That will be all for the blog. A strong start to the season for Neeraj Chopra as he sets the benchmark for 2023.

It was a very hard win, but I’m happy, It’s a really good start for me. I hope to come in the first place in the next competitions and to keep consistent during this season.

I feel really good, today was challenging for all athletes, but I’m still satisfied with my result. It was a good start and it’s a great atmosphere. Lot of people came to support me and they are really happy.

For this season I plan to stay fit and do more than I can. sometimes it’s really hard because we have have big country and people hope for me, and now more athletes of people from my country join me in the Diamond League and other competitions. I’m lucky people have faith in me, I feel really good.

This Doha meeting is great, the first one every year. Today was challenging, next time I’ll do more. This season I’ll stay fit consistent and I’ll try do my best in next competitions.

Men’s javelin throw: A Diamond League meet win early in the season is gold dust as the 8 points gives him a cushion should he need a break later on. (At each of the meetings where their event is featured, athletes are awarded 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 points for ranking 1st to 8th respectively)

Doha QAT 5th May 2023 Yes (Neeraj 1st, 8 points)
Rabat MAR 28th May 2023
Rome/Florence ITA 2nd June 2023
Paris FRA 9th June 2023
Oslo NOR 15th June 2023
Lausanne SUI 30th June 2023 Yes
Stockholm SWE 2nd July 2023
Silesia POL 16th July 2023
Monaco MON 21st July 2023 Yes
London GBR 23rd July 2023
Zurich SUI 31st August 2023 Yes
Shenzhen CHN 2nd September 2023
Brussels BEL 8th September 2023
Eugene (FINAL) USA 16th - 17th September 2023 Yes

Men’s javelin throw: The conditions weren’t easy per the commentators with the throwers going up against the wind and so 90m+ throws that we were expecting from some of the athletes didn’t happen tonight. But it is worth remembering what Neeraj had said before the event:

“Ultimately, 90m is just a distance. There are times in events where even with the world’s best javelin throwers present, you get the gold with 85m or 86m. The biggest thing for me is to handle the pressure and perform in an event no matter what the weather and conditions. I won’t be able to throw 90m all the time. The main thing is to throw well on the biggest platforms. I focus on being consistent,” Chopra said.

“I’m not saying 90m is not necessary, it is important. It is a magic number. The 90m club is special among javelin throwers and hopefully I shall also enter it this year,” he added.

— pre season PC

Men’s javelin throw: Here’s the final standings.

Men’s javelin throw:: Neeraj Chopra wins the Diamond League meet in Doha! His first throw of 88.67m is enough for the Indian to pip Jakub Vadlejch, who had a best throw of 88.63m, and World Champion Anderson Peters

Men’s javelin throw: Neeraj likes this! That confidence is there in the follow through. But no, it’s not quite there. A very solid 86.52m.

Men’s javelin throw: Neeraj Chopra, Jakub Vadlejch, Anderson Peters are the top three who will get their final attempts (in that order) to try and clinch the event.

Men’s javelin throw: Oh Vadlejch with a second 88+ for the night! He goes 88.47m but that is still not his best and Neeraj stays ahead. And of course, confirmed in the top three.

Men’s javelin throw: Unlikely that his 88.67 is surpasse given the trend, but worth noting that Neeraj must now wait for all attempts to finish to see if she is in top 3. Only the top 3 will get the 6th attempt.

Men’s javelin throw: A 84.37m for Neeraj off his 5th attempt.

Men’s javelin throw: And no one improves their best mark with their 4th attempts. Status quo.

Men’s javelin throw: A barrage of Xs in the fourth round. Has to be the conditions I imagine, no visuals yet. Would assume they are all not pleased with their marks.

Men’s javelin throw: Last three attempts to come up. Neeraj will start and it is his first invalid attempt of the day. It’s a X.

Men’s javelin throw: Three rounds done and Neeraj leads the way. He will start off as the orders change now and we bid goodbye for the night to Helander and Yego who didn’t register a legal mark.

Men’s javelin throw: 81.27 for Keshorn Walcott the London 2012 champion, as six athletes cross the 80m mark.

Men’s javelin throw: 85.47m is Neeraj’s third attempt. If the throws are happening against the wind, that would probably explain why the throws have not picked up too much.

Men’s javelin throw: 83.69 for Peters as we get going with the third attempts.

Men’s javelin throw: Jakub Vadlejch meanwhile comes up with a 88.63m, just behind Neeraj’s. Peters down to third for now.

Men’s javelin throw: Yes there we go, looks like a scoreboard error. Neeraj Chopra’s second attempt is another superb 86.04m.

Men’s javelin throw: Not sure if that is a scoring error but the website is showing Neeraj, like Peters, has thrown a 83.68 is his 2nd attempt.

Men’s javelin throw: First round of throws done. Peters will start off again, 83.68 is his 2nd attempt.

Men’s javelin throw: We get visuals of Anderson Peters, Neeraj Chopra, Jakub Vadlejch and it must be said, the Indian did not look too pleased with that. More left in the tank, he thinks perhaps?

Men’s javelin throw: Good start for Vadlejch too with a 85.51m

Men’s javelin throw: For those wondering, yes javelin has begun. They are showing track events mostly as is usually the case. They will show the best throws and the final stages later on. Live on JioCinema and Sports18.

Men’s javelin throw: Ah what did we tell you about this man being a strong starter. Neeraj Chopra’s first throw of 2023 is a World Leading 88.67m!

Men’s javelin throw: Anderson Peters starts with 85.88. Neeraj next.

Men’s javelin throw: Potential blockbuster start to the men’s javelin in store with Anderson Peters, Neeraj Chopra, Jakub Vadlejch to go 1, 2 and 3 in the order.

Men’s javelin throw: Here’s a look at the start list and throwing order

Neeraj tends to start off a season quite strongly and Doha witnessed some big throws last year: “This time I’ll end the question of throwing 90m,” Chopra said with a chuckle at a virtual press conference from Turkey a few days back. “They have been asking this question since 2018 after the Commonwealth Games. Last year, I got really close and was just six centimeters short. There’s no over-confidence, but I’m feeling good. When you’re feeling good, you can say it. The training has been good and the performance will be good. There’s no over-confidence nor over-pressure from the 90m mark. Wasn’t there before, isn’t there now.”

Neeraj Chopra had said in Zurich: “Felt really good, aaj aisa feel hua ki hum bhi global athletics ka ek hissa hain (I really felt tonight that I am a part of the global athletics fraternity too), and that I too can make fans happy seeing me perform”

Not far away now, he is out there warming up.

Men’s javelin throw: Here’s a look at the season’s best throws so far. But expect this list to be heavily changed after tonight

Season's best in men's javelin

Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
88.38 Jakub VADLEJCH CZE McArthur Stadium, Potchefstroom (RSA) 18 APR 2023
85.06 Aliaksei KATKAVETS BLR Regional Sport Complex, Brest (BLR) 28 APR 2023
84.33 D.P MANU IND Sree Kanteerava Outdoor Stadium, Bengaluru (IND) 15 APR 2023
84.27 Keyshawn STRACHAN BAH Mike A. Myers Stadium, Austin, TX (USA) 31 MAR 2023
82.49 Pavel SASIMOVICH BLR RTSOP, Minsk (BLR) 26 FEB 2023

Men’s triple jump: With only the top 8 making it through for the last three attempts, Eldhose Paul will finish 10th with a best attempt of 15.84m. Neeraj, I imagine, would be the first person to tell him to learn from this and get better.

Men’s triple jump: Here’s how things stand after three attempts.

Men’s triple jump: Eldhose Paul’s third attempt is slightly better at 14.70m. Won’t improve his first.

Men’s triple jump: Eldhose Paul’s second attempt is 13.65m, not going to improve his position. In fact he will slip down as a few more athletes register their first marks.

Men’s triple jump: Eldhose Paul in Triple Jump starts with a steady 15.84 for his first attempt. Pichardo and Hernandez setting the pace early with 17+ jumps


What is the Diamond League?

In case you need a quick refresher, Diamond League season comprises *14 meetings, with men and women competing in 16 of its primary disciplines (but not all disciplines in one meet, that varies). The athletes compete for points at 14 series meetings from May to September, with the most successful in each discipline qualifying for the Wanda Diamond League Final in Eugene (September 16th-17th).

At each of the meetings where their event is featured, athletes are awarded 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 points for ranking 1st to 8th respectively.

Eldhose Paul's PBs

Discipline Performance Wind Place Date
Triple Jump 16.99 +0.6 CH Muhammed Koya Stadium, Thenhipalam (IND) 06 APR 2022
Triple Jump 17.03 * +3.1 Alexander Stadium, Birmingham (GBR) 07 AUG 2022
*illegal wind

Men’s triple jump: Eldhose Paul, who led a 1-2 for India at CWG 2022, makes his Diamond League debut. Here’s a look at the start list.

Hello and welcome to Scroll’s coverage of the Diamond League meet in Doha.

The 2023 Diamond League season gets underway in Doha with India’s Eldhose Paul and of course, the one and only Neeraj Chopra getting their seasons underway.

Chopra became the first Indian to become a Diamond League season champion last year. He is, however, competing in the Doha Diamond League meet for the first time since 2018. On that night, Chopra broke his own national record with an 87.43m throw. Will the city see Chopra throw 90m for the first time? Mind you, last season, in Chopra’s absence there were some huge throws in this very event.

But first up, CWG 2022 gold medallist Paul will be in action in a field including reigning Olympic champion Pedro Pichardo from Portugal and reigning Diamond League winner Andy Diaz Hernandez from Cuba. Paul is the only jumper with a sub-17m jump but it would do a world of good for Paul to compete with some of the world’s best athletes.

Screenshots / photos in the blog courtesy Doha Diamond League results page / Viacom18 / Wanda Diamond League media zone.