Replug: Harmanpreet Kaur loves fielding, she said it’s her happy place in an interview with this writer. She led arguably the best fielding side of the season, and now she gets the catch of the season award too.

Interview: Harmanpreet Kaur on her sweep shot, love for fielding, financial security and more

We can sense that fielding is very precious to you.

Yes, definitely. I feel that fielding is something I enjoy the most. On a good day, when you are doing well, then you enjoy your batting and bowling. But otherwise, there is always some pressure. Fielding is something for me without any pressure. You just have to enjoy it, be yourself, expecting every ball coming to you. Taking a brilliant catch or completing a run out can make a lot of difference.

In my early days, when I started playing cricket with my dad, I was only a fielder. I didn’t get chances to bat or bowl but still every day I was going with him, every day I wanted to play this sport, because I enjoyed cricket. Whenever I feel low even now, I am not in a zone, I always think about those things. I like to talk to my dad about times when things were so simple to me, and I enjoyed this sport so much. Fielding is something which gives me that confidence. If I am fielding well, that gives me a rhythm that I feel in batting.