Ashwin Ravichandran believes we will get to see a lot more instances of batters getting ‘retired out’ after he became the first person to be dismissed in this way during Rajasthan Royals’ match against Lucknow Super Giants in the ongoing Indian Premier League 2022 season.

Ashwin batted at No 6 against LSG but left the field after two balls in the 19th over to make way for Riyan Parag. He had scored 28 off 23 before being retired out as a tactical move.

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“T20, as a sport, is heading towards where football has reached. Just like how they’re using substitutions, I did something similar (retiring out). Already we’re late, but I believe this will happen a lot in the coming days. I don’t think it will be a stigma like running someone out at the non-striker’s end,” said Ashwin on his YouTube channel.

Ashwin, however, believes the move might not work always.

“It might work sometimes and it might not work sometimes. These things happen constantly in football, and we haven’t cracked T20 cricket fully yet. This is a millennial sport. This is the next generation’s sport,” he said.

“In fact, if you see in football, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo score goals frequently. But their team’s goalkeeper should also save goals and their defenders should defend well. Only then, a Messi or Ronaldo will be in the limelight.”

Ashwin further explained how him making way for Parag against LSG was the right move.

“It was just a tactical move. In fact, Riyan Parag has been batting very well and when the Gowtham over (16th over) ended, I gave myself some time - five to six balls - to see whether I can hit a six or two fours,” said Ashwin.

“There were a few balls in the slot, I tried to hit, and mistimed a bit. I threw the kitchen sink at everything, but I couldn’t get the timing going. Someone like Riyan Parag was in the shed and there were only ten balls remaining. If he comes and hits even two sixes, we could get a good score. It was a tactical decision.”