1.38 am: Yash Dhull and Co defeat Australia by 96 runs. India are through to the final for the fourth straight time and will face England in the final. Whitney (19 off 17) the last batter to fall thanks to a direct hit by Hangargekar from mid-off.


AUS 193/9 after 41 overs: Back-to-back sixes! Tom Whitney with a couple of clean strikes either side of the pitch to bring the target below 100 for Australia. Ravi Kumar the bowler at the receiving end.

AUS 178/9 after 39 overs: OUT! Lachlan Shaw falls just after getting a half-century. Ravi Kumar returns to the attack and gets the right-hander to chop one on. India are just one wicket away from the final. The last batter is Jack Nisbet.

AUS 175/8 after 38.2 overs: FIFTY for Lachlan Shaw. He gets there off 64 balls. A valiant knock by the right-hander with wickets falling at the other end consistently.

AUS 174/8 after 38 overs: Dropped! Ostwal misses out on a fourth wicket as Sindhu drops an absolute sitter. Whitney chipped it gently to mid-wicket and Sindhu didn’t hold on to the catch. The end of another impressive spell by left-arm spinner Vicky Oswal, he finishes with figures of 3/42 from his 10 overs.

AUS 167/8 after 36.4 overs: OUT! Tambe returns to the attack and gets his first wicket as Sinfield is stumped. Good work with the gloves by Bana. Sinfield hit a six off the previous ball, the first of the Australian innings, but he has to walk back for 20 off 14.

AUS 161/7 after 36.2 overs: Outstanding save by Hangargekar at the fine-leg boundary. Shaw played a fine sweep off Tambe and the pacer put in a full length dive at the boundary to save runs for his team. Full marks for commitment.

AUS 149/7 after 35 overs: Hangargekar makes another return to the attack, bangs one in and Shaw pulls it hard for four. Tambe did well to get a hand to it at mid-wicket but couldn’t prevent the boundary.

AUS 142/7 after 34 overs: Four! This time Sinfield picks up a boundary. The left-hander sweeps Ostwal over mid-wicket to fetch a boundary and make his intentions clear.

AUS 134/7 after 33 overs: Welcome boundary for Australia as Shaw sweeps Sindhu for four. The right-hander moves on to 30 off 49. Australia need 157 off 102.

AUS 125/7 after 32 overs: OUT! Snell doesn’t last for long (4 off 6). Ostwal cleans him up for his third wicket. India are just three wickets away from joining England in the final. The new batter is Jack Sinfield.

AUS 121/6 after 31 overs: Dropped! Snell survives off the first ball as Tambe drops a sharp chance in the slips. It was cut hard and the edge flew in a flash to Tambe who was slow to react. Nishant the unlucky bowler.

AUS 119/6 after 30 overs: OUT! Ostwal gets his second wicket as Salzmann (7 off 14) hits it straight back to him. India are cruising at the moment. The new batter is Toby Snell.

Australia have hit just two boundaries off the last 100 deliveries.

AUS 116/5 after 29 overs: Hangargekar returns to the attack and Australia finally get a boundary. The right-arm pacer offers width and Shaw drives it powerfully past cover for four.

AUS 107/5 after 28 overs: India have two left-arm spinners in Sindhu and Ostwal operating in tandem and they’re speeding through their overs. The Australian innings isn’t really going anywhere. They need 184 off 132. Australia have hit one boundary in the last 90 balls.

AUS 101/5 after 24.5 overs: OUT! Sindhu gets his second wicket. It was tossed up nicely and turned in to get Radhakrishnan’s inside edge and rattle the stumps. Australia have lost half their side and are in deep trouble. The new batter is William Salzmann.

AUS 96/4 after 24 overs: Tambe continues to keep things tight from his end. Australia have Shaw and Radhakrishnan at the crease and need to up the scoring rate soon.

AUS 83/4 after 20.5 overs: OUT! Now Nishant Sindhu strikes in his first over. Australia captain Cooper Connolly attempts a sweep but gets a top edge to short fine. It’s all India at the moment! The new batter is Nivethan Radhakrishnan.

AUS 82/3 after 20 overs: Another right over from Ostwal. Australia have skipper Cooper Connolly and Lachlan Shaw at the crease now. They need 209 off 180.

AUS 73/3 after 17.3 overs: OUT! Australia have lost both their set batters in quick succession. A soft dismissal that as Ostwal strikes in his first over. Kellaway chips it to mid-wicket and has to walk back for 30 off 53. The new batter is Lachlan Shaw.

AUS 71/2 after 16.3 overs: OUT! Angkrish gets India the breakthrough! Miller was looking dangerous but he is out LBW for 38 off 46. It was bowled flat and struck the left-hander plumb in front.

AUS 69/1 after 16 overs: Tambe with another quiet over, four singles from it. Kellaway and Miller seem to be in no rush and are rotating the strike nicely.

AUS 65/1 after 15 overs: Angkrish Raghuvanshi comes on to bowl some off-spin and concedes six runs in his first over, thanks also to a misfield at mid-wicket that leaked two.

AUS 59/1 after 14 overs: Another good over from Tambe, just three singles from it. The off-spinner isn’t getting much turn but is keeping things tight.

AUS 56/1 after 13 overs: Shot! Miller at it again, picks up his fifth boundary. Bawa offered a bit of width and the left-hander hit it past point. He then ends the over with a thick edge for another four. Miller and Kellaway bring up their 50-run partnership off 73 balls. India need a wicket soon as the Australian innings is moving along nicely.

AUS 48/1 after 12 overs: Four singles from that Tambe over. This partnership has added 45 runs off 67 balls. India will be hoping to break it soon as the pitch isn’t really deteriorating.

AUS 44/1 after 11 overs: Miller picks up his fourth boundary with another beautiful drive. Bawa overpitches and the left-hander doesn’t miss out. This is turning into a solid partnership for Australia.

AUS 37/1 after 10 overs: Four! Tambe drops it short and miller cuts it for a boundary. That’s the end of the first powerplay. India have used four bowlers already. Kellaway and Miller are building a good partnership after Australia lost the early wicket.

AUS 32/1 after 9 overs: A wide, a double and a single in Bawa’s first over. The right-arm pacer operating around the 130 kmph mark. Kellaway is batting on 13 with Miller on 15. Another bowling change for India, off-spinner Kaushal Tambe is replacing Ravi Kumar.

AUS 28/1 after 8 overs: Shot! Miller with a sumptuous drive this time. Ravi bowls one too full and the left-hander plays a cover-drive for four. Change in bowling, Raj Bawa is replacing Hangargekar.

AUS 21/1 after 7 overs: Hangargekar bowling a good line to the two left-handed batters in that over. He angled it away and troubled them by hitting good areas.

AUS 19/1 after 6 overs: Shot! Kellaway picks up his first boundary with a gorgeous straight drive for four. Ravi pitched it too straight and the left-hander pounced on it.

AUS 13/1 after 5 overs: Kellaway and Miller doing well to rotate strike and pick up four runs in that Hangargekar over. The right-arm pacer having some issues with the area where his foot is landing at the popping crease.

AUS 9/1 after 4 overs: Lovely bowling by Ravi, he’s getting good shape and hitting the right lengths. Just a single from his second over.

AUS 8/1 after 3 overs: Brilliant, maiden over from Hangargekar to back up the good work done by Ravi earlier. The Indian pacers are bowling with great intensity here.

AUS 3/1 after 1.1 overs: OUT! Ravi Kumar strikes with his first ball! The left-arm pacer gets it to swing in and Teague Wyllie is out LBW. Just the start India were looking for. The new batter is Corey Miller.

AUS 2/0 after 1 over: Steady start from Hangargekar, just two singles from his first over. The right-arm pacer is hovering around the 140 kmph mark already.

10.42 pm: Rajvardhan Hangargekar has the new ball in hand. Campbell Kellaway and Teague Wyllie are at the crease. Here we go!

10.41 pm: The target for Australia is 291 runs. India were superb with the bat and will be confident of getting the job done with the ball. A spot in the final is at stake!

India finish with 290/5

A HUGE last over for India as Bana and Sindhu pick up 27 runs off Whitney. India scored 108 runs in the last 10 overs. Sensational ball striking by Nishant Sindhu (12* off 10) and Dinesh Bana (20* off 4) in the last over. Tom Whitney finishes with 0/74 from nine overs. The starts of the innings for India were skipper Yash Dhull (110 off 110) and Shaik Rasheed (94 off 108).

IND 259/5 after 48.5 overs: OUT! Salzmann bowls it full and straight and Hangargekar is clean bowled. The right-hander hit one six and a four in his innings, he walks back for 13 off 10. The new batter is Dinesh Bana.

IND 257/4 after 48 overs: SIX! Humongous strike from Hangargekar! Nisbet pitched it right in the slot and the right-hander hit it straight over out of the ground. Great over for India, 15 runs from it.

IND 242/4 after 47 overs: Incredible over from Salzmann, just a single from it. Interesting tactic from India to hold Raj Bawa back, he was devastating with the bat earlier in the tournament.

IND 241/4 after 46 overs: OUT! India have lost both their set batters off consecutive deliveries. Shaik Rasheed is out for 94 off 108. He cut it hard and Sinfield took a sharp catch at point. Nisbet gets the wicket. That was a superb knock. The new batter is Nishant Sindhu.

IND 241/3 after 45.5 overs: OUT! Oh dear, Yash Dhull suffers the most unfortunate dismissal. Shaik Rasheed hit it straight back, Jack Nisbet got a hand to it and Dhull got run-out at the non-striker’s end. A magnificent 110 off 110 from him. The new batter is Rajvardhan Hangargekar.

IND 237/2 after 45 overs: CENTURY for Yash Dhull! Talk about a captain’s knock! The right-hander gets there off 106 balls with 10 fours. He follows that up with his first six! Splendid batting. A huge over for India as Dhull went after Whitney. India picked up 19 runs from that over, with Dhull hitting two fours and a six.

IND 218/2 after 44 overs: SIX! First maximum of the match and it’s an absolute beauty from Rasheed. Nisbet pitches it right up and the right-hander hits it well over long-on. It was a little more than a punch but went a long, long way. What timing!

IND 208/2 after 43 overs: Fine over from Salzmann to slow down India’s scoring rate, just three singles come from the right-arm pacer’s eighth over.

IND 205/2 after 42 overs: Four! Connolly drops one short and Dhull pulls it powerfully in the gap for four. The Australia captain finishes with figures of 0/47 from his 10 overs.

IND 194/2 after 40.3 overs: Rasheed brings up the 150-run stand with Dhull on the back of consecutive boundaries off Salzmann. He then makes it a hat-trick of fours. Solid start to the final 10 overs for India.

IND 182/2 after 40 overs: Dhull survives! Oh dear, that was a terrible miss by Australia. Both Dhull and Rasheed were stranded in the middle of the pitch after a mix-up but Salzmann’s throw from cover was miles over the keeper. Dhull then adds salt to Australia’s wounds by cutting Connolly for four.

IND 178/2 after 39 overs: Shot! Rasheed steps out to Sinfield and lifts the ball over mid-wicket for four. The right-hander then ends the over with a fine pull for four. Solid over for India, 12 runs from it. Sinfield finishes with figures of 0/53 from his 10 overs.

IND 166/2 after 38 overs: Four! Left-arm spinner Connolly gets too straight and Rasheed sweeps it powerfully for a boundary. The Australia skipper has figures of 0/35 from eight overs.

Shaik Rasheed in action today...

Image credit: BCCI

IND 153/2 after 36 overs: FIFTY for Shaik Rasheed! The right-hander gets there in 78 deliveries. He’s built a crucial partnership with skipper Yash Dhull. Two boundaries in his innings so far, he’ll want to increase that number quickly now.

IND 137/2 after 33 overs: 100-run partnership for the third wicket for India. Yash Dhull (62* off 71) has upped the scoring rate wonderfully. India need Shaik Rasheed (41* off 69) to do the same.

IND 130/2 after 32 overs: Shot! Salzmann pitches it a fraction short and Dhull cuts it hard for four. The right-hander is strong in that area. Solid over for India, 10 runs from it.

IND 120/2 after 31 overs: FIFTY for Yash Dhull! The India captain is playing a brilliant hand for his team. His second half-century of the tournament. He gets there off 64 balls with a pull over mid-wicket for four.

IND 108/2 after 29 overs: Whitney returns to the attack, drops one short and gets cut by Dhull for four. Good over for India, eight runs from it.

IND 100/2 after 28 overs: Nivethan Radhakrishnan joins the attack and concedes seven runs in his first over. The 100 comes up for India on the back of a fine partnership for the third wicket.

IND 90/2 after 26 overs: Fifty-run partnership between Yash Dhull and Shaik Rasheed! India’s captain and vice-captain taking responsibility after the openers fell cheaply. Superb batting.

IND 78/2 after 23 overs: Dropped! Another one goes down and it’s Sinfield who is the unlucky bowler again. Rasheed chipped it to mid-wicket and Shaw jumped and stretched his arms up but couldn’t hold on.

IND 74/2 after 22 overs: Four! Connolly drops it short and Dhull cuts it powerfully for his first boundary. This duo has added 37 runs so far for the third wicket.

IND 67/2 after 21 overs: Dropped! Dhull gets a reprieve as wicketkeeper Snell drops a tough chance. Sinfield managed to get the right-hander’s inside edge onto the pad, there was a big deflection and Snell couldn’t complete the catch.

IND 66/2 after 20 overs: Connolly with a good over, just three runs from it. The left-arm spinner is tossing the ball up nicely.

IND 63/2 after 19 overs: Four! Sinfield drops one way short and Rasheed pulls it between backward square-leg and short-fine for his second boundary. Good over for India, six runs from it.

IND 57/2 after 18 overs: Australia captain Cooper Connolly joins the attack and the left-arm spinner concedes four singles in his first over. India have hit just four boundaries so far in their innings.

IND 53/2 after 17 overs: Steady start from Sinfield, considerable turn for him straightaway. The young off-spinner’s action is nearly identical to that of Nathan Lyon. Both have the same coach, according to the commentators on air.

IND 51/2 after 16 overs: A quick single for Dhull followed by an overthrow. Salzmann has figures of 1/24 from five overs. Spin being introduced for the first time in the match as off-spinner Jack Sinfield comes on to bowl.

IND 46/2 after 15 overs: A couple of wides from Nisbet in that over along with three singles. This has been a slow start for India but it’s worth remembering that this has been a low-scoring ground. A partnership between Rasheed and Dhull here and India will have the upper hand.

IND 41/2 after 14 overs: Salzmann bowls one short and wide and Dhull plays a blazing square cut over point. It looked like a certain boundary but Campbell Kellaway put in a superb dive at the boundary to save two runs.

IND 37/2 after 12.3 overs: OUT! India have lost both their openers. Jack Nisbet is rewarded for his good work as Harnoor Singh edges one to the keeper. It was banged in and the left-hander went for the pull but didn’t connect. Harnoor walks back for 16 off 28 as skipper Yash Dhull comes to the crease.

IND 36/1 after 12 overs: Just two runs from that Salzmann over. However, India’s batters showing a lot more intent to score runs after the quiet start.

IND 34/1 after 11 overs: Nisbet changes ends and returns to the attack and bowls the first maiden over of the match. The right-arm pacer has been impressive so far, he has figures of 0/5 from four overs.

IND 34/1 after 10 overs: Harnoor with the shot of the day so far. Salzmann bowled it a bit wide and the left-hander took out a confident stride and played a stylish on-the-rise cover-drive for four. He follows that up with a clip over square-leg for his third boundary of the innings. Nice push for India this.

IND 23/1 after 9 overs: Shot! Whitney bowls it full and straight and Rasheed plays a solid drive over the bowler for four. Nice high elbow from the right-hander. Just the second boundary of the match so far.

IND 16/1 after 7.4 overs: OUT! William Salzmann with a strong contender for ball of the tournament! That was an absolute beauty. It was angled in and shaped away late to beat Angkrish Raghuvanshi and rattle his stumps. India lose their first as the right-hander walks back for 6 off 30. The new batter is Shaik Rasheed.

IND 15/0 after 7 overs: A swing and a miss from Angkrish! First real sign of aggression from India. It was pitched outside off by Whitney and the right-hander swung his bat hard but missed the ball completely.

IND 14/0 after 6 overs: Another good over from Nisbet, just a wide from it. He’s found a nice length – just short of good length – and is sticking to it without giving the batters any width.

IND 13/0 after 5 overs: Angkrish perhaps missing out on a couple of scoring opportunities. Whitney over-pitched twice but the right-hander couldn’t find the gap.

IND 10/0 after 4 overs: Good over from Nisbet, just a single from it. The right-arm pacer not over-pitching in order to exploit the slow bounce.

IND 9/0 after 3 overs: Shot! Whitney got one to nip away and beat Harnoor’s outside edge earlier in the over but the left-hander responds with a classy flick past square-leg for four. The first boundary of the match.

IND 5/0 after 2 overs: Nisbet overpitches outside off and Angkrish plays a stylish drive through the vacant cover region for two. This has been a low-scoring ground and the bounce seems to be a bit spongy again.

IND 2/0 after 1 over: Steady start by Whitney, a wide down leg and a single to fine-leg in his first over. Angkrish leaving the ball well outside off.

6.29 pm: The national anthems are done and we’re ready for play. India openers Angkrish Raghuvanshi and Harnoor Singh are out in the middle. Right-arm pacer Tom Whitney has the new ball in hand for Australia. Here we go!

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6.19 pm: India have won the ICC Under-19 World Cup four times, Australia have won it thrice. They’re the two most successful teams in the history of the tournament. This promises to be a fascinating contest. We’re minutes away from live action!

Playing XIs

Australia: Campbell Kellaway, Teague Wyllie, Corey Miller, Cooper Connolly (c), Lachlan Shaw, Nivethan Radhakrishnan, William Salzmann, Tobias Snell (w), Jack Sinfield, Tom Whitney, Jack Nisbet.

India: Angkrish Raghuvanshi, Harnoor Singh, Shaik Rasheed, Yash Dhull (c), Nishant Sindhu, Raj Bawa, Kaushal Tambe, Dinesh Bana (w), Rajvardhan Hangargekar, Vicky Ostwal, Ravi Kumar.

TOSS: Yash Dhull has won the toss and India will bat first.

5.50 pm: Hello and welcome to live coverage of the ICC Under-19 World Cup Super League semifinal between India and Australia at the Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua. The winner of this match will play England in the final.