Women’s javelin throw final: A reminder that Annu Rani is the first and only Indian to reach the women’s javelin throw final at the Worlds and she has now done it not once but twice. The fact that her 7th place will (or should) sting a little bit tonight says something about this lone warrior from India for women’s javelin.

Women’s javelin throw final: AUS-USA-JPN 1-2-3. Liu couldn’t improve with her 6th attempt and the Olympic champion finishes out of podium. Kitaguchi and Winger with sensational last throws. Barber’s WL of 66.91 sees her defend the title. Tears for Kitaguchi.

Women’s javelin throw final: MOMENT OF THE FINAL! Winger with a stunning 64.05m and the crowd erupts. She has moved into 2nd. Kitaguchi to third. What a finish we are having.

Women’s javelin throw final: NICE! Kitaguchi with a 63.27m and she has moved to second place. Japanese history about to be made. She is delighted

Women’s javelin throw final: Not an improvement for Annu Rani, needed her PB or close to it for a shot at podium but it wasn’t to be. The same mark of 61,12m from Doha 2019 but an improvement in standings by one. Moving from 8th to 7th.

Women’s javelin throw final: Best throw yet for Nikola but not an improvement on her placing.

Women’s javelin throw final: Barber passes the 5th attempt. No reason to push. She is comfortably up there at the top. Here we go then, final attempts.

Women’s javelin throw final: 59.98m there for the Indian. Annu Ranu with her 2nd best throw of the event but that is not an improvement and she remains 7th. She has one attempt left to make a big push but seems a bit difficult at the moment.

Women’s javelin throw final: Four attempts done. The podium cut off is now 63.22 after Liu moves into the silver medal position. Still in PB territory for Annu Rani if she can improve but the trend is downward after that big 61.12.

Women’s javelin throw final: A big throw there from Liu means the podium cut off now is 63.22.

Women’s javelin throw final: An improvement by the Olympic champion Liu and she pushes Little back to third and moves into 2nd place with 63.25!

Women’s javelin throw final: Annu Rani with her 4th attempt, she has been moved to 7th. Will need an improvement but that is well below.

Women’s javelin throw final: Annu Rani makes the top 8 cut, but her 3rd throw was below 60. But first mission accomplished. It’s a battle for 2 & 3 from here on. The order will go on 8 to 1 from now.

Women’s javelin throw final: That’s a massive 66.91 for BARBER! WOW! A World Leading effort and potentially the gold sealed right there by the defending champion.

Women’s javelin throw final: The field will be cut down to 8 athletes soon and Annu’s safe for now.

Women’s javelin throw final: The third attempts are underway. No one really pushing too far ahead. After 2 attempts for athletes, just 0.95m separated third place and Annu Rani in sixth. This is not far off as things stand, you know. Annu Rani improved significantly, almost everyone else dipped after 1st try.

Women’s javelin throw final: There’s a good one! Annu Rani moves into the top 8 of the field with a 60-plus throw. Comes up as 61.12m and that is not far away from the podium placings.

Women’s javelin throw final: Time for Annu again, asks the crowd to cheer her up.

Women’s javelin throw final: This was considered to be an open final and the fact that the top throw so far is below Annu Rani’s PB is an indication that it is still not over. She needs a big improvement though.

Women’s javelin throw final: A brief break in action in this event as track introductions are on for women’s 800m semis.

Women’s javelin throw final: A solid improvement from USA’s Winger, getting to 61.96 and 4th on the table.

Women’s javelin throw final: A wild swing for Little after her big throw in the first attempt, going sub 50. Kitaguchi, 2nd place now, also goes well below her first mark. The second attempts have not gone to plan for quite a few to start. Five Xs, couple below 60.

Women’s javelin throw final: 56.18 for Annu Rani’s first attempt. Seemed to get the angle off, the spear veering to the right of the field. Has much more left in the tank, that’s the 9th best of the first attempts.

Women’s javelin throw final: There is Kelsey-Lee Barber! The defending champion with a super 62.67 in her first attempt. Second place for now.

Women’s javelin throw final: The athletes are already in a good rhythm today it seems like. Annu had spoken about the lack of proper warmup before qualification but today already some big throws. Australia’s Mackenzie LITTLE with a PB with the first attempt has set the pace with 63.22m. Olympic champ Liu starts with 61.67.

Women’s javelin throw final: The season leader Maggie Malone of USA was one of the high profile throwers from this season to miss the cut for the final 12, but the Olympic champion Liu and defending champion Barber are here in the mix.

Women’s javelin throw final: The athlete introductions are done and we are all set. Here’s a look at the Doha 2019 results where Annu made the cut for the final 8.

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Hello and welcome to our coverage of the World Athletics Championships. Today we will be tracking the women’s javelin throw final.

India’s national record holder Annu Rani is making her second straight appearance at the Worlds final, having made the cut in Doha in 2019 as well.

Rani managed to find her best attempt of qualification just in time to reach the World Athletics Championships women’s javelin final. After being unhappy with her first throw in Group B and stepping out for a foul, Rani’s second attempt was around the 55m mark and even on a day when the marks were largely below the best for throwers across two groups, that wasn’t going to be enough.

Rani needed to cross the 59m mark with her third and final attempt and she did just that to put herself through in eighth place.

Here’s a look at the start list for the event: (06.50 am IST start time, Rani is last in the initial throwing order)

Screenshots courtesy World Athletics / Sony LIV