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Full time, India 2-1 Pakistan: The big target from here of course, is the Junior Hockey World Cup. India were disappointing at the home edition last time around. Uttam Singh touched upon how the team is driven to make up for it. India had already qualified for the FIH Junior Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023, which is scheduled to be held from December 5 to 16, 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The top three teams from the Men’s Junior Asia Cup 2023 were set to qualify for the Junior World Cup, however with Malaysia receiving a direct entry as the host nation, the other three Semi-Finalists of the Men’s Junior Asia Cup had also qualified (Korea, Pakistan being the other two)

Summary: India beat nemesis Pakistan 2-1 in a thrilling Final match of the Men’s Junior Asia Cup 2023 here in Salalah, Oman. Early goals by Angad Bir Singh (13’) and Araijeet Singh Hundal (20’) ensured India remained in command of the game while some outstanding saves by goalkeeper Shashikumar Mohith Honnenahalli kept India in the lead throughout the match.

With this victory, India has created a new record of winning the maximum titles at the Men’s Junior Asia Cup. The team had previously won the title in 2004, 2008 and 2015 while Pakistan has won the tournament in 1988, 1992, 1996.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: FULL TIME. Pakistan’s valiant effort in vain. India are Junior Asia Champs again.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: Oh careless backpass and Pakistan are nearly in.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: Sharda’s PC attempt is saved, but India recycle possession. Not long left.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: Nearly a great counter involving Uttam and Angad. But it breaks down. Moments after India have a PC from a long ball. Araijeet buys India some valuable breathing space.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: We are into the final minute or so. India hanging on.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: India with a rare foray forward but it is broken down. More stoppage in play as this time Pakistan’s Arshad Liaqat needs treatment.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: stoppage in play as Uttam gets struck on the foot by the ball. India need to slow this down, they are barely on the attack now. 4 mins or so left.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: India under immense pressure here, Mohith having to work overtime. More saves, blocks... and a couple of PCs defended too.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: Massive save! Mohith HS with a big celebration there. Great diving stop.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: India rush out well... or so they think. It is given as another PC.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: Huge mistake by Amandeep Lakra this time, losing the ball under no pressure in defence and Pakistan are nearly 2v1 on goal. Soon after a PC for Pakistan. India under heavy pressure now.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: ANother long ball along the ground from Pakistan, Amandeep Lakra with a diving interception. India under defensive pressure here.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: HUGE CHANCE. It is Shahid Abdul again with a dangerous ball into the box and the Pakistan forward couldn’t finish.

Q4, India 2-1 Pakistan: Here we go then. An early chance for Boby in Q4, half the ground celebrate it but it has hit the side netting.

End of Q3, India 2-1 Pakistan: What a finish we have in store. Pakistan are right in this.

Q3, India 2-1 Pakistan: Pakistan nearly have a 2v1 situation with Mohith with a long-ball through the center beating the last Indian defender. But Mohith seemed to get his leg out in time,

Q3, India 2-1 Pakistan: Boby Singh Dhami with a superb run down the left and cuts the ball back too but it is just beyond Uttam.

Q3, India 2-1 Pakistan: GOAL PAKISTAN! And there it is. They have threatened in flashes and it results in a goal finally. Abdul Shahid with a crossfield shot-cross and Basharat Ali is on hand to deflect it in.

Q3, India 2-0 Pakistan: Remember the name Angad Bir Singh. The No 8 has been stellar today. And has had a good tournament overall.

Q3, India 2-0 Pakistan: Oh what a run by Angad Bir Singh down the left and he nearly combines again with Araijeet but the defence does the work for Pakistan. Last ditch interception.

Q3, India 2-0 Pakistan: Both goalkeepers called into action. First Raza Ali with a save and then Mohith too called into make a big dive to his right and prevent a cut back.

Q3, India 2-0 Pakistan: Oh the ball falls to semifinal hat-trick hero Boby Singh Dhami but it’s air-shot from India No 11. Had the space to make it 3-0.

Q3 underway, India 2-0 Pakistan: Uttam Singh had said before the semifinals, “We had performed well at the Sultan of Johor Cup last year and we gave a good fight to strong teams. We defeated Australia to win the Title. We have brought that experience along with us in this tournament which will help us in the upcoming matches.” That experience is certainly showing. But need a professional second half here.

Half time, India 2-0 Pakistan: Pakistan certainly not out of this yet & if not for Mohith’s WORLD CLASS save, would have pulled one back. But India deserving of their lead. 2-0 at half time. Uttam’s pace could be a big factor in the counters in 2nd half.

Uttam Singh had said before the semifinals, “We have a good atmosphere in the camp. One of our tournament goals was to qualify for the FIH Junior Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023, which we accomplished. We are one of Asia’s top teams, so it is essential that we perform well in the Junior Men’s Asia Cup as well.” 

Fair to say India are more than living up to that tag. A dominant tournament is nearing its completion.

Half time, India 2-0 Pakistan: India lead 2-0 thanks to goals from Angad Bir Singh and Araijeet Hundal Singh.Pakistan have posed a goal threat every now and then though, this is not quite over.

Q2, India 2-0 Pakistan: That is a world class save by Mohith! Pakistan tried a variation and then the shot came from the left channel but brilliant reflexes.

Q2, India 2-0 Pakistan: PC for Pakistan.

Q2, India 2-0 Pakistan: Bit of a back and forth going on at the moment, both teams guilty of turnovers.

Q2, India 2-0 Pakistan: Oh what a superb give and go between Uttam and Araijeet, but Pakistan have numbers in defence to deal with it. That was a flowing move.

Q2, India 2-0 Pakistan: India are keeping the foot on the gas here. No let up.

Q2, India 2-0 Pakistan: Another PC, but this is defended too by Pakistan who can no regroup defensively.

Q2, India 2-0 Pakistan: PC for India, nicely hit by Sharda Nand Tiwari but what a superb save that is Pakistan’s Raza Ali. Was heading into the top corner, he put his stick out in time. India soon have another PC though.

Q2, India 2-0 Pakistan: GOAL INDIA! This time the roles are reversed. Angad Bir Singh is the provider after a run down the flank, and he cuts the ball back to Hundal Araijeet Singh who finishes the move off.

Q2, India 1-0 Pakistan: Ok, sounded like Pakistan had scored there for a minute but the ball is wide of Mohith’s goal.

Q2, India 1-0 Pakistan: Definitely more attacking intent from Pakistan now. And they win another PC.

Q2, India 1-0 Pakistan: Not sure who that was in defence but a stunning long ball from India’s own defensive quarter frees up Sudeep Chirmako but his run is cut short.

End of Q1, India 1-0 Pakistan: Pakistan finish the quarter on the front foot. But India in the driver’s seat.

Q1, India 1-0 Pakistan: Ah, the second PC is rescinded by the referee after consultation with his colleague it looked like. India ball.

Q1, India 1-0 Pakistan: A couple of PCs for Pakistan now as they look to respond quickly.

Q1, India 1-0 Pakistan: GOAL INDIA! A superb aerial pass from Snuit Lakra finds Aditya unmarked in the circle and he finds Hundal Araijeet Singh. His shot is partially saved by the keeper but Angad slaps it in from the far post. India deservedly ahead.

Q1, India 0-0 Pakistan: the possession that Pakistan are having is mostly in their own half. Good pressing from India.

Q1, India 0-0 Pakistan: The tackles are flying in from Pakistan defence. This time captain Uttam Singh with a superb run down the right flank but is stopped with a tackle. Green card Pakistan.

Q1, India 0-0 Pakistan: we are 9 minutes in the opening quarter and in the last few minutes we have seen, it’s been all India possession. In case you didn’t know by the way, there is a familiar face in the Pakistan dugout. A certain Roelant Oltmans.

Q1, India 0-0 Pakistan: Right, we have managed to work something out. It is goalless and India have a few PC chances. The second in quick succession.

9.45 pm: The match is underway, but the official stream isn’t.

9.38 pm: The app doesn’t seem to be working and neither is the backend. We are still trying to figure out if the match is available to be watched.

Team news: Here’s a look at the starting XI for India.

Hello and welcome to Scroll’s live coverage of Indian hockey. Today we will be following the Men’s Junior Asia Cup final between India and Pakistan.

Riding on a hat-trick by Boby Singh Dhami, the Indian junior men’s hockey team stormed into the final of the Men’s Junior Asia Cup 2023 as they defeated Korea 9-1 in the first semifinal in Salalah, Oman on Wednesday.

In the second semifinal, Pakistan defeated Malaysia 6-2 to enter the final. India and Pakistan had earlier played out a 1-1 draw in the group stage, the only match either team hasn’t won so far.

India's road to the final

Date/Time Match Scoreline
24 May 2023 17:45 IND v TPE (Pool A) 18 - 0
25 May 2023 17:45 JPN v IND (Pool A) 1 - 3
27 May 2023 21:00 PAK v IND (Pool A) 1 - 1
28 May 2023 21:00 IND v THA (Pool A) 17 - 0
31 May 2023 18:30 IND v KOR (Semi-Final 1) 9 - 1
1 Jun 2023 20:00 IND v PAK (Final) TBD

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