Goalscorer's list

Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
Germany 3 15 Tom Grambusch Penalty corner 0-1
India 21 31 Jugraj Singh Penalty corner 1-1
India 22 5 Abhishek Field goal 2-1
Germany 23 16 Gonzalo Peillat Penalty corner 2-2
India 24 50 Selvam Karthi Field goal 3-2
India 26 13 Harmanpreet Singh Penalty corner 4-2
Germany 31 29 Malte Hellwig Field goal 4-3
India 46 50 Selvam Karthi Field goal 5-3
India 51 5 Abhishek Field goal 6-3

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That’s a hat-trick of wins for India in this Pro League mini tournament and back-to-back wins over world champions Germany.

It was the Germans who drew first blood when Tom Grambusch slammed in from a PC in the first quarter. And then it was an avalanche of goals.

Jugraj Singh drew India level off an PC before Abhishek capitalised on a German defensive mix up to bring India ahead. A minute later, Gonzalo Peillat made it 2-2 from another PC only for India to retake the lead through Selvam Karthi a minute later. Captain Harmanpreet Singh joined the action with his 11th goal of the Pro League season.

Germany came back all guns blazing in the second half taking less than a minute to make it 4-3. However, Pawan in goal and some solid defending kept the Germans away.

As the World Champions pushed ahead for the leveller, India attacked the free spaces left in the German half to hit them on the counter. Karthi bagged his brace with a neat finish before Abhishek made it 6-3 for India.

The win takes India to the top of the Pro League standings level on points with Spain, 17 points, but ahead on goal difference.

FT, IND 6-3 GER: Sukhjeet nearly adds a seventh with no keeper in goal but Grambusch puts in a good tackle to win the ball. That is the last action of the night as the hooter goes off! India beat World champions Germany for the second time in this Pro League mini tournament.

Q4, IND 6-3 GER: A good review from Hinrichs to win Germany a penalty corner with 3:09 left on the clock. Peillat’s first attempt hits Manpreet’s shin. The second one flies just past the post.

Q4, IND 6-3 GER: Penalty corner for India as Karthi is bundled over by Barry. Vishnukanth makes a mess of the injection but India still keep the ball. After a the ball is pinged for a couple of passes, Harmanpreet has enough space to take a shot. Stadler comes up with a good save to keep it 6-3.

Q4, IND 6-3 GER: What a team goal from India! Superb cross-field pass from Dilpreet to find Sukhjeet in the circle with no defenders near him. Stadler comes out to close him down. Sukhjeet calmly passes it to Abhishek who gets the ball under control and puts it into the empty net past Grambusch.

Q4, IND 5-3 GER: Selvam Karthi scores! A brace for the Tamil Nadu forward. Jarmanpreet, as always, does well to come in from the right and put in a good cross. Grambusch is on the path of the ball and he cannot bring the ball under control. That takes the pace off the ball allowing Karthi to dive and flick the ball beyond Stadler in goal.

End of Q3, IND 4-3 GER: India hang on to their lead in a quarter which was dominated by Germany. Pawan was called in to make some decent saves. Prinze, Malte, Kaufmann and Hinrichs a joy to watch.

Q3, IND 4-3 GER: It has been all Germany so far in the quarter. And they once again test Pawan. Mazkour takes down a cross onto Henrichs’s path. The German takes a touch before letting one fly. Pawan saves with his legs but the ball goes to Prinz who smashes it high into the stands. India escape.

Q3, IND 4-3 GER: Brilliant save from Jarmanpreet and Pawan! Grambusch’s drag-fick is blocked by Jarmanpreet on the post. The next attempt off Helwig is saved by Pawan.

Q3, IND 4-3 GER: The pace off the game has slowed down a bit, relatively speaking. Both teams looking to keep possession and patiently build play up.

Q3, IND 4-3 GER: PC for Germany as the ball hits Rabichandra’s foot. Peillat’s attempt is deflected off the first rusher. Kaufmann is closest to the ball but his shot is saved well by Pawan.

Q3, IND 4-3 GER: Germany score! Scratch out that last update. Brilliant flowing move from Germany down the left. Kaufmann sprints with the ball and feeds it to Miltkau who controls and feeds it to the onrushing Malte Hellwig to dive and get the crucial touch to put the ball across Pawan into the side of the goal.

Q3, IND 4-2 GER: And we are back with the second half. For the sake of my fingers, here’s to hoping both defences stay solid.

HT, IND 4-2 GER: And that’s half time! It was a complete contrast between the first two quarters. Germany lead 1-0 in Q1 but Jugraj, Abhishek, Karthi and Harmanpreet Singh scored in five minutes with Gonzalo Peillat getting a goal for Germany between those Indian goals.

Q2, IND 4-2 GER: India score again! Harmanpreet Singh gets in on the act and slams in his drag-flick into the top corner. No way Stadler was saving that. That’s five goals in five minutes!

Q2, IND 3-2 GER: A flurry of goals in Rourkela! Everything is happening faster than I could type. First Gonzalo Peillat brings Germany level through a PC. After the restart, he goes in for a long ball with his teammate Antheus Barry and neither gets the ball. Abhishek gets a free run at goal and fires in a reverse shot to beat Stadler at the near post.

Q2, IND 2-1 GER: Two goals in a minute for India! Peillate and Barry go for a high ball together and neither get it. That allows Abhishek a free run at goal and he fires in a reverse shot past Stadler at the near post

Q2, IND 1-1 GER: Jugraj Singh levels it for India! Poor play from Grambusch to lose possession and then concedes a PC. The injection is towards Jugraj in the second battery and he fires the ball between Stadler’s legs.

Q2, IND 0-1 GER: Oh what a take from Sumit! Takes down Harmanpreet’s high ball with the softest of hands and crosses the ball towards Karthi, However, he is thrown off balance by his own teammet Gurjant and the chance goes begging.

Q2, IND 0-1 GER: Germany play from the right and Paul-Phillip Kaufmann gets the lightest of touches to send the ball towards goal. Sreejesh has come out and the ball is trapped under him as he tries to push it away. Kaufmann is hunting for the ball and looks at the umpire which gives India enough time to get away with the ball.

Q2, IND 0-1 GER: Manpreet is back on his feet while Sreejesh takes his place between the posts for Q2.

End of Q1, IND 0-1 GER: And that’s the end of the first quarter. Sukhjeet should have given India the lead with a golden opportunity. Germany converted from their only big chance.

Q1, IND 0-1 GER: Oooof! Manpreet Singh bangs his knee against Teo Hinrichs’s knee but it is the Indian who comes off worse in that collision. Walks off after a lying down for a bit. Hinrichs gets a green card for the challenge.

Q1, IND 0-1 GER: Though it’s a relatively young team, India are doing well to play their way around the Germans.

Q1, IND 0-1 GER: Vishnukanth Singh is manning the Indian midfield with Dilpreet now and wins a free-hit. The ball is played to the marauding Jarmanpreet on the right. His cross, however, is booted away by Stadler and India get a long corner. A minute later, Jarmanpreet puts in another cross but Selvam Karthi cannot get a good connection on it.

Q1, IND 0-1 GER: Tom Grambusch gives Germany the lead! Germany get on the attack and the ball comes off Harmanpreet’s foot into Justus Weigand’s path and he slams the ball in. But… the umpire had already blown the whistle for a Germany penalty corner. Grambusch threads the gap between the man on the post and Pawan to put Germany ahead.

Q1, IND 0-0 GER: How has Sukhjeet missed that! Gurjant makes just enough space with a clever feint before flashing a low cross. Sukhjeet has to just get his stick on the ball but he misses it.

Q1, IND 0-0 GER: The national anthems are sung, hands are shaken and last-minute team talks are give. And off we go!

So Hardik Singh misses out due to an illness. Will be interesting to see who steps up in his place for India. After a promising showing against Australia, Pawan starts in goal ahead of PR Sreejesh for India.

Interim coach David John ahead of the match says, “Scoring goals is an important part of the game and we are happy we are scoring. Scoring three against Germany and five against Australia, which doesn’t happen a lot. Germany are a proud hockey nation and will come out strongly tonight.”

Hello and welcome to Scroll’s live coverage of India’s match against Germany, in the 2022-’23 FIH Men’s Pro League, at the Birsa Munda Stadium in Rourkela.

Fresh off a thrilling win against Australia, India take on Germany in their third match of the Pro League mini-tournament in Rourkela. Harmanpreet Singh-led India are gunning for their third win in a row after two close victories against World Cup winners Germany and Australia in the previous matches. After having a below-par World Cup considering his standards, Harmanpreet Singh has gotten back into scoring touch after claiming a hat-trick in the win over Australia. Germany, meanwhile, come into the match after beating the Kookaburras in a tight encounter.

Here’s a look at the points table:

Here’s how the FIH Pro League table looks like ahead of INDvGER

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