a bit sleepy to start that match. Might apply to this one too. Just haven’t gotten going.

Q1, India 0-0 Germany: Prashant in goal this quarter and he saves the drag flick. India still somehow keep it at 0-0.

Q1, India 0-0 Germany: WOW. What a miss! The ball falls to Maximilian SIEGBURG at the back post and he completely misses his shot! That was a big, big chance. But Germany come again and have won the first PC.

Q1, India 0-0 Germany: Cagey semifinal earlier today between France and Argentina... this match could come alive if there is an early goal, you think. Germany dominating possession in the early stages, India do like to play on the counter.

India 0-0 Germany: Pushback! Here we go.

7.35 pm: Pushback imminent. Sanjay is on 8 goals for the tournament, can he add to that tally?

Time for the national anthems.

Quarterfinal recap:

Belgium had more shots, circle penetrations, possession, and penalty corners, but it was India who emerged winners thanks to a 21st minute penalty corner effort from Sharda Nand Tiwari, who flicked high into the goal from the left of the circle. Belgium piled on the pressure in the final stages and boosted by a yellow card five-minute suspension for India’s Yashdeep Siwach, certainly looked capable of tying the match and forcing a shoot-out. A late penalty corner arrived moments after Belgium replaced their goalkeeper with an outfield player, but India goalkeeper Pawan produced two vital saves to send his team into the competition semi-finals at the expense of their opponents.  

“With the plan we had, we tried to execute that but still a few things couldn’t happen”, said India’s Vishnukant Singh, who was named Player of the Match. “It was a really tough match. We cannot underestimate our opponents. Our plan was to win and it is important that we enjoy that.”


Quarterfinal recap:

Chances for Germany came and went before Spain’s Eduard de Ignacio-Simo netted a magnificent solo goal with just over one minute remaining. Just when it seemed that Germany’s competition was going to come to an end, Masi Phandt rattled home a penalty corner before Valentin Altenburg’s team triumphed 3-1 in the shoot-out to break Spanish hearts.  

“It was really amazing”, said Germany goalkeeper Jean Danneburg, who came off the bench to produce a game winning performance in the shoot-out, earning him the Player of the Match award. “The feeling to catch the balls was so awesome. I’m so happy and proud of my team, that they scored the penalties. For the shoot-outs, I was very nervous this time. But I kept my focus on the important things. It’s a lot of fun with this team!”


Broadcast details in India

07.25 pm: India’s starting lineup below. As we saw in the quarterfinal win against Belgium (What a terrific 1-0 that was, a game of great ebbs and flows), no Maninder Singh for India. The youngster had impressed with his creative skills earlier on in the tournament but got injured towards the end of the group stages. All eyes will be on vice captain Sanjay and the lanky forward Araijeet Singh Hundal as far as goalscoring is concerned. The Indians have been superb from Penalty Corners and they will be need to be efficient against the Germans as well, who came through a thrilling quarterfinal against Spain. Trailing 1-2 with seconds back, they scored from a PC and then won the shootout.

07.15 pm: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the semifinals between defending champions India and the most successful side of this tournament Germany at the FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup in Odisha. Argentina await the winner after their shootout win over France.


How they qualified: 1st Place – EuroHockey Junior Championship Men 2019 

Junior World Cup history: 2016 – 3rd, 2013 – 1st, 2009 – 1st, 2005 – 6th, 2001 – 3rd , 1997 – 3rd, 1993 – 1st, 1989 – 1st *, 1985 – 1st *, 1982 – 1st *, 1979 – 2nd * 

* As West Germany


How they qualified: Host nation

 Junior World Cup history: 2016 – 1st, 2013 – 10th, 2009 – 9 th, 2005 – 4th , 2001 – 1st, 1997 – 2nd, 1985 – 5th, 1982 – 5th, 1979 – 5th  

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