India’s next match will be on Saturday, May 28, at 17:00 hrs IST against Japan. We’ll see you then.

India needed to do something they hadn’t done against Pakistan and Japan, take their chances and score as many goals as possible. The target was to win by 15, they won it 16-0 and are through to the Super 4s. They take their in the next round with Japan, Malaysia and South Korea - the four teams that will compete at the World Cup next year.

The full time stats


Q4 - India 16-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Dipsan Tirkey scores his fifth in the match. India celebrate for the first time in this match having come up with a better goal difference than Pakistan. They’re now well and truly into the Super 4.

Q4 - India 15-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Dipsan Tirkey scores his fourth in this match with a stunning drag flick.

Q4 - India 14-0 Indonesia: Penalty corner for India with just under two minutes to go. Will this be the goal that sends India through to the Super 4?

Q4 - India 14-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Selvam Karthi with a clever reversehit goal.

Q4 - India 13-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Sudev also gets a hat-trick, scoring after Alam Fajar makes another save from an Indian drag-flick.

Q4 - India 12-0 Indonesia: India needs three more goals in seven minutes.

Q4 - India 12-0 Indonesia: Nilam Sanjeep makes an intentional foul to stop an Indonesian player in the Indonesian half. Needless foul, he has five minutes (yellow card) to think about what he’s done.

Q4 - India 12-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Dipsan Tirkey completes his hat-trick. India need three more in another 13 minutes.

Q4 - India 11-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Sudev Belimagga makes it 11. Just four more needed for India

End of Q3 - India 10-0 Indonesia: India scored four times in this quarter. They now need to score five in the last 15 minutes of play to make it through to Super 4.

Q3 - India 10-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Sudev Belimagga seconds before the hooter sounds.

Q3 - India 9-0 Indonesia: India up by 9 goals, Indonesia down to 9 men as two players are in the sin-bin through two yellow cards

Q3 - India 9-0 Indonesia: Another PC for India, another excellent stop by Alam Fajar.

Q3 - India 9-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Dipsan Tirkey scores on a penalty stroke.

Q3 - India 8-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Dipsan Tirkey slams his drag-flick into the backboard.

Q3 - India 7-0 Indonesia: Stick check on Sheshe Gowda, PC for India

Q3 - India 7-0 Indonesia: Another good save by Alam Fajar.

Q3 - India 7-0 Indonesia: Another PC for India

Q3 - India 7-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Mazy run by Pawan Rajbhar to go past four defenders and five tackles to make his way into the right side of the circle. Squares in a pass and Selvam Karthi deflects it home.

Q3 - India 6-0 Indonesia: Excellent double save by Alam Fajar. Dove to his left to palm away the drag-flick and lost his glove in the process. Put his body in the way of the rebound to quell the Indian attack.

Q3 - India 6-0 Indonesia: Penalty corner for India. They haven’t had a clear-cut chance this quarter. Almost 7 mins gone by in Q3

First half stats

End of Q2 - India 6-0 Indonesia: Not been a gripping encounter by any means. It’s been a one-sided affair, as expected, as India go into the half-time break 6-0 up. They still need to score nine more goals in the remaining 30 minutes of this match to make it through to the Super 4 based on more goals scored than Pakistan - whom India will be level on points with at the end of this match. The question now is how well Indonesia will defend in the second half.

Q2 - India 6-0 Indonesia: Snapshot by Sheshe Gowda with just 10 seconds to go, but it floats just wide.

Q2 - India 6-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! SV Sunil scores again, getting on the end of Selvam Kathi’s pass from the left to score his second and India’s third in this quarter.

Q2 - India 5-0 Indonesia: India needs 10 more goals without reply to make it through to the Super 4s

Q2 - India 5-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Nilam Sanjeep powers his drag-flick through the goalkeeper to score his first and India’s fifth in this match.

Q2 - India 4-0 Indonesia: Penalty corner for India

Q2 - India 4-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! It’s SV Sunil getting in on the action this time. Missed stop from Raj Kumar Pal. But the ball is passed back to him, he calmly dodges one defender and passes it to the Sunil on the left, who controls and places his shot at goal. Julius gets a touch but cannot make the save.

Q2 - India 3-0 Indonesia: Penalty corner for India 4 mins into the second quarter

And they’re off in this second quarter.

The commentator confirms. India needs to win this match with a difference of 15 goals, not 16, to make it through to the Super 4.

That’s it for the first half. The urgency is unmistakable from the Indians. But they still need to score 12 more goals in the remaining three quarters - without conceding - to get through to the Super 4

Q1 - India 3-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Uttam Singh makes amends for that missed chances earlier to tap home India’s third after a melee in the circle.

Q1 - India 2-0 Indonesia: Another PC for India. A good double save by Indonesia’s goalkeeper Julius Rumaropen.

Q1 - India 2-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! It’s Pawan Rajbhar again. The first rusher does well to block Nilam Sanjeep’s drag-flick. Raj Kumar Pal struck another shot at goal from the rebound but it’s saved by the goalkeeper and falls to Pawan, who takes his time and lifts it over the goalkeeper.

Q1 - India 1-0 Indonesia: PC for India.

Q1 - India 1-0 Indonesia: GOAL FOR INDIA! It’s the big man, Pawan Rajbhar who gets India on the board. A slapped ball into the box is not cleared well by the defender, Pawan gets to the loose ball and plays a shot first time. No chance for the goalkeeper.

Q1 - India 0-0 Indonesia:We’re in the 9th minute of this match, India’s dominating possession 66-34. But still no goal.

Q1 - India 0-0 Indonesia: First good chance for India. Maninder Singh pushes the ball forward from inside the box, and Uttam Singh hits his shot wide. India cannot afford to be as wasteful today.

Q1 - India 0-0 Indonesia: Just over 4 mins into this match and no clear chance at goal created for India. But there is no mistaking the urgency - just look at how far up the field Birendra Lakra, a defender, has pushed up.


The two teams walk out onto the pitch for the national anthems as the commentator reminds us again that India needs to win this match by at least 16 goals.

“It’s good we have a chance and the boys need to prove that. We know we have to score, we can’t take it easy. Last few matches we’ve been a bit lazy, we haven’t been on the second post, things like that. We can’t afford that today,” said Sardar Singh, the India coach.

To get through to the Super 4, India needs to win by 16 goals at least. That’s a rather tall order for this young Indian team, but not impossible.

Hello and welcome to’s coverage of men’s hockey Asia Cup 2022. India, led by Birendra Lakra take on Indonesia today in their final Group A encounter in Jakarta.

India, the defending champions have not had the best starts to their campaign. They drew against Pakistan in the opening match and then lost 5-2 to Japan in the second match. But Pakistan’s narrow defeat against Japan gives the men in blue a glimmer of hope. They now need to come up with the goals - plenty and plenty of goals! - against hosts Indonesia in the last match of Pool A to have any chances of making it to the Super 4s stage.

Stats / photos courtesy: FIH.Hockey / Asian Hockey Federation

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