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Diego Mauricio picks up the Golden Boot while Vishal Kaith takes the Golden Glove. The excellent Siva Sakthi Narayanan wins the best emerging player award. Mumbai City’s Lallianzuala Chhangte wins the Golden Ball.

The presentation ceremony begins with Kerala Blasters winning the best pitch award, Bengaluru and FC Goa winning the award for best grassroots development and Noah Sadaoui for streetballer of the league.

ATK Mohun Bagan owner Sanjiv Goenka announces that the club will drop ATK from its name…and will be known as Mohun Bagan Super Giants next season. A lot of Mohun Bagan fans haven’t supported the club after it’s merger with ATK. They had many demands including removing ATK from the name. Don’t think they will be happy.

ATK Mohun Bagan coach Juan Ferrando: I’m happy. Tired but happy. Happy for my players, staff, their family, their friends, their wives, their friends’ wives. They have worked through Christmas, New Year, Diwali, Holi. It feels fantastic

A tearful Dimi Petratos: It was a tough game, a tough opponent and they came out to play. We have been through a lot with injuries but every player has played his part.

On asked what he thinks about his performances this season, Petratos shrugs and smiles before saying, “It was good”.

ATK Mohun Bagan are the 2022-23 Indian Super League champions! Pablo Perez sends his penalty over goal and Vishal Kaith wheels away to celebrate!

Penalty shoot-out- ATKMB 4-3 BFC: Manvir Singh makes up for his miss late in the match and coolly slots it home.

Penalty shoot-out- ATKMB 3-3 BFC: Chhetri steps up. Takes one step and send Kaith the wrong way to keep his side alive.

Penalty shoot-out- ATKMB 3-2 BFC: Kiyan Nassiri puts his side ahead in the penalty shoot-out! Sandhu goes right, Kiyan goes right.

Penalty shoot-out- ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Vishal Kaith saves! What a save from the golden glove winner! Dives to his right as he did the previous two attempts and saves it!

Penalty shoot-out- ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Gurpreet with a big dive to his left while Liston calmly rolls into the bottom corner on the other side.

Penalty shoot-out- ATKMB 1-2 BFC: Krishna makes no mistake from the spot and sends Kaith the wrong way.

Penalty shoot-out- ATKMB 1-1 BFC: For the third time on the night, Petratos beats Gurpreet Singh Sandhu on the same side.

Penalty shoot-out- ATKMB 0-1 BFC: Alan Costa steps up first and fires it home.

FT, ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Fittingly for these two teams, we will need penalty shootouts to decide the winner.

119’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: GSS nearly lets in the winner for ATKMB! Petratos goes for glory from distance. More of a Hail Mary. The ball swerves just the right amount and hits Sandhu’s hands and bounces just past the upright.

115’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: ‘One more chance’, yells Grayson on the touchline as a hopeful long ball to Udanta rolls harmlessly behind.

110’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Oh dear, Manvir Singh! Has a free header off a glorious Petratos cross but heads it straight to the ground and it tamely bounces out. That should have sealed the win.

107’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Both sides make a couple of changes. Hamill, who took a knock late in the last half, comes off for Sumit Rathi. Rathi hasn’t played a single minute for ATKMB this season with his last appearance coming in 2021. Roshan is replaced by Parag Shrivas for BFC.

HT in ET, ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Fede Gallego finds Liston on the right with a cross-field pass. Liston has barely trapped the ball before the referee blows the whistle for half-time. Liston and Petratos not happy with it.

105’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: That would have been goal for all the BFC nostalgics. Udanta sprints down the right and after dancing around to beat his marker, floats in a cross towards the back post. Chhetri has headed those home many times before but cannot this time as the ball was just too high for him.

102’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Bruno has played in defence for so many matches this season that I forgot that he plays in midfield primarily. He steps up to the middle of the park with his compatriot Costa replacing him at the back.

100’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Rohit Kumar! BFC with a rare foray up front in ET. Good work from Perez to hold up the ball. He spots Rohit at the edge and rolls it to him. He goes for placement over power and curls the ball just past the post. That is his last action of the final as he comes off for Alan Costa. BFC switch to a back three again looks like.

98’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: As expected, both teams have taken their feet off the gas. BFC happy to sit back. ATKMB happy to take their time to create something with the ball.

93’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Udanta nearly heads BFC ahead! Perez wins a free-kick in a promising position. Chhetri can go for goal even though it is far away but chips it towards the back post. Udanta rises as high as his small frame can allow and heads it towards goal. Alas, it flies over the bar.

90’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Simon Grayson makes another change. Javi Hernandez comes off for Udanta Singh.

FT, ATKMB 2-2 BFC: What a final this has been! Into extra-time we go.

93’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Big, big clearance from Prabir on the goalline. Manvir dances on the byline and pulls it back for Petratos. The Australian’s first-time shot beats GSS but an off-balance Prabir punts it away. A minute later, Liston hangs in the air to win it for ATKMB but Ramires puts him off it with a well-timed challenge.

91’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Well that would have been some goal to win the title! Sunil Chhetri goes for a spectacular overhead kick but it has no power and goes well wide off goal.

86’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: Ferrando makes a change immediately bringing off Boumous for Brendan Hammil. Boumous is not happy with it but Ferrando was forced into the change to four defenders once again. Pritam switches to the left with Hamill slotting in next to Slavko Damjanovic.

85’ ATKMB 2-2 BFC: We’re level once again! Seconds after coming on, Nassiri wins a penalty after being pushed in the back by Perez. A brave call from the referee there as it looked like the foul occurred just outside the box. Petratos steps up, goes the same way and beats Sandhu with his power yet again. What a bonkers of a final.

83’ ATKMB 1-2 BFC: Ferrando makes a double change. Kiyan Nassiri and Fede Gallego replace Bose and McHugh.

78’ ATKMB 1-2 BFC: Roy Krishna scores to give Bengaluru the lead! It had to be him! Roshan’s header takes a flick off McHugh and balloons towards the backpost. Krishna is there and heads it past Kaith. Doesn’t celebrate out of respect for his former club but his team are simply joyous.

72’ ATKMB 1-1 BFC: As the clock ticks down, the errors have started to creep in. McHugh gets booked for a stamp on Javi’s calf. Then Rohit Kumar fails to trap a pass and then goes for a sliding tackle to win the ball but takes down Boumous. A minute later, Manvir tries to skip past Prabir but the later goes in with hard. Prabir lucky to be on the pitch as he had already been booked and escapes another yellow for his latest foul.

65’ ATKMB 1-1 BFC: Now Boumous comes close! Delightful dinked ball from Asish. Boumous chests it down and hits it on the volley. The ball just goes over the bar. GSS had it covered though.

60’ ATKMB 1-1 BFC: How did Petratos miss that?!! Liston Colaco wins the ball and lets fly from distance. Gurpreet dives and palms the shot away but only as far as Petratos. With Sandhu still on the ground, the Australian has the whole goal at his mercy but laces the ball well wide off the post.

55’ ATKMB 1-1 BFC: Juan Ferrando makes another change as Liston Colaco coming on for Ashique. Wonder why he didn’t make that change at HT. Meanwhile, Javi lucky to escape a booking after accidentally kicking Asish Rai in the head going for the ball.

50’ ATKMB 1-1 BFC: Bengaluru have switched to 4-2-3-1 with Krishna leading the attack. Chhetri on the right, Javi through the middle and Perez down the left.

46’ ATKMB 1-1 BFC: Oh this doesn’t look good for BFC. Jhingan looks like he rolled his ankle on an uneven patch of the pitch. Looks in pain but is staying on.

HT, ATKMB 1-1 BFC: Changes from both sides at half-time. Lalrinliana Hnamte replaces Glan Martins for ATK Mohun Bagan while Bengaluru bring on Pablo Perez for Jovanovic. Looks like BFC will switch to a back four with Perez coming on to strengthen the midfield.

HT ATKMB 1-1 BFC: Chhetri’s name is on the scoresheet for what could possibly be his final match. What a servant he has been to the club and to Indian football. Might not have the legs to run 90 minutes night after night but still boasts of nerves of steel.

ATKMB should have learnt from when Krishna closed down on Kotal but didn’t and the Fijian makes up for conceding the penalty by winning one of his own.

45+3’ ATKMB 1-1 BFC: Sunil Chhetri levels it for Bengaluru right at the break from the spot! This time Krishna is rewarded for his relentless pressing. Subhasish goes to clear but sees the ball stolen off his toes by Krishna and hits the Fijian’s knee. The referee points to the spot. Chhetri steps up and sends Kaith the wrong way to haul his side level with the last kick of the half.

45’ ATKMB 1-0 BFC: Juan Ferrando’s side are so good at defending their lead. Calm and composed while being pressed. Pressing intelligently when off it and frustrating BFC. Manvir has two cracks at goal with three minutes added on.

42’ ATKMB 1-0 BFC: Oh you’ve got to feel for BFC. Subhasish Bose has his hands all over Chhetri after being beaten to the ball. Escapes without a booking. Chhetri sports a wry smile. Javi’s free-kick is looping to the backpost and Kaith scrambles to save it. The ball is pinged back in and Jovanovic has a go at goal. Appeals for handball again! Not given. The ball struck Rai’s chest.

40’ ATKMB 1-0 BFC: To rub salt on their wounds, Roshan goes into the referee’s book for taking down Manvir. Asish Rai plays a lobbed ball for Manvir to chase. The ATKMB forward was never going to get to the ball with Jhingan comfortably booting it away. Roshan, however, is not looking at the ball and has his hands all over Manvir’s face and brings him down. The BFC players are still miffed about the penalty call. Grayson also gets himself booked for protesting.

35’ ATKMB 1-0 BFC: Shouts for a penalty from Chhetri and Co! Pritam Kotal looks to clear the ball in the box but Krishna sneaks in and gets a touch. Kotal goes ahead with his follow through and takes out the Fijian. Chhetri wants a penalty but the referee gives a goalkick. Interestingly, Krishna was not among the BFC players asking for a penalty and was actually hoping for a corner.

33’ ATKMB 1-0 BFC: Bengaluru have lost all matches this season when they have conceded first, says Masefield on the comms. Boumous lucky to escape without a booking for a high challenge on Javi. ATKMB not allowing BFC to dictate the tempo.

30’ ATKMB 1-0 BFC: Ashique goes for glory from a looooong way off. And that too from his weaker right foot. Goes into row Z in the stands. He began apologising to his teammates as soon as the ball left his foot. Makes amends for it a minute later by winning a free-kick in a promising position. Chhetri tries to spring the counter but is pulled back by McHugh. Good plan by ATKMB to prevent BFC to get on the counter.

25’ ATKMB 1-0 BFC: It’s going to be an interesting battle between Kotal and Chhetri. And we get the first glimpse of it when both chase after a long ball. Kotal just gets ahead of it and boots it out. A minute later, Chhetri wins a free-kick after being taken down by Glan Martins. Javi whips it around the wall but Vishal Kaith dives and puts it behind the goal. From the following corner, Jhingan rises the highest but his powerful header flies past the upright.

20’ ATKMB 1-0 BFC: Bruno tries to play it from the back but is closed down by Ashique. Boumous springs on the counter and tries to find Petratos in the middle. Jhingan blocks the cut-back with the rebound hitting his back-tracking teammate Suresh. Petratos and Boumous ask for another hand ball but not give. The replays suggest that it was the right call with the ball hitting Suresh’s thigh.

18’ ATKMB 1-0 BFC: The goal has changed the match with ATKMB on the up. They win a free-kick on the left which is whipped in dangerously. The ball evades everyone at the near post but GSS punches it away.

15’ ATKMB 1-0 BFC: Penalty for ATKMB and Dimitri Petratos scores! The Kolkata side win a corner, GSS punches the ball up in the air. Ashique and Krishna go for it but the latter has his arms in the air and the referee points to the spot. GSS guesses correctly but Petratos’s shot is too strong for the BFC custodian.

10’ ATKMB 0-0 BFC: It’s all Bengaluru so far! Javi goes for the spectacular at the far post but Subhasish throws himself in the way of the overhead kick to block it. The ball is recycled to the left where Roshan Singh cuts it back towards the penalty spot but ATKMB clear it. Rohit Kumar tries his luck from distance but ATKMB come away with the ball.

5’ ATKMB 0-0 BFC: Ooof. Siva doesn’t look good. Blood pouring down his nose. He has to be stretchered off with Sunil Chhetri coming on. As Siva was being taken off, Chhetri checked up on him before putting his head in his hands. Has to shrug it off before coming on to the pitch.

1’ ATKMB 0-0 BFC: It has not even been a minute but we have two players down. Siva Sakthi is sandwiched between McHugh and Ashique and goes down. Looks dazed on the floor. Dimitri Petratos and Prabir Das go for a 50-50 and the former takes a knock to his ankle.

ATKMB 0-0 BFC: The ‘Jana Gana Mana’ rings around the Fatorda stadium and we’re minutes away from kick-off.

15 minutes to kick-off: Phil Brown, on Star Sports, predicts a five-goal thriller with ATKMB winning it! That is one bold prediction with regards to the scoreline. Paul Masefield is counting on Bengaluru’s momentum to win them the title.

Team news: Former Bengaluru FC man Ashique Kuruniyan comes back into the starting lineup for ATK Mohun Bagan after coming off early in the play-off win over Odisha. Bengaluru FC name an unchanged side. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Hello and welcome to Scroll’s live coverage of the 2022-23 Indian Super League final between ATK Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC at the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in Goa.

After 24 weeks of football, it all comes down to this. Three-time ISL champions ATK Mohun Bagan take on 2018-’19 champions Bengaluru FC in what should be an intriguing clash for the title.

Both teams beat heavily-favoured rivals in their semi-final ties to make it to the title clash. ATK Mohun Bagan boast one of the tightest defences in the league having conceded only 17 times this season.

Bengaluru FC were staring at yet another season outside the playoff spots midway through the season but mounted one of the best comeback runs in Indian football history to be one step away from the ISL title.