With this result, India are through to the quarterfinals. They still have to play Malaysia in the final Pool D match, which takes place on April 5 (Tuesday) at 1900 hrs IST.

Player of the match: India goalkeeper Bichu Devi Kharibam. No surprise there. She had a near flawless game. Perhaps what will be remembered more than those saves - particularly her stop on the penalty stroke - is her celebration.

Bichu Devi Kharibam

FINAL HOOTER: India 2-1 Germany. India hold on to get the win. They scored in the opening two minutes and they had to face a wave after wave of German attack in the half. But India started to fight back, both in terms of possession and creating chances. Eventually the Indians held on to the 2-1 lead and are now through to the quarterfinal.

Q4: India 2-1 Germany: Lena Frerichs, with space and just Kharibam to beat, strikes way over the goal. Wasted chance for Germany

Q4: India 2-1 Germany: 45 seconds left now.

Q4: India 2-1 Germany: GOAL FOR GERMANY! Jule Bleuel pulls one back for Germany. Makes space for herself in the shooting circle and fires a tomahawk drive past Kharibam.

Q4: India 2-0 Germany: Jiwan Toppo gets a shot away this time, a reversehit, but the German defender gets a deflection to clear the ball

Q4: India 2-0 Germany: Less than 5 minutes to go now.

Q4: India 2-0 Germany: Another breakway for India, but again wasted. Jiwan unnecessarily lifts the ball when a flat pass towards Mumtaz Khan would have been enough.

Q4: India 2-0 Germany: Another good save from Kharibam. Baljeet Kaur clears a high ball rather dangerously, nearly sending it onto teammate Tete’s head, but the referee waves away the German PC appeals. Big let-off for India.

Q4: India 2-0 Germany: Penalty corner for Germany.

Q4: India 2-0 Germany: Just a reminder, as it stands, India goes through to the quarterfinals.

Q4: India 2-0 Germany: Green card for India’s Reet for dangerous play. India down to 10 players for two minutes.

Q4: India 2-0 Germany: The final 15 minutes of this game begins.

End of Q3: India 2-0 Germany: India has started to put pressure on Germany, creating more attacking chances. The only downside is that the Indians have been wasteful in those counter-attacks. But just as shaky as they have been in front of goal in this quarter, they’ve been just as steady and calm in defence.

Q3: India 2-0 Germany: Another break for India. Skipper Salima Tete gives a little demonstration of her pace, outrunning the German midfield to pass to Mumtaz on the left. Mumtaz gets the ball under control but fires wayward. India has started to create chances now.

Q3: India 2-0 Germany: India on the break again. Sharmila Devi on the ball with three Indians up against two defenders. But Sharmila doesn’t get a clean connection on the pass and the attack ends.

Q3: India 2-0 Germany: Strong block with the left foot by goalkeeper Wichmann, and the German defence rushes to clear the danger.

Q3: India 2-0 Germany: Excellent run from midfield by Sharmila Devi. She finds Lalremsiami, but her misplaced pass, fortunately, finds a German foot. Penalty corner for India.

Q3: India 2-0 Germany: Relatively sloppy first five minutes of the third quarter. A lot of misplaced passes between both teams, but India has started to gain better ball posession as the game has started to move into the midfield, and away from the Indian half.

Q3: India 2-0 Germany: Mumtaz Khan breaks away on the left flank, but misplaces her pass between the two teammates available in the circle. Chances goes to waste.

Second half about to start

First half stats

Half-time: India 2-0 Germany. The Germans have been on the attack for a majority of the game, but have been wasteful in converting their penalty corners - failing to score from any of the six short corners. India did not get to attack much amidst the German onslaught, but made it count on the few occasions they found themselves in the German shooting circle, scoring in two of the three penalty corner routines.

Q2: India 2-0 Germany: That’s the end of the first half.

Q2: India 2-0 Germany: Shot goes wide.

Q2: India 2-0 Germany: Another penalty corner for Germany

Q2: India 2-0 Germany: Not trapped properly, but Germany does get a shot away. Heinz’s reverse hit sails well over the crossbar.

Q2: India 2-0 Germany: Just over five minutes to go. Germany gets another penalty corner.

Q2: India 2-0 Germany: GOAL FOR INDIA! Strike from Reet, aimed to the left of the German goal finds Mumtaz Khan, who happily deflects the ball home.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Foul on an Indian player, another penalty corner.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Penalty corner for India after the ball hits a German foot in the shooting circle.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: And it’s SAVED! Kharibam dives to her right and gets a strong palm on Jette Fleschutz’s stroke. Excellent save, and a celebration to match by the Indian goalkeeper.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Germany tries another variation, Kharibam is beaten but the ball strikes Ishika’s foot. Stroke for Germany.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Another German attack, another stick check, another penalty corner.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Rare attack by India. Lalrindiki’s reverse-hit cross finds Mumtaz Khan in the D, but her deflection is not strong enough.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Drag flick goes past Kharibam, but Akshata Dhekale is there to clear it off the line.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Saved by Bichu Kharibam, but the rebound is played high dangerously. Another penalty corner.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Another penalty corner for Germany.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Excellent change-up from India, but the deflection from Ishika Chaudhary is saved by the goalkeeper, and then cleared off the line by Emily Gunther.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Another penalty corner for India. Ball hits the back of the stick of a German defender

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Penalty corner for India as Beauty Dung Dung stick checked.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: No rest for Bichu Karibam in the Indian goal. Makes two successive saves within two minutes of the second quarter.

Q2: India 1-0 Germany: Second quarter underway, and the Germans have immediately started to apply the pressure.

Q1: India 1-0 Germany: That’s it for the first quarter. India off to a solid start with an early goal, but it’s been Germany in charge ever since.

Q1: India 1-0 Germany: Great variation from the German battery, but Stine Kurz’s shot goes just inches wide.

Q1: India 1-0 Germany: Another PC for Germany

Q1: India 1-0 Germany: Goal line clearance vice-captain Ishika Chaudhary

Q1: India 1-0 Germany: Another penalty corner for Germany. Vaishnavi guilty of stick check against Heinz.

Q1: India 1-0 Germany: Steady save by Bichu Devi in the Indian goal. Resulting melee sees the Germans lift the ball out to safety.

Q1: India 1-0 Germany: Penalty corner for Germany. Jule Bleuel’s cross from the right hits Priyanka’s foot.

Q1: India 1-0 Germany: Excellent individual skill by Germany captain Lisa Nolte but her reverse hit goes wide.

Q1: India 1-0 Germany: GOAL INDIA! Deepika with the drag-flick, it’s saved by Mali Wichmann in the Germany goal. The ball falls kindly to Lalremsiami, and she makes no mistake in placing it over the goalkeeper and into the net. Not even two minutes on the clock.

Q1: India 0-0 Germany: Penalty corner India! Sharmila Devi fouled just outside the circle by Pauline Heinz

Q1: India 0-0 Germany: Early chance for India with Mumtaz Khan making the circle penetration within 45 seconds, but her shot is blocked by the German defenders.

Q1: And they’re off, India gets us underway.

“We are ready after yesterday’s second half. Today it’s important to keep pressure on the ball,” says India’s head coach Erik Wonnik.

They’re done with the National Anthems, match starts in a few moments.

The other Pool D game today ends with Malaysia and Wales earning a point each after a 3-3 draw.

A whopping 35 goals were scored on the second day of the competition.

FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup South Africa 2021 – 2 April 2022

Potchefstroom, North West University (RSA)

India 5, Wales 1
Player of the Match: Tete Salima (IND)

Germany 10, Malaysia 0
Player of the Match: Jule Bleuel (GER)

United States 5, Zimbabwe 0
Player of the Match: Hope Rose (USA)

Canada 0, Netherlands 11
Player of the Match: Jip Dicke (NED)

Ireland 1, England 2
Player of the Match: Millie Giglio (ENG)

Hello and welcome to Scroll.in’s coverage of Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup. India, led by Salima Tete, take on the mighty Germans in their second game of the tournament. This is a Pool D match.

The Indians put up a good show against Wales in their opening match of the campaign, with a 5-1 win. Goals came from Lalremsiami, Mumtaz Khan, a drag-flick by Deepika and a brace from Lalrindiki. The second match of the tournament for India though comes up against Germany, who registered a 10-0 win over Malaysia in the other Pool D tie on Saturday. The match against the Germans starts at 1430 hrs IST.

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Stats / photos courtesy: FIH.Hockey / Official Facebook

Screenshots: Watch.Hockey and Fancode