Points table: India’s next match is on the 11th of June. A long break. Will the Netherlands, Argentina and Belgium catch up?

FT, Ind 3-1 Ger: This also the end of India’s home leg of the FIH Pro League campaign.

FT, Ind 3-1 Ger: And that is how it ends. Fine win over Germany for India. Sukhjeet started things off with a goal in the 18th minute. Varun added another in the 40th minute before Boeckel got one back for Germany. But Abhishek put daylight between the hosts and the visitors with India’s third goal.

Q4, Ind 3-1 Ger: Well saved by Pathak. He saw it all the way and palmed it away. It has been an enjoyable Q4, almost end-to-end stuff.

Q4, Ind 3-1 Ger: A PC for Germany. A hit into the circle finds an Indian foot.

Q4, Ind 3-1 Ger: GOAL! Abhishek with a superb finish from the top of the cricle. Made some space and then the powerful reverse hit. The goalkeeper had no chance. Abhishek scores his second goal in two days.

Q4, Ind 2-1 Ger: A brilliant move by Germany. Smith couldn’t get there in the end but it was a sharp move and the Indian defence was stretched. The game has a more open feel to it now.

Q4, Ind 2-1 Ger: Vivek with a steal in the circle and then the pass to Hardik but the striker is unable to get a shot on target.

Q4, Ind 2-1 Ger: Here we go. We could be in for quite the rollercoaster today. India have been dominant but that goal in Q3 would have given the Germans a boost.

Q3 ends, Ind 2-1 Ger: 15 minutes left in the game after the break and just one goal between the two teams.

Q3, Ind 2-1 Ger: GOAL! Smith pulled it back and then Anton Boeckel had the time and the space to slam it into the goal. We are back to a one-goal game.

Q3, Ind 2-0 Ger: GOAL! Superb from Varun Kumar. Low and to the right. That hit the board hard. A fine, fine finish. A superb backup option for Harmanpreet when needed.

Q3, Ind 1-0 Ger: Shilanand earns a PC for India. Nice turn and hit but it needed a referral to get the PC.

Q3, Ind 1-0 Ger: India attack with pace but Hardik is unable to get the ball through to Shilanand, who was waiting at the back post. Very good defending.

Q3, Ind 1-0 Ger: Still just a one-goal lead and that is never comfortable in hockey. The game can change in a matter of seconds.

Q3, Ind 1-0 Ger: Harmanpreet with the PC but well saved by Danneberg, who palmed it away.

Q3, Ind 1-0 Ger: And we have a PC for India. Lalit getting in the circle and finding a foot. Very clever play. He was off-balance but made it work for India.

Q3, Ind 1-0 Ger: The third quarter begins and we haven’t seen a PC for either side yet. Expect that to change soon enough. The half-time break should help both sides to do things a little differently.

HT, Ind 1-0 Ger: A look at the stats so far.

HT, Ind 1-0 Ger: India coach Graham Reid wasn’t happy with 2-0 lead yesterday so there is no way he will be pleased today. But India’s play has been sharper and that is a big thing.

HT, Ind 1-0 Ger: One goal the difference at HT. India have dominated the proceedings and Germany have been put under immense pressure. Sukhjeet’s goal the difference at this point.

Q2, Ind 1-0 Ger: Another lovely ball across the field by Lalit opened up the play and then a great ball by Jarmanpreet into the circle found no takers. Akashdeep was in the circle and Sukhjeet was there too. So close to doubling the lead.

Q2, Ind 1-0 Ger: Quick ball movement by India. It started on the left flank and then quickly moved to the centre. Germany weren’t able to react. A nice chance.

Q2, Ind 1-0 Ger: India just are moving around the field much better and their passing has been pretty crisp too. This is encouraging. They can’t be looking at just PCs to win matches. This ensures there is pressure on the opponent throughout the game.

Q2, Ind 1-0 Ger: GOAL! Sukhjeet with the nice finish. This is his second goal in international hockey. Found the right place and got the easy finish. Nice sharp move and the field goal with please the coach too.

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: Shamsher sitting in the stands with a sling. Not a great sign, he has been in great form in an attacking sense, often providing a creative spark from open play.

Ind 0-0 Ger: Q1 ends. India have made some fine runs into the circle but they have no goals to show for it. Germany, on the other hand, haven’t really done much going forward but they will be happy to have not conceded so far.

Ind 0-0 Ger: Manpreet with a nice run along the goal-line but the pass to Akashdeep ends up with the striker getting a foot on it.

Ind 0-0 Ger: Still no goals. Even yesterday, the Germans started the game but India made the most of their PC opportunities to move ahead. So India know a proper chance will come if they wait for it. Nice drive across the face of goal by Manpreet but no one was able get a touch to it.

Ind 0-0 Ger: Here we go. India are playing in the light strip while Germany are in the darker strip. A good chance for Akashdeep, who made a nice run into the circle, but then flashed it wide.

National anthems done: We are all set for the second leg.

India coach Graham Reid: “Very pleased with yesterday’s result... we’re looking at today’s match as a gold medal match. Like yesterday’s match was a semifinal. We’re expecting a tough fight.”

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the FIH Pro League tie between India and Germany. An experienced Indian team gave a dominant attacking and defensive performance in the first match to outclass their young German counterparts in a thrilling game that saw non-stop attacking action throughout the 60 minutes. Will it be any different in the second game? Will the German team have learnt any lessons? Will India score any field goals? The match begins at 5:00 PM IST.

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