9.25 pm: HS Prannoy will next face Zhao Jun Peng in an unseeded battle for the semifinal (their first meeting, Zhao defeated Christie earlier in the tournament). At the other half of the draw, Axelsen takes on Lee Zii Jia in an heavyweight battle.

HS Prannoy back in the semifinal at Indonesia Open

2017: Defeated Anthony Ginting, Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long to reach the semifinal (Srikanth won the tournament after Prannoy lost against Sakai)

2022: Defeated Lakshya Sen, Ng Ka Long Angus, Rasmus Gemke to reach the semifinal (Will face Zhao Jun Peng)

Can HS Prannoy go all the way this time?

Aditya: At no point in either game did HS Prannoy trail Rasmus Gemke in that quarterfinal. And how delightful was the little backhand flick to seal the match

HS Prannoy 21-14, 21-12 Rasmus Gemke: OH, WHAT A WAY TO WIN IT! HSP digs out a near yorker with a flick over the net. And celebrates with a jump smash action. He is back in the Indonesia Open semifinal after 2017!

HS Prannoy 21-14, 20-12 Rasmus Gemke: Lucky net chord, super smash... and match points galore.

HS Prannoy 21-14, 18-12 Rasmus Gemke: Prannoy plays the backhand around the head better than most on the circuit. A winner with that signature shot followed by two lovely rallies that he finishes with a precise smash. Finish line in sight for the Indian.

HS Prannoy 21-14, 15-12 Rasmus Gemke: A lovely spinning shot at the net and Gemke can’t get the lift over. Prannoy celebrates that point because he knows this is getting close. Another quiet fist pump as he nails a smash.

HS Prannoy 21-14, 13-11 Rasmus Gemke: A little bit of a footing issue for Prannoy after he played a kill at the net. Hopefully just grip related for the Indian.

HS Prannoy 21-14, 12-9 Rasmus Gemke: The Istora has emptied significantly and we can hear the frustrations quite clearly as Gemke misses a smash.

HS Prannoy 21-14, 11-9 Rasmus Gemke: HSP needed 2-3 winners in one go to win a point, good defence by the Dane but the Indian eventually wins that point and the next to take a 2-point lead into the break. Gemke still hasn’t led at any point in this match.

HS Prannoy 21-14, 8-8 Rasmus Gemke: HSP misses a straight smash by a small margin. Then a lift goes wide. Back level again.

HS Prannoy 21-14, 8-6 Rasmus Gemke: For the first time in this match, score is level. Burt HSP makes sure Gemke doesn’t go into the lead. Couple of good rallies again. This is an even battle at the moment.

HS Prannoy 21-14, 6-5 Rasmus Gemke: A shriek of frustration from Gemke as he sends a lift long and wide with the drift after a good rally. But punches his fist next point as he stays in touch, then plays another sharp rally. Just one point in this game.

HS Prannoy 21-14, 3-2 Rasmus Gemke: Some nice smashes from both players at the start of this one. Serves being exchanged.

HS Prannoy 21-14 Rasmus Gemke: Never really looked in real trouble during that opening game, did HS Prannoy. A good early lead and kept Gemke at an arm’s length afterwards even as the Dane got better as the game went on.

HS Prannoy 20-14 Rasmus Gemke: HSP must be sensing that Gemke is playing well now, the way he is celebrating the last couple of points he won. The Dane rallying well. Oh dear and then a service error to give HSP six game points.

HS Prannoy 18-13 Rasmus Gemke: One of the longer rallies of the opening game and HSP sends a lift long. Gemke hanging in there.

HS Prannoy 18-12 Rasmus Gemke: A lovely straight smash down the line and then a superb drop by Gemke to close the gap. And HSP hits a nice downward winner of his own.

HS Prannoy 16-9 Rasmus Gemke: Not many long rallies in this one, but both players showing their skills when possible. A superb behind-the-back return from Gemke and not long after a stunning forehand from HSP. The Indian well in control of proceedings.

HS Prannoy 11-7 Rasmus Gemke: Just as Gemke was finding his feet, HSP plays a series of good points to take a handy lead into the interval. And we get another glimpse of coach Gurusaidutt.

HS Prannoy 8-4 Rasmus Gemke: Superb rally! Both players showing their net skills there in a lovely exchange and eventually the lift from HSP is long.

HS Prannoy 8-4 Rasmus Gemke: “I’ll be quite surprised if Gemke finishes this match,” says Clark. He is picking up steam here though. Plays a nice kill at the net after an aggressive point.

HS Prannoy 6-1 Rasmus Gemke: The point that Clark was making earlier, Gemke does well to get to a superb backhand block from Prannoy, but after the lunge, he didn’t even bother getting back.

HS Prannoy 5-0 Rasmus Gemke: Solid start for HSP, looking in control. A good review thrown in there as well.

HS Prannoy vs Rasmus Gemke: Commentator Gill Clark says after Gemke’s win against Momota, she travelled with the Dane back to the hotel and he had an ice pack on his knee. Both these players have had their issues with injuries.

HS Prannoy vs Rasmus Gemke: Here we go then. Prannoy vs Gemke. The last Indian standing in the tournament, can HSP go to the SF of this tournament again? Has been in good form this week, but will need to be at his best for this as Gemke too has been playing well.

Head-to-head: Gemke won the first two meetings, Prannoy has won the last two, including the last time they met in Bangkok during the semifinals of Thomas Cup.

Hello and welcome to live updates of the Indonesia Open Super 1000 quarterfinal match between India’s HS Prannoy and Denmark’s Rasmus Gemke at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta.

HS Prannoy became the only Indian to reach the quarterfinal stage at the Indonesia Open Super 1000 event at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta as he defeated Ng Ka Long Angus in straight games on Thursday.

Prannoy, ranked 23, completed a 21-11, 21-18 victory against the world No 12 from Hong Kong. He had earlier defeated Lakshya Sen in the previous round. And now he has a rematch from Thomas Cup semifinal tie.

Screenshots in the blog courtesy BWF / Viacom 18 / Tournament Software