5.05 pm: Well, there’s plenty to dissect at the end of it all. Another ICC Men’s World Cup comes and goes for India. Stay tuned for reactions and more.

Rahul Dravid on India’s defeats being a case of bad starts with bad or ball:

Sure, in a 20-over match, you definitely need good starts. If you lose the first six overs in both the innings, then it becomes really tough. If we see in this match there, were maybe five phases. Three in our batting and really just two in their batting. And in those, we lost four phases. I’d say only in the last five overs of our batting we played good cricket. We put the pressure back on them. If you lose four phases in a match, you are definitely outplayed in this format.

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STAT ALERT: Take a bow, Matthew Mott!

England 170/0 (16 overs): ENGLAND WIN BY 10 WICKETS. There’s a roar from Buttler, finishes with a six. That’s a thumping win for England, a thorough dismantling of India’s trophy.

Jos Buttler 80 (49b 9x4 3x6) and Alex Hales 86 (47b 4x4 7x6). What a partnership.

England 156/0 (15 overs): There’s an over with less than six. Huzzah.

England 154/0 (14 overs): There was at least a chance to avoid a 10-wicket defeat. But SKY drops a skier and Buttler has a reprieve. 4, 6 and 4 in that Shami over.

England 140/0 (13 overs): There’s a line to remember (not for India) from Harsha Bhogle. This is like a boxing bout between two weight classes at the moment. Buttler gets to a fifty with a six off Hardik.

England 123/0 (12 overs): This is breathtaking from Hales. A sweep for six and a punch for four... and it’s a massive over off Ashwin. Less than run a ball needed.

England 108/0 (11 overs): The century stand came with a six over midwickety by Hales, who is in some hurry here.

England cross 100 in 10.1, India reached there at the end of 15 overs.

England 98/0 (10 overs): Nice shot by Hales for four to start Arshdeep’s over but the pacer comes back well enough. England need 71 off the last 10 overs. You’d think they don’t need that many.

After a break in play, Arshdeep Singh. Hardik is on the field still. There seemed to a quick huddle and off we go again.

Hardik seems to be walking off the field. Pant seems to be needing treatment. All coming apart for India.

England 91/0 (9 overs): Nonsensical fielding by India in that over and Rohit is not happy. A scoop by Buttler, goes to fine leg, where Shami gathers the ball and for some reason throws it to Bhuvi coming in from third man and the ball goes over his head. The batters run four. Still a 7-run over only but sums up India’s night.

England 84/0 (8 overs): Non stop attacking at the moment. Hales with a six off Ashwin, swept fine. And then a six off Axar, over midwicket.

Time for Ashwin.

England 63/0 (6 overs): Kohli and Pandya trying to egg the crowd on (Pandya we see, Kohli off screen as per Mbangwa)... the crowd respond and then go quiet, as Buttler hits a four for England to finish the powerplay with 63/0. India were 38/1 at this stage.

England 52/0 (5 overs): Into the attack is Shami, he goes for a six down the ground as Hales drives on the up. Golf swing that. 11 runs from that over, including a streaky four. England won’t care, they are flying.

If you are looking for some hope as an Indian supporter, then England did struggle post powerplay against Sri Lanka.

England 41/0 (4 overs): India’s powerplay total has already been crossed. Axar is welcomed to the attack with a four and 8 runs in that over.

England 33/0 (3 overs): This is eerily similar to yesterday. NZ got to a decent total, PAK did the damage in the powerplay. Super over for England, a six for Hales over cover and 12 runs off Bhuvi’s over.

England 20/0 (2 overs): There is one thing you can be certain, England won’t play it safe in the powerplay. Buttler gets another four, even though a bit streaky. Otherwise decent over from Arshdeep.

England 13/0 (1 over): Too bad there are no points for beating the batter as Buttler struggled to read a couple of deliveries in that Bhuvi over. Because otherwise he hit three fours.

Target for England 169: Bhuvi has a good record against Buttler, but none of that will matter. Can the Indian pacer strike tonight? And do so early?

Innings break: Powerplay: 38/1, Overs 7-15: 62/2, Last 5 overs: 68/3. Hardik’s sensational late surge helps India score 68 runs in the last 5 overs... and something to defend. But not quite sure if par enough to contain this England batting lineup.

End of innings, India 168/6: India scored 68 runs off the last 5 overs. Still feels like England owned the first 15 overs and that could well be enough. England’s batting lineup is deep.

India 168/6 after 20 overs: Naser Hussain said par score was 168... India have reached 168. Hardik Pandya is hit wicket off the final ball of the innings. It was four, but he has stepped on the stumps.

WICKET! 19.6: Hardik Pandya 63(33) hw Chris Jordan

India 158/5 (19.3): 1, 1, run out. What a start to the final over. Pant is gone, sacrificing the wicket with Hardik scampering through to the batter’s end. 6 off 4 from him.

Jordan to bowl the last over. Can India get to 170?

HALF CENTURY! A four for Pant over point. Hardik back on strike, and he smokes a four and then thumps a six over midwicket.... last ball is a misfield by Stokes. And Hardik Pandya has scored a half century. What a shift in gears this has been. 52 off 29 balls. After 19 overs, India 156/4

Rishabh Pant has two overs to make an impact in this World Cup.

WICKET! 17.6: Virat Kohli 50(40) ct Adil Rashid b Chris Jordan A big over, but it ends with a big wicket. Kohli is finally dismissed in a T20I at Adelaide. Wide full ball, Kohli guides it, Adil Rashid with a nice catch. India 135/4

HALF CENTURY: Virat Kohli adds a 50 off 39 balls to this list in Adelaide.

India 133/3 (17.2): “A touch of SKY and MSD in that,” says Nasser Hussain.

Partnership 52 off 36 balls: With a six over midwicket off Jordan, Hardik sends the crowd roaring. Uff an then out comes the helicopter of sorts. Two sixes.

India 121/3 (17 overs): Curran has been great for England at the death. Hardik hits a stunning six over cover to start the ove but the pacer comes back well. Just five runs in rest off the over and no strike for Kohli.

Hardik on 13 off 15 balls. Really needs a move on.

India 110/3 (16 overs): Lovely drive for four by Kohli in that Jordan over after surviving a close LBW review. A third straight 10-run over for India but still doesn’t feel like they are getting enough to get a par score.

Jordan comes in. Par is 168 here says Nasser Hussain on air. India will be delighted to get there from here, forget above par.

Overs 7 to 15: 62 runs.

India 100/3 (15 overs): Looked like LL was going to get away with another decent over despite Hardik hitting a four early. Kohli’s super drive through extra cover for four makes it a 10-run over again.

Livingstone to bowl another and if India let him get away with another cheap over, it will be a huge mistake.

India 90/3 (14 overs): Lucky four for Kohli in that Woakes over and it is a 10-run over eventually. Even 6 of those from here takes India to only 150.

India 80/3 (13 overs): Livingstone in and Hardik is also struggling for timing. Just hard swings of the bat, no contact. Either the pitch is bothering the batters (we’ll know more soon) or India have just not found their gears.

India 77/3 (12 overs): 1/20 in 4 overs for Adil Rashid and that could already be the match-winning performance, really. Hardik joins Kohli.

WICKET! 11.2: Suryakumar Yadav 14(10) ct Phil Salt b Adil Rashid India’s plan of SKY and hope won’t work today. Rashid strikes in his fourth over, what a spell from him. Not enough pace on this and SKY finds the fielder at deep point. Salt didn’t need to move. India 75/3

Rashid will bowl out. Before even Pant gets in.

India 74/2 (11 overs): “They have put four fielders on the leg side, but he still finds a fine angle,” Harsha Bhogle as SKY sends over the keeper’s head for six. And then he finishes the over with a four through off side. India needed that over, Stokes concedes 12.

India 60/2 (10 overs): India have their two best batters in the middle and they need something huge from them again. The back-half of innings have been their strength but a wicket here and England will be completely on top.

Data check: If India do end up reaching the final somehow, Rohit Sharma will have one more chance to redeem what has been a poor World Cup with the bat. Otherwise, it’s been all too forgettable for him.

Captains at this World Cup

Player Inns Runs Ave SR
Mohammad Nabi (AFG) 3 17 5.66 113.33
MS Wade (AUS) 1 6 6.00 75.00
N Pooran (WI) 3 25 8.33 86.20
Shakib Al Hasan (BAN) 5 44 8.80 95.65
RW Chakabva (ZIM) 1 13 13.00 144.44
MD Shanaka (SL) 7 78 13.00 105.40
SA Edwards (NED) 8 91 15.16 87.50
Babar Azam (PAK) 6 92 15.33 87.61
CR Ervine (ZIM) 7 112 16.00 89.60
MG Erasmus (NAM) 3 52 17.33 86.66
T Bavuma (SA) 5 70 17.50 112.90
RG Sharma (INDIA) 6 116 19.33 106.42
A Balbirnie (IRE) 7 153 21.85 124.39
RD Berrington (SCOT) 3 66 22.00 117.85
CP Rizwan (UAE) 3 45 22.50 132.35
JC Buttler (ENG) 4 119 29.75 132.22
KS Williamson (NZ) 5 178 35.60 116.33
AJ Finch (AUS) 3 107 53.50 110.30

WICKET! 8.5: Rohit Sharma 27(28) ct Sam Curran b Chris Jordan The Indian captain’s innings was a rollercoaster. A couple of shots on the good side of the wow spectrum, but mostly a struggle for timing. It’s the latter here as skies one and is caught at deep midwicket. Finishes with less than run a ball. India 56/2

India 51/1 (8 overs): Rashid sneaks in a quiet over. Just 5 singles. Once more Rohit loses his shape going for a slog and lucky that the edge goes nowhere.

India 46/1 (7 overs): England go to Livingstone for a safe-ish option to bowl the 7th, Kohli not playing too safe, goes down the ground for four.

India 38/1 (6 overs): End of powerplay. Adil Rashid comes on, Rohit starts the over with a four. But the spinner comes back well. Nearly a c&b at the end of that over. Think England will be the happier side at the moment, but India do have good momentum now.

India 31/1 (5 overs): Nearly a hat-trick of fours for Rohit. He takes on Curran, hits two through midwicket. The third one is smacked towards point, Brook with a stunning dive. Would be too harsh to call that a drop. Certainly saved four.

Curran continues.

India 21/1 (4 overs): Kohil’s six in that over was the highlight but Woakes comes back well. Rohit yet to get his timing here. Struggling a bit early on 5 off 10.

SHOT: Remember Pune? This will be added to that. Some six that.

India 11/1 (3 overs): Kohli beaten on the angle and then an outside edge falls short of Moeen at slip. Yikes. He promptly gets off strike. And that will be the only run in the over. Great length and line, no room to access the short boundaries.

Here’s Sam Curran with Kohli and Rohit in the middle, both not comfortable against this angle.

India 10/1 (2 overs): Virat Kohli in the middle... home away from home, but huge early pressure.

WICKET! 1.4: KL Rahul 5(5) ct Jos Buttler b Chris Woakes And Woakes, the wicket-taker who has helped England so often, strikes early. Extra bounce from length, Rahul edges it behind. India 9/1

Chris Woakes from the other end. England resisting the urge to give Sam Curran a go early.

India 6/0 (1 over): A boundary off the first ball, as if Rahul has been reading a lot of our minds. Uppish though it was, but slashed hard over gully. Rohit gets off the mark with a single. Some movement in that Stokes over too.

1.30 pm: Ben Stokes has the new ball in hand. KL Rahul, who’s first over approach has come in for a lot of discussion, takes strike. Rohit Sharma at the non-striker’s. Ladies & gentlemen, it’s a go in Adelaide.

National anthem time.

And with Isa Guha’s introduction, with Ravi Shastri next to her on air, we are officially a go in Adelaide. Time nearing for national anthems.

1.17 pm: There will be an Adelaide Oval par score. And then India will have to account for England’s incredible batting depth (and their own issues with bowling at the death). One imagines India need an above par score here.

1.11 pm: All eyes will be on India’s batting first up and a powerplay of chess is on the cards. KL Rahul has made it a point to start slow and then try to explode while Rohit Sharma has swung at a few and got himself out early often. What will be their approach here?

Playing XI

India are unchanged which means Rishabh Pant keeps his place over DK. And as expected, England have to do without Malan and Wood. Salt and Jordan in.

India XI: KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma(c), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Rishabh Pant (wk), Axar Patel, R Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Arshdeep Singh

England XI: Jos Buttler (c/wk), Alex Hales, Philip Salt, Ben Stokes, Harry Brook, Liam Livingstone, Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, Chris Jordan

STAT ALERT: Rohit Sharma wanted to bat, Jos Buttler wanted to bowl, so the toss was immaterial ultimately. But did you know? In all the men’s T20Is played at this venue, the team winning the toss has never won the match.

TOSS: England have won the toss and Jos Buttler has opted to field first.

TOSS TIME! Ravi Shastri with the captains.

PREVIEW: World No 2 England will keep in mind the momentum, consistency and form world No 1 India are carrying in this tournament but they will also remember the 2-1 T20I series defeat they suffered at home earlier this year. To makes things tougher for them on paper, they haven’t played in Adelaide in the Super 12 and so the advantage lies with India in that sense. But there is no denying that if India want to become finalists, they will have to out-bat England, given their hitting prowess and depth.

Semifinal 2: India’s adaptability vs England’s aggression in clash of world’s top two

12.54 pm: And what had been reported widely, Mark Wood won’t be part of the semifinal. There was a stat last night on broadcast that said Wood has bowled more than 30 deliveries at 150kph this World Cup and England will miss that pace.

12.51 pm: Star Sports just aired an interview with AB de Villiers. He was happy for Kohli’s form, he reckons the winner of this match will go on to win the World Cup, he was all praise for SKY’s form, he adds he is backing India now that SA are out... and then finished the clip saying, “Team India, Ee Saala Cup Namde.”

Adelaide: What a location for this match. The venue, neutral as it, has meaning for both sides. The English have been here a lot (mostly in red-ball cricket)... but they will remember 2015. The defeat against Bangladesh at this venue in the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup was a game-changer. “Going back to that point, as you said, it was a real line in the sand, I would say, that moment in English white ball cricket, and to be now into a semifinal and going to tournaments with a level of expectation that we should perform well is a great place to be as a team,” Buttler said. For India, Adelaide has produced fond memories. For the current head coach Rahul Dravid, for former captain Virat Kohli (his record here is ridiculous) this venue is special, but also there is the 36 all out. Kohli regards this to be his home away from home, and will be hoping for another memorable day. What a setting.

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 semifinal between India and England at the Adelaide Oval.

The World No 1 in men’s T20Is vs the World No 2 for a chance to face the World No 3. India take on England in the second semifinal at the iconic Adelaide Oval with Pakistan waiting to find out who they will face at MCG. It is not often that a couple of sentences could hype a contest enough, we suspect today is one such occasion. It promises to be a cracking contest between two fantastic white-ball sides. We can’t wait for it to get started.

India squad:  Rohit Sharma (c), KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Deepak Hooda, Rishabh Pant, Dinesh Karthik, Hardik Pandya, R Ashwin, Yuzvendra Chahal, Axar Patel, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Harshal Patel, Arshdeep Singh, Mohammad Shami.

England squad: Jos Buttler (c), Moeen Ali, Harry Brook, Sam Curran, Chris Jordan, Liam Livingstone, Dawid Malan, Adil Rashid, Phil Salt, Ben Stokes, Tymal Mills, David Willey, Chris Woakes, Mark Wood, Alex Hales. 

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