1.10 am: So, Satwik-Chirag – who have had some fine results in the past at this event – are the last Indians standing in Paris. Three defeats in singles today, two of those in three games and beyond 70 minutes as Prannoy and Srikanth were involved in marathon affairs.

Satwik-Chirag will take on world No 1 Hoki-Kobayashi in a rematch of the recent World Championships quarterfinal.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 19-21 Lu Guang Zu: Shame there had to be a loser in this one, really. Nice smattering of applause for both players in the end, who gave it their absolute best, and were running on fumes in the end. That, however, ends India’s singles challenge in Paris.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 19-20 Lu Guang Zu: Pause in play... and now Prannoy faces a match point.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 19-19 Lu Guang Zu: WHAT A RALLY1 Prannoy on the court again but honestly, can you blame him? He injected pace a couple of times but it came back from Lu and the CHN shuttler found the angle in the end.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 19-18 Lu Guang Zu: The net shot has worked quite for Lu for most part... not then

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 18-18 Lu Guang Zu: A fist pump from Prannoy as Lu’s crosscourt life goes just wide at the end of another brutal rally. We are back level!

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 16-18 Lu Guang Zu: Another fine exchange at the net, Lu finds the space to take the shuttle over the tape. Prannoy had the next point under control but his tap to the front court is just wide and probably the biggest roar of the night from Lu.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 16-16 Lu Guang Zu: Sweet (?) sixteen for both.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 15-15 Lu Guang Zu: Prannoy floored by Lu’s crosscourt and we are back level again!

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 13-13 Lu Guang Zu: 1-game all. 13-points all. 77 minutes of action.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 12-13 Lu Guang Zu: Superb net shot sets up that rally for Prannoy and it is a 1-point game.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 11-13 Lu Guang Zu: Prannoy’s backhand, arguably the best among the Indians, comes to his rescue a few times in a couple of fine rallies. He is staying in touch.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 8-12 Lu Guang Zu: Prannoy will need to start well. And it is a good rally to get things going from the near side... followed by indecision at the backcourt.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 7-11 Lu Guang Zu: Bit hot and cold from Prannoy in the decider so far. An error or two followed by a blazing winner. It is Lu who takes a very handy lead into the final change of ends.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 6-9 Lu Guang Zu: Bent double, Prannoy, after a lift goes long. On the balance of play looks like Lu has the edge... and once again as I say that, Prannoy comes up with a brutal smash to Lu’s forehand.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 5-7 Lu Guang Zu: Back with interest. Lu’s turn for a tracer bullet.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 4-6 Lu Guang Zu: Bad time for the radar to stop working for Prannoy... and as I say that, he responds with one of the smashes of the night so far, with a brilliant down the line to Lu’s forehand. That was a bullet!

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20, 2-5 Lu Guang Zu: It’s been so close throughout that any decent lead in the decider could actually be decisive. Both players would want to avoid that. Unfortunately for HSP, it’s a strong start by Lu.

The deciding third game starts nearly at the hour-mark! 19-21, 22-20! It is exactly as close and as intense as that scoreboard suggests. HSP with a mini fightback from 16-19 down to force the decider. Some match.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 22-20 Lu Guang Zu: Game 2, HS Prannoy! Deservingly goes to a decider. Prannoy was 16-19 down, Lu had the finish line in sight. But the Indian forces the decider. 58 minutes for this match already! What a battle.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 21-20 Lu Guang Zu: Gift from Lu. Another game point for HSP.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 20-20 Lu Guang Zu: Game point Prannoy. But Lu saves it after a flat exchange.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 19-19 Lu Guang Zu: There’s the attack from HSP again, this time a 1-2 to Lu’s forehand side and we are level!

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 18-19 Lu Guang Zu: That is terrific defence from Prannoy and indecision in the end from Lu! One point game again.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 17-19 Lu Guang Zu: The Indian gets the serve back with a nice 1-2 punch to Lu’s backhand. Now or never for him.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 16-19 Lu Guang Zu: Ah, another error. HSP’s level has dipped at the worst possible time.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 16-18 Lu Guang Zu: Huge point this for Prannoy.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 16-18 Lu Guang Zu: Lu forces the error from Prannoy there with his pace. Into the lead. And after another fabulous rally, an unforced forehand error from Prannoy, into the net. So good until that shot.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 16-15 Lu Guang Zu: Just a really high quality match this one. Prannoy with two straight points to inch ahead.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 14-14 Lu Guang Zu: Just as the pressure was starting to build on Prannoy, he wins the point and lets out a big roar.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 13-13 Lu Guang Zu: We haven’t seen too many of these sharp, short points. HSP has the serve back and another short point follows, Lu takes the serve back. Some frustration starting to show for the Indian.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 12-12 Lu Guang Zu: We are 45 minutes into this match! Gives you an idea of how competitive it has been. A brilliant net play from Lu and we are back level.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 11-9 Lu Guang Zu: Sometimes, when it does come off, it looks great but Prannoy’s crosscourt flick at the net doesn’t quite work there. But he steadies himself to play a delightful round the head smash winner and then takes a lead into the interval.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 8-6 Lu Guang Zu: Slowly but surely, Lu has found his footing again. (Not like he ever lost it for long). Nothing to choose in this battle at the moment. This 2nd game has gone for what feels like a fair bit and still not even at the interval.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21, 5-2 Lu Guang Zu: Some fantastic rallies to start the second game! Prannoy has dived around the court a few times already in the first six points. And he has the early lead. A fine crosscourt winner to go up 5-2.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-21 Lu Guang Zu: Lu takes the lead! Some high quality exchanges at the end of that opening game from both players, it is the Chinese shuttler who produces two great touches at the net to close it out.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-20 Lu Guang Zu: Lu with a class touch at the net. He has the game point.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 19-19 Lu Guang Zu: Brilliant 1-2 from Prannoy! Shapes into going for a big smash, but plays it low and then kills it at the nt.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 18-19 Lu Guang Zu: Biggest roar yet from Prannoy! Fine rally, ends with a body attack from the Indian.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 17-18 Lu Guang Zu: ...and Prannoy makes the gap one again.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 15-18 Lu Guang Zu: Lu ups the tempo and has moved ahead into what feels like a decisive lead.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 15-15 Lu Guang Zu: Oh, power and precision, back-to-back from Prannoy. A superb smash followed by a delicate touch and we are level again.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 13-14 Lu Guang Zu: Ok then, time to focus on this one fully. Lu took the lead back but Prannoy has closed it down to a point. Still anybody’s game.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21, 11-21 Vitidsarn: It was 11-11 at one point in 2nd game but Vitidsarn went on to win 10 straight points from there to take the match. 21-18, 21-11 for 56 minutes, tells you how long some of the rallies were. Good fight from Sameer Verma.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 11-10 Lu Guang Zu: Prannoy has levelled things up in this. A rally to decide who has the lead at the break... and it is the Indian.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21, 11-17 Vitidsarn: And it seems like the fight is going out of Sameer in this one. He has been at it all match but now Vitidsarn starting to stamp his class.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 6-7 Lu Guang Zu: Precise and powerful down the line, Prannoy closes the gap to 1.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 5-7 Lu Guang Zu: Prannoy into a rhythm now, pumping himself up vocally. Closes a 6-point gap to 2.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21, 11-14 Vitidsarn: A STUNNING POINT! Sameer had the chance to kill this rally but KV is alert at the net and with a reflex block, takes the point.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21, 10-13 Vitidsarn: A point for Sameer after the break to level things but KV goes ahead by 2 after a wild smash by the Indian.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21, 10-11 Vitidsarn: The Thai youngster has a slender lead in this one at the interval.

Men’s singles, Prannoy 1-5 Lu Guang Zu: a slow start from HSP but he gets on board with a little help from the net chord. Lu had started with 5 straight points.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21, 10-10 Vitidsarn: Thought maybe KV will run away with this one but Sameer has kept fighting, irrespective of how this end, it’s been a good week for him.

Prannoy vs Lu underway now.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21, 5-7 Vitidsarn: ...and then some issues with the court on Vitidsarn’s side.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21, 5-7 Vitidsarn: Now some treatment for Sameer.

Prannoy will be in action soon on Court 2,

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21, 4-5 Vitidsarn: Great point! Another fabulous long rally between these two, ends with Sameer taking the point at the net.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21, 3-5 Vitidsarn: Good start by the Thai youngster to the 2nd game, he’d now look to wrap this up in straight games.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-21 Vitidsarn: Game 1, Kunlavut Vitidsarn! The world c’ships runner-up edges a tight battle after a slow start. Sameer Verma played rather well, plenty of long rallies in this one but the lead goes to the Thai.

Men’s singles, Sameer 18-20 Vitidsarn: And Sameer keeps fighting. Fine down the line smash to win a good rally. But again, just as a few mins back, a frustrating error trying a crosscourt drop.

Men’s singles, Sameer 17-19 Vitidsarn: A gorgeous net shot by KV leaves Sameer on the floor! Great disguise, the Indian flat-footed.

Men’s singles, Sameer 17-18 Vitidsarn: A frustrating miss for Sameer. He had that point on his racket but the crosscourt drop is wide.

Men’s singles, Sameer 17-17 Vitidsarn: And we are back level!

Men’s singles, Sameer 15-17 Vitidsarn: Another fine, fine rally between these two. After moving each other back and front, KV wins the point at the net.

Men’s singles, Sameer 15-16 Vitidsarn: Treatment on the arm it seems, some bleeding evidently.

Men’s singles, Sameer 15-16 Vitidsarn: Sameer had nearly given up on the rally being off balance. But KV hits the shuttle into the net from the back court. The Thai youngster has called for some treatment now.

Men’s singles, Sameer 14-15 Vitidsarn: Sameer has found some rhythm back and the rallies are even now. Couple of lengthy ones here. The Indian with two fabulous kill shots off the backhand at the net.

Men’s singles, Sameer 11-14 Vitidsarn: Some turnaround this. Vitidsarn is playing with complete control at the moment. A run of 7 straight points after the break.

Men’s singles, Sameer 11-7 Vitidsarn: Sameer’s push to the backcourt lands well in. And he has a handy lead here at the interval.

Men’s singles, Sameer 10-7 Vitidsarn: Slightly off the pace, the Thai youngster. Sameer solid.

Men’s singles, Sameer 9-6 Vitidsarn: Some errors Kunlavut and Sameer has a decent lead here.

Men’s singles, Sameer 7-6 Vitidsarn: Loud cheers at the arena as this match started with the French mixed doubles pair in action. It will be a challenge for these two players to stay focussed. Fabulous net shot from Sameer to make it 6-all. And he goes in the lead as well.

Men’s singles, Sameer 4-4 Vitidsarn: Level pegging in the early stages.

Men’s singles, Sameer vs Vitidsarn: Sameer Verma’s reward for a win against Anthony Ginting is a battle against world No 10 Kunlavut Vitidsarn. Underway on court 4.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 19-21 Gemke: RASMUS GEMKE! What a win, what a match. There are some times when Srikanth will leave your head scratching, safe to say tonight wasn’t one of those. Just a really good badminton match. Wonderful embrace at the net in the end.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 19-20 Gemke: Bit of a gift again from Gemke after that fabulous point, a touch of the net. Srikanth then saves two match points. What a match.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 16-19 Gemke: BRILLIANCE FROM GEMKE! Behind-the-back return and he wins the point too!!!

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 16-18 Gemke: By now, Srikanth fans will have been used to this sight of frustration for him. A forehand error. Gemke has the serve.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 16-17 Gemke: Bit of a gift from Gemke as he nets one and Srikanth has the serve back. And an over-eager kill attempt at the net goes long.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 14-17 Gemke: Barest of margins again and Srikanth has lost all his reviews!

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 14-16 Gemke: Back-to-back loose shots from Srikanth at the net. Superb run of points for Gemke.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 14-14 Gemke: Barest of margins in a review for Srikanth and soon enough we are level again.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 14-11 Gemke: Brilliant set-up at the net by Srikanth again, and closes it out with a smash. Error from Gemke next point and a good lead for Sri.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 11-10 Gemke: Both players at the net tussling for an inch here or there an it is Srikanth who gets the call from the umpire and takes a slender lead into the final change of ends.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 9-9 Gemke: Fabulous net shot from Gemke followed by a loose lift from Sri that is punished.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 9-8 Gemke: OH, a stunning backhand block from Srikanth to get the shuttle over the net but couldn’t get back up in time to take the next one. Some defence that.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 8-5 Gemke: Just when it looked like Srikanth was building up a head of steam, he makes a rather soft error. Frustrated, he stands. And once again, misjudgement from the Indian at the back court.... or not. Just out. Umpire’s review and Srikanth’s right.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21, 1-1 Gemke: Yikes! Srikanth just completely misjudges where the line is and lets the shuttle drop well in.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 12-21 Gemke: Rasmus relentless. The Indian will have to do this the hard way. Gemke took the lead and stayed in control this time around.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 11-19 Gemke: Rasmus Gemke on top at the moment. Srikanth on the backfoot constantly and now it seems he is just conserving.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 11-17 Gemke: Remember we said Srikanth needed a run of points at 11-16 in the opener? Well here we are again. But this time, Gemke with an attacking point to get the serve right back.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 10-16 Gemke: It is not going Srikanth’s way at the moment. The net shots have suddenly started finding the net again. And sure enough, we are at 16-10 again.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 10-14 Gemke: It is all Denmark at the moment though, maybe Srikanth is waiting for the 10-16 scoreline again? (We kid, we kid).

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 10-11 Gemke: The Dane has a lead, but Srikanth is really playing some mouthwatering badminton from the net, especially. When he is controlling the front court, he is such a joy to watch. (Coach Siyadath with some stern words however during the break).

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 21-16, 21-14 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: World No 1 Hoki/Kobayashi up next for the Indians. SatChi had defeated the JPN duo in Tokyo Worlds quarterfinal.

SATWIK-CHIRAG’s FRENCH CONNECTION: Their record here now is QF, SF, F, -, QF, QF*

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19, 5-6 Gemke: The Dane started this second game well but Srikanth has closed the gap down.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 21-16, 21-14 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: SatChi are back in the quarterfinals in Paris, arguably their best tournament.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 21-19 Gemke: That’s a fine comeback by the Indian to take the opening game!

Men’s singles, Srikanth 20-19 Gemke: There’s a misjudgement at back court and Gemke is back within a point.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 21-16, 18-9 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: Seems like a matter of time in this one.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 20-18 Gemke: Three game points for Srikanth after an aggressive return point, but he gives the serve back (not for the lack of trying) after a dive and all that.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 19-17 Gemke: The run of points.... the one we said he needed... it went up to 9! What a time for a streak. Gemke gets the serve back now.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 16-16 Gemke: Terrific backhand block from Srikanth turns into a winner! Back level.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 15-16 Gemke: That is a terrific run of points for Srikanth! Fabulous rally to close the gap down to 1.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 21-16, 11-6 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: SatChi have a 5-point lead at the break, after the MAS Pair closed the gap down a bit.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 11-16 Gemke: There’s another lift that sails wide. Not sure what the drift is like at the arena, maybe that could explain this from Srikanth. He gets the serve back with an aggressive kill at the net. Needs a run of points here.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 10-14 Gemke: That is just classic Srikanth, frustratingly. Such a good point, patient rally construction, then sends a simple lift wide.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 21-16, 10-3 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: SatChi in complete control at this stage.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 10-13 Gemke: There’s a hint of what Srikanth was doing to Lakshya in what Gemke is doing to Srikanth. A Few times already that the Dane is taking the shuttle so early at the net.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 9-11 Gemke: That’s a misjudgement from Srikanth in the backcourt and it is Gemke with the lead at the break.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 21-16, 7-1 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: The Indian duo are off to a superb start in the 2nd game.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 9-9 Gemke: There was a terrific 31-shot rally in there as both players are pushing each other well at the moment.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 21-16 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: There was a hint of a fightback from the Malaysians towards the end but comfortable for the Indian pair ultimately.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 6-8 Gemke: The early remark from commentator Gill Clark is that Srikanth looks nervous. He was anything but vs Lakshya. But from 4-8, he makes it 6-8.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 18-13 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: That is a fabulous rally from all four players, great rotation from the Indians across the net and they win the point.

Men’s singles, Srikanth 4-4 Gemke: The Dane has started well but the first good rally of the match at 2-4 goes the Indian’s way and then soon he makes it 4-4.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 14-10 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: The moment with the Indians now in this match, a nice 4-point cushion.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 11-9 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: The Indians go into the interval with a 2-point lead.

Men’s singles, Srikanth vs Gemke: Gemke will serve.

A quick recap of Sri’s match on Wednesday.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 10-8 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: The Indian pair has gone into a decent lead now.

Meanwhile, on the TV court time for Srikanth vs Gemke.

Men’s doubles, Satwik / Chirag 6-6 Wei Chong / Wun Tee: This match is on Court 2, which is not broadcast in India, for the record.

Men’s doubles, Satwiksairaj Rankireddy / Chirag Shetty 4-5 Man Wei Chong Kai Wun Tee: Action underway. Good even start to this match, both pairs playing at a typical MD tempo from the word go.

Previous meeting:

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of round of 16 at the French Open Super 750.

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty, Sameer Verma, HS Prannoy and Srikanth Kidambi are in prequarterfinnls action tonight in Paris.

First up, India’s seventh seeds in the men’s doubles event Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty endured an opening game loss, but came back strong to win their first round. They will take on Malaysia’s Man Wei Chong Man and Tee Kai Wun. Satwik-Chirag lead the H2H 1-0, with their win coming this year at Malaysia Open.

Screenshots in the blog courtesy BWF / Viacom 18 / Tournament Software