That’s it from us here today. India’s next match will be on Tuesday, May 31, at 17:00 hrs IST against South Korea. We’ll see you then.

Super 4 table

What threatened to be a straight-forward win for the experienced Malaysian line-up turned out to be a thoroughly entertaining match. The final scoreline read 3-3 between India and Malaysia, but the story of the match was even more intriguing.

Razie Rahim scored through two penalty corners to make it 2-0 for Malaysia at the end of a first half that saw India make just one attempt on goal. Then the Indians hit back within two minutes of the third quarter through Vishnukant Singh, then SV Sunil and Nilam Sanjeep made it 3-2 for India before Razie completed his hat-trick to make it 3-3 in the 56th minute.

The draw means that India is level on points (4) with South Korea and Malaysia in the Super 4 stage. A draw might be enough to take India to the final when they meet Korea on Tuesday - provided Malaysia lose to Japan.

Full time stats

End of Q4 - India 3-3 Malaysia.

Q4 - India 3-3 Malaysia: No penalty corner.

Q4 - India 3-3 Malaysia: The hooter goes off but Malaysia have called for a referral, asking for a penalty corner.

Q4 - India 3-3 Malaysia: Maninder Singh handed a green card, India down to 10 men for the rest of this match.

Q4 - India 3-3 Malaysia: Four minutes left on the clock now. The way this quarter has gone, that’s plenty of time for another few twists in this match.

Q4 - India 3-3 Malaysia: GOAL FOR MALAYSIA! Razie Rahim hammers home the equaliser. That’s his hat-trick.

Q4 - India 3-2 Malaysia: Penalty corner for Malaysia.

Q4 - India 3-2 Malaysia: Just under 6 mins left of play.

Q4 - India 3-2 Malaysia: GOAL STANDS!

Q4 - India 3-2 Malaysia: Little more drama here. Umpire has called for a referral to see if the ball had been stopped outside the striking circle before the drag-flick was taken. If the ball was outside the circle, goal stands. If not, no goal.

Q4 - India 3-2 Malaysia: GOAL FOR INDIA! What a comeback! Nilam Sanjeep powers home India’s third goal after being 2-0 down in the first half.

Q4 - India 2-2 Malaysia: Penalty corner for India.

Q4 - India 2-2 Malaysia: GOAL FOR INDIA! It’s SV Sunil who equalises with a blistering shot in from the right. But it was all about Pawan Rajbhar. He picked up a loose ball in midfield, sprinted up the field, dodging defenders and tackles before making the pass to the unmarked Sunil.

Q4 - India 1-2 Malaysia: India has eight minutes to try and rescue this match.

Q4 - India 1-2 Malaysia: Chance for Pawan Rajbhar but his diving snapshot goes just wide.

Q4 - India 1-2 Malaysia: Dipsan Tirkey gets the shot away but Hafizuddin Othman makes a smart save to his left.

Q4 - India 1-2 Malaysia: Penalty corner for India. Pawan Rajbhar attempts to take a shot at goal but is stopped by a stick check. Here’s a good chance for India to equalise.

Stats at the end of Q3

And we’re off in this final 15 minutes of play.

India hit back early in this quarter and the game has opened up. It makes for an interesting final 15.

End of Q3 - India 1-2 Malaysia

Q3 - India 1-2 Malaysia: Excellent move from Malaysia, putting together a few passes to get into the circle. Pankaj though is quick to get off his line and make close all angles.

Q3 - India 1-2 Malaysia: India go for the variation, Dipsan Tirkey passes it to Selvam who passes it to Sunil, whose shot goes wide.

Q3 - India 1-2 Malaysia: Excellent move by the Indians. SV Sunil and Uttam Singh combining well, exchanging passes in a move that ends with a stick check and penalty corner for India.

Q3 - India 1-2 Malaysia: Razie Rahim takes the drag-flick, but Pankaj Rajak in the Indian goal makes a comfortable save.

Q3 - India 1-2 Malaysia: Penalty corner for Malaysia.

Q3 - India 1-2 Malaysia: End-to-end stuff now as this match has opened up. Become a spectacle for the neutral fan.

Q3 - India 1-2 Malaysia: Karthi Selvam cracks a pass into the circle for an unmarked Abharan Sudev, but it’s just a bit too far behind the forward.

Q3 - India 1-2 Malaysia: GOAL FOR INDIA! India survived a scare in the first 30 seconds of this quarter, but then score a minute later. Muhammad Hassan in the Malaysia goal gets a block on the drag-flick, but the ball falls kindly to Vishnukant Singh, who calmly lifts it over the keeper and into the roof of the net. India are back in this game.

Q3 - India 0-2 Malaysia: First penalty corner for India in this match.

Q3 - India 0-2 Malaysia: Faizal Saari gets a shot just wide in less than 30 seconds of the restart. Excellent pressure by Malaysia on the Indian defence. Saari gets past a few defenders but from a tight angle shoots into the side-netting

We’re off in this third quarter.

The most telling stat, arguably, is that India has managed just one shot on goal over 30 minutes of play.

First half stats

Not been a good half for India at all. In their opening two matches of the tournament, against Pakistan and Japan, they were guilty of being wasteful in their chances in front of goal. Today they haven’t quite managed to weave together enough moves to create a clear goal-scoring opportunity. Malaysia meanwhile, the more experienced team, have been steady and disciplined. And they lead 2-0 at the break.

End of Q2 - India 0-2 Malaysia: That’s halftime.

Q2 - India 0-2 Malaysia: Referee awards Malaysia a penalty corner, but India successfully refer it. At least the referrals are going India’s way.

Vinayakk Mohanarangan: Razie Rahim, the biggest goal threat Malaysia have, has scored two goals both from drag flicks. India yet to really make any credible threat going forward and are already 0-2 down. Big challenge this.

Q2 - India 0-2 Malaysia: GOAL FOR INDIA! Razie Rahim again powers home a drag-flick. This time Suraj Karkera gets a stick on the ball, but the shot is too strong. This is Rahim’s 11th goal of the tournament.

Q2 - India 0-1 Malaysia: Penalty corner for Malaysia.

First quarter stats

Q2 - India 0-1 Malaysia: Second quarter underway

Malaysia has been the better team in this first quarter, and they lead through Razie Rahim’s 10th goal in this tournament. This is an experienced Malaysian team with 8 of their 18 players having played over 100 caps. The Indian team meanwhile has 12 players from their 18 who made their debut at this tournament.

End of Q1 - India 0-1 Malaysia

Q1 - India 0-1 Malaysia: India down to 10 players in the final minutes of this quarter after Manjeet is shown a green card.

Q1 - India 0-1 Malaysia: GOAL FOR MALAYSIA! Razie Rahim goes hard and low to the left corner of the goal. Karkera shifts his bodyweight to the wrong side and is in no position to make a save as the ball clatters off the backboard.

Q1 - India 0-0 Malaysia: Just under 4 mins left in this first quarter, and Malaysia wins its second penalty corner.

Q1 - India 0-0 Malaysia: Karkera makes a good save and the Indian defence rushes in to clear the danger.

Q1 - India 0-0 Malaysia: This time it is a penalty corner. Muhammad Hassan plays a tomahawk shot at goal which Suraj Karkera paws away, but it’s deemed dangerous by the referee.

Q1 - India 0-0 Malaysia: Excellent referral from Sunil. No penalty corner for Malaysia.

Q1 - India 0-0 Malaysia: Penalty corner for Malaysia, but SV Sunil calls for a referral.

Q1 - India 0-0 Malaysia: Malaysia get us started in this Super 4 match.

The teams are out for the anthems.

Japan lost 3-1 to South Korea after being undefeated in Pool A. They’re out of contention for the final.

Hello and welcome to’s coverage of men’s hockey Asia Cup 2022. India, led by Birendra Lakra take on Malaysia today in their second Super 4 match against Malaysia.

The Indians will be confident after their 2-1 win over Japan yesterday, a much better performance over the Asian Games gold medallist compared to what the team in blue had put up when they met in Pool A. Malaysia would be, on paper, an easier game, but the South East Asian team has been known to pull off upsets quite regularly - they beat India in the semi-final of the Asian Games, at this very stadium in Jakarta four years ago.

Stats / photos courtesy: FIH.Hockey / Asian Hockey Federation

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