India win by 5 wickets: Yash Dhull batted like he was just glad to be out of isolation in the middle with a bat in his hand. It’s been a tough time for the team in the West Indies so far off the field, but this will cheer them up. A semi-final against Australia next.

SIX! Over 30.5: Rakibul Hasan to Kaushal Tambe 6 runs, India 117/5: India are through to the semifinal! Finished it off in style. Kaushal Tambe with a six. A clinical bowling performance followed by a batting effort that had some impressive cameos. Bangladesh’s title defence is over.

India 111/5 after 30 overs: Doing it in singles, Yash and Kaushal. Ripon bent double, it’s been a great spell.

Oh, Ripon Mondal continues. Why not, if a five-for is possible. Did look tired last over.

India 108/5 after 29 overs: India 4 runs away.

A drinks break. Yes, really.

India 107/5 after 28 overs: Yash Dhull has played the best innings of the day by some distance it must be said. Just timed the ball like a dream from the word go. Ripon clearly lost steam there at the end of a superb spell.

India 100/5 after 27 overs: India bat really deep, mind you. So in case you are worried...

WICKET! Over 25.1: Rajangad Bawa 0(5) ct Md Fahim b Ripon Mondol A good short-pitched delivery and it a strangle down the leg side. Ripon on fire and once again India must be glad to have not much left to chase. Raj Bawa, finds out that the game is a great leveller. India U19 97/5

India 97/4 after 24 overs: Three fours in that over for Yash, correction. The last one the best of them.

India 93/4 after 23.5 overs: Poor fielding as Yash Dhull helps himself to a four and then a powerful square cut for another.

WICKET! Over 23.2: Siddarth Yadav 6(9) ct Iftakher Hossain Ifti b Ripon Mondol: And there’s another for Bangladesh and Ripon. It’s a good thing India aren’t chasing much more because this is a worrying collapse otherwise.A wonderful catch that at extra cover. India 82/4

India 80/3 after 22 overs: Captain Dhull in the middle with Siddarth (LHB), the latter starts off with a four.

WICKET! Over 21.1: Shaik Rasheed 26(59) ct Md Fahim b Ripon Mondol: Well, well. This pitch is not easy for batting and India have two new batters in the middle now. Well-set Rasheed is also out as the partnership is broken at both ends. Ripon strikes again. Lovely delivery, straightens after pitching with a little bit of angle. India 75/3

WICKET! Over 19.6: Angkrish Raghuvanshi 44(65) ct Prantik Nawrose Nabil b Ripon Mondol Oho, kust when he looked in wonderful touch and looked set to take India home, a rather tame end to his innings. Cuts one straight to the fielder at point. India U19 70/2

India 61/1 after 19 overs: Lofted inside out, lovely use of the wrists to play that shot off Rakibul. Applaud!

India 54/1 after 18 overs: Slowed down a bit after that flurry of runs post drinks. India still in control very much.

India 52/1 after 16 overs: The 50-partnership comes up in that over. Two boundaries, one through the leg side and one through the off. Ashiqur then comes back with two brilliant length balls to beat the opener outside off.

India 41/1 after 15 overs: First real shot in anger for Rasheed for a four... a lovely reverse sweep from Angkrish for a three. Some more intent post interval.

India 33/1 after 14 overs: Angkrish with a pull shot that nearly finds the fielder at fine leg. Good looking shot but the timing seemed off. Time for drinks.

India 30/1 after 13 overs: If appeals = wickets, Bangladesh would have probably won this match already. A supremely confident appeal when the bat and ball had a gap in between quite evidently. Peach from Rakibul to Rasheed though...

India 30/1 after 12 overs:

India 28/1 after 11 overs: Rakibul, captain, starts off with a maiden over. Rasheed not taking any chances.

India 28/1 after 10 overs: Another aesthetically please cut through point by Angkrish for four. “One for Insta,” says Carlos Brathwaite on air. Hope it’s not struck down by copyrights.

50 mins for 9 overs. Quite a few stoppages in this Indian innings, hasn’t flowed smoothly, in more than one manner of speaking. Rasheed is OK to continue.

Bangladesh into a huddle as there is another break in play. Been a very stop-start innings so far.

India 21/1 after 9 overs:One can only hope that it is a cramp from rustiness for Rasheed because of the heat and lack of match time. He pulls up after completing a two.

India 18/1 after 8 overs: Tanzim with another really good over, one peach of a straightening delivery to Rasheed that beats the outside edge.

India 17/1 after 7 overs: Rasheed plays out a maiden over from the first-change Ripon.

India 17/1 after 6 overs: Angkrish is just about hanging on here. The inside edges are missing the stumps, the leading edge is falling short of fielder. But then he finishes the over with a stylish pull for another four.

India 5/1 after 4 overs: The first four of the innings is a glorious square cut by Angkrish, we are now getting used to that sight. Another break in play in that over as he gets in the abdomen region. Ok to continue.

India 1/1 after 3 overs: A long over (really long!) because of some issue with the landing area. India get off the mark in that over. The ball is still doing a lot, mind you.

India 0/1 after 2 overs: Wow, what a start eh? No runs yet and a wicket already.

WICKET! Over 1.3: Harnoor Singh Pannu 0(3) ct Md Fahim b Tanzim Hasan Sakib An eventful first over didn’t result in a wicket but Tanzim strikes in the 2nd over... Harnoor is given out caught behind. Bangladesh are pumped up (no surprises there)! India 0/1

India 0/0 after 1 over: Oh what a start. Ashiqur Zaman with a terrific first over, a huge LBW appeal. And then a huge caught behind appeal. Must say like, those are a couple of good decisions from the umpire Roy Black. Angkrish holds on.

Target for India: 112

Time for the 2nd innings. Angkrish Raghuvanshi and Harnoor Singh are in the middle.

India's all-round bowling effort

Rajvardhan Hangargekar 7.1 19 1 2.65
Ravi Kumar 7 14 3 2.00
Raj Bawa 6 16 0 2.66
Vicky Ostwal 9 25 2 2.77
Kaushal Tambe 6 27 1 4.50
Angkrish Raghuvanshi 2 4 1 2.00

ALL OUT! Over 37.1: Tanzim Hasan Sakib 2(7) ct Vicky Ostwal b Rajvardhan Hangargekar: That ended quickly once the partnership was broken. We have seen 134 get defended here at this venue but with the quality India have, this should (on paper) be a straightforward chase. Bangladesh 111/10

WICKET! Over 35.5: Md Ashiqur Zaman 16(29) Run Out Siddarth Yadav Well, one brings two. Two in that over and both members of that partnership are back in the pavilion. A run out! Super direct hit. Bangladesh 108/9

WICKET! Over 35.2: SM Meherob Hasan 30 (48) st Dinesh Bana b Angkrish Raghuvanshi: Wow, what do we know. Angkrish the partnership breaker. Picks up a wicket in his second over, turning one away from the LHB Meherob. Bangladesh U19 106/8

Bangladesh 106/7 after 35.1 overs: 50-run partnership! Off just 73 balls. Solid, solid effort. On-crease are SM Meherob and Ashiqur Zaman who are keeping the scoreboard ticking.

Bangladesh 103/7 after 33 overs: A sign of Dhull getting desperate? Angkrish to bowl his off-spin for the first time in this tournament. Starts off with a maiden over. Maybe looking for Nishant Sindhu’s overs...

Bangladesh 103/7 after 33 overs: 100 comes up! A four for Ashiqur... and Ravi Kumar’s economy rate has taken a serious beating... it is at 2.00 now!

Bangladesh 95/7 after 32 overs: Well, that came out of nowhere alright! Three fours in one over for Meherob, the LHB taking on the offspin of Kaushal Tambe and making the most of it. Biggest over of the innings by some margin!

Bangladesh 81/7 after 31 overs: Ravi keeping up his Econ Rate to 1.00 there. Good stuff.

Ravi Kumar is back. 3/5 in his 5 overs.

Bangladesh 80/7 after 30 overs: Meherob and Ashiqur are keeping things going in the middle... Bangladesh would do well to consume overs and get as many runs on board as possible.

Bangladesh 78/7 after 29 overs: Hangargekar is being used in short bursts, but credit to the Bangladesh batters in the middle, they dealt with him alright in this phase.

Bangladesh 72/7 after 27 overs: One of the quicker run-scoring phases for Bangladesh (relatively speaking). But at least the scoreboard is ticking.

WICKET! Over 23.4: Aich Mollah 17(48) Run Out Yash Dhull: Oh dear... the one batter who looked like he could make some difference... and he is run out. Sent back by the striker and perhaps the presence of all the close in fielders put them under that pressure to take a single that wasn’t there. Bangladesh 56/7

SIX! Finally Aich Mollah sends one right over to the mid-wicket. Bangladesh could use more of that!

WICKET! Over 21.4: Rakibul Hasan 7(18) lbw Kaushal Tambe: Oh, that was perhaps a tad unlucky to be given out. Around the wicket from Tambe, pitches on good length and straightens. Will at best be Umpire’s Call on two counts, likely it was bouncing over. Bangladesh 50/6

Spoke too soon. It is indeed change of ends for Ostwal and we have spin from both ends.

Bangladesh 48/5 after 20 overs: Rakibul is trying to stay busy... flicks, paddles, cuts etc. Not just hanging about.

Dhull has somehow avoided spin from both ends. Tambe replaces Ostwal

Bangladesh 44/5 after 19 overs: Aich has actually looked very compact in the middle as he is joined by Rakibul, the captain. Hangargekar comes for a second spell, good areas right away.

Bangladesh 42/5 after 18 overs: Vicky Ostwal continuing to cause all sorts of trouble.

Fall of wickets: 3, 12, 14, 37, 37

WICKET! Over 15.4: Md Fahim 0(3) b Vicky Ostwal: TWO IN ONE OVER! What on earth was that? Beaten by an absolute peach the previous ball, Fahim goes for a reverse sweep that he misses completely. Nothing wrong with the idea of that shot but was in no position to play that. Bangladesh 37/5

WICKET! Over 15.1: Ariful Islam 9(27) ct Dinesh Bana b Vicky Ostwal: Felt like a matter of time, really. Vicky Ostwal has been proving a handful for pretty much everyone facing him. Superb flight, loop and turn. Edge taken behind the stumps. He is a lovely left-arm spinner to watch, really. Bangladesh 37/4

Bangladesh 37/3 after 15 overs: By the way, in the over before the drinks, Bangladesh scored their first four of the innings. Seems the plan is to go after Raj Bawa when possible but the timing hasn’t been easy. Nearly a big mix up in that over.

Bangladesh 34/3 after 13 overs: A quiet little phase in the game and that is OK for Bangladesh. This could be a low-scoring one, mind you. Afghanistan defended 134 here. Time for Drinks.

Bangladesh 30/3 after 12 overs Spin into the attack in the form of Vicky Ostwal and he immediately gets turn and bounce. Won’t be long before spin from both ends.

Bangladesh 26/3 after 11 overs: Oh chance! A rare shot in anger as Aich tries to loft one over the infield but it just evades the fielder at mid-off. Raj nearly had his first.

Bangladesh 20/3 after 10 overs: Ravi slightly missing his radar in that over to the RHB Ariful... the angle did trouble the batter but he would have liked to be more on the stumps. But what a near perfect first 10 overs for India, this

Bangladesh 18/3 after 9 overs: BAN taking no chance against the first-change bowler first up. And indeed, Ravi gets another over.

Bowling change. Allrounder Raj Bawa into the attack with his medium pace. He has been a bit expensive with the ball but was the star in two matches, taking 4 against SA and smashing a ton against Uganda.

WICKET! Over 7.4: Prantik Nawrose Nabil 7(19) ct Kaushal Tambe b Ravi Kumar: There he goes again! Making the left-hander play with closer to the stumps. He is getting great shape, full ball, movement in the air. Ravi Kumar does it again! Bangladesh 14/3

WICKET! Over 5.4: Iftakher Hossain 1(17) ct Shaik Rasheed b Ravi Kumar: The left-arm pacer has his second. Not the best delivery he’d bowl today, short of length and bit of width. It was there to be cut but the cut short wasn’t kept down and it’s cut short Iftakhar’s stay. Bangladesh 12/2

Bangladesh 11/1 after 5 overs: A 139kph-86mph delivery from Hangargekar there (full toss though)... we have mostly seen him in the early 80s in the previous match when they had a speed gun. More heat so far today. Another delivery in that region, a good yorker. He loves bowling quick.

Bangladesh 8/1 after 3 overs: A maiden over by Ravi Kumar... but ideally though, he’d be better off making the batters play more. A bit outside off-stump there.

Bangladesh 8/1 after 3 overs: Nabil is the new batter in and it is two LHBs in the middle now. Hangargekar’s pace is right up there quickly and after a couple of wides, he beats Nabil outside off stump as he goes swinging.

WICKET! Over 1.3: Bangladesh 3/1 Mahfijul Islam bowled by Ravi Kumar, a superb delivery from the left-arm pacer to the right-hander. Dream delivery, full and shaping back in. Would have been LBW if not bowled.

Bangladesh 1/0 after 1 over: Superb, fiery first over as we have come to expect from Hangargekar. Mahfijul is a lucky man. Nearly gone first ball... (also, about time the rule of ball hitting the stumps and the bails to fall needs to change, surely? In era of replays and what not... there is never going to be any ambiguity of the ball hitting the stump and that should be enough).

All set! We will see Hangargekar, one of the most impressive players in this Indian team, first up. He has been troubling batters with his sheer pace and awkward rise. Bangladesh meanwhile, have struggled batting first against the best side they faced in this tournament. England bowled them out for 97. Dhull said there was some moisture on the wicket he was hoping to exploit.

Team News

Bangladesh XI: Mahfijul Islam, Iftakher Hossain, Prantik Nabil, Aich Mollah, Md Fahim, Ariful Islam, SM Meherob, Ashiqur Zaman, Tanzim Hasan Sakib, Rakibul Hasan (C), Ripon Mondol

India XI: Harnoor Singh Pannu, Angkrish Raghuvanshi, Shaik Rasheed, Yash Dhull (c), Rajangad Bawa, Siddharth Yadav, Kaushal Tambe, Dinesh Bana (wk), Rajvardhan Hangargekar, Vicky Ostwal, Ravi Kumar

TOSS: It’s a repeat of the 2020 edition’s final. India U19 side take on Bangladesh U19 side, champions from then, in today’s quarterfinal. Yash Dhull is back to lead the side, he wins the toss... India will bowl first.

A squad update for India: ICC has approved Aaradhya Yadav as a replacement for Vasu Vats in the India squad. Vats has sustained a hamstring injury and will be unable to take any further part in the event. The replacement of a player requires the approval of the Event Technical Committee before the replacement player can be officially added to the squad.

Also, Nishant Sindhu (who led in Yash Dhull’s absence) will be unavailable for this one due to testing positive for Covid-19 but the captain and vice captain of the original squad are back: Yash Dhull and SK Rasheed.

5.50 pm: Hello and welcome to live coverage of the ICC Under-19 World Cup Super League quarterfinal between India and Bangladesh at the Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua. The winner of today’s match will play Australia, who beat Pakistan, in the semifinals.

Screenshots courtesy: Disney+Hotstar