Deandra Dottin, former West Indies allrounder, has hit out at Women’s Premier League franchise Gujarat Giants for her exclusion from the inaugural edition of the tournament.

Dottin, who was picked up at the auction for Rs 60 lakh, was left out of the squad by Adani-owned Gujarat Giants before the tournament began, with Kim Garth coming in as a replacement.

“I remain deeply disappointed by what can only, plausibly, be described as bewildering reasoning for my omission from the tournament,” Dottin, who has retired from international cricket, said in her statement. She went on to provide details of the correspondence with Giants, pointing out unreasonable and confusing deadlines regarding her medical situation.

This was the statement issued by Giants on 5 March, after controversy had already surfaced regarding Dottin’s omission.

Here’s the full text of Dottin’s statement:

I wish to issue a brief statement in light of ongoing speculation surrounding my recent exclusion from the inaugural Women’s Premier League that is currently taking place in India.

I remain deeply disappointed by what can only, plausibly, be described as bewildering reasoning for my omission from the tournament. As was widely publicised, I was bought at the WPL auction by the Gujarat Giants, a franchise owned and operated by the Adani Group. At the commencement of the tournament, the franchise claimed that I was excluded from the team because I was apparently “recovering from a medical situation”. This was followed by a subsequent, clarifying statement that contended that I was, infact “unable to obtain medical clearance” despite being granted as recently as February 20th.

I would like to make it clear that I had experienced minor abdominal pain and swelling for which I had sought treatment in December 2022. This was followed by two further referrals to specialists for second opinions in December and January 2023, respectively. Following testing and investigations by the specialists, I was asked to rest until February 13th and was cleared to resume fitness and playing activity from February 14th. Consequently, I recommenced my personal training and fitness regime according to the guided timelines and experienced some soreness on the first day of resumed training which was anticipated and reasonable, given that I had been asked to rest in the weeks preceding training. I was transparent about this in correspondence with the Gujarat Giants physiotherapist, however, this was misconstrued and later conveyed to members of the franchise’s management team as me “experiencing abdominal pain post-session” which was not what I had indicated. The franchise, subsequently, insisted that I get myself assessed locally in Canada, where I am currently based, despite medical clearance being granted as recently as February 20th by my treating surgeon, Dr Ian Lewis, a copy of which had been presented to the Giants. 

To my shock, I was then forwarded email correspondence from the Giants’ physiotherapist, that included the following demand “Deandra Dottin is strictly advised to submit her fitness report along with the recent scan by 26/02/2023. She will be deemed unfit for T20 matches in the WPL if she doesn’t comply.” This request was sent on Saturday 25th February with the deadline provided being the following day - Sunday - making it near impossible to administer all stipulated medical tests, particularly over a weekend.

On Sunday, 26th February, I received another email from a senior manager at Adani Sportsline (the sports arm of Adani Group) which stated that I was considered an integral part of the team and that I “hold a solid role to play”, however, they would require me to produce the new scan and reports by March 1st. Whilst I was trying my utmost to arrange an expedited CT scan in accordance with the various deadline-! was being served, I received yet another email the following day (Monday, 27th February), this time from the Head of Adani Sportsline, stating that they were unabl z to find me a timely appointment at a private hospital from their end and that they would, thus, formally be seeking to replace me in the League.

The Giants’ second public statement regarding my exclusion - published on March 5th - specifically stated the following: “unfortunately, we were unable to obtain a medical clearance before the defined deadline for this season, such clearances are a requirement of all players participating in the WPL”. To the best of my knowledge, other players had not been requested to partake in medical testing nor require medical clearance as a requisite to participating in the tournament. Furthermore, I am bewildered as to why, having been cleared to resume training by multiple surgeons, it was insisted upon by the franchise that I repeat medical testinv and produce medical clearance that had already been provided.

At the very least, I hope the above account of events that transpired - those which are also backed by documented correspondence - shall put to rest ongoing speculation and offer my fans, the media and stakeholders an accurate personal insight into my unfortunate exclusion from the maiden Women’s Premier League. 

— via Instagram