That’s it from us tonight! Thank you for being with us as Neeraj Chopra created history, again.

Neeraj Chopra is World Champion: What a historic night for India! Neeraj Chopra adds the elusive World Championships gold to his Olympic, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games gold medals along with the Diamond League title.

While Chopra was charting his course to history, Parul Chaudhary broke the national record in the women’s 3000m steeplechase event and qualified for the Paris Olympics. To top the night off, the team of Muhammed Yahiya, Amoj Jacob, Muhammed Ajmal and Rajesh Ramesh finished an impressive fifth in the men’s 4x400m relay.

Men’s javelin results

Athlete Best throw Rank
Neeraj Chopra 88.17m GOLD
Arshad Nadeem 87.82m SILVER
Jakub Vadlejch 86.67m BRONZE
Julian Weber 85.79m Fourth
Kishore Jena 84.77m Fifth
DP Manu 84.14m Sixth
Oliver Helander 83.38m Seventh
Edis Matusevicius 82.29m Eighth

Men’s 4x400m relay final: A solid run from Muhammed Yahiya, Amoj Jacob, Muhammed Ajmal and Rajesh Ramesh as they clock an impressive 2:59.92 to finish fifth! A superb championships for the quartet as they go sub three minutes once again!

Men’s 4x400m relay final: The action is not done yet. The men’s 4x400m quartet will be looking to build on their heroics last night and look to get a podium.

Men’s javelin final: Neeraj Chopra is World Champion! Arshad Nadeem cannot improve with his final throw and Neeraj is the 2023 men’s javelin throw World Champion! What a time to be alive for an Indian sports fan!

Men’s javelin final: DP Manu improves with his final attempt but his 84.14m throw is good enough for sixth. Jena fouls with his final attempt and it is fifth-placed finish for the Odisha athlete.

Men’s javelin final: Woof! That’s a big one from Neeraj! Does not improve on his best throw but throws an impressive 87.73m with his fifth attempt.

Women’s 3000m steeplechase final: Parul Chaudhary breaks the National Record! The Indian clocks 9:15.31 to break Lalita Babar’s NR of 9:19.76 and finishes 11th in the final.

Men’s javelin final: The competition’s heating up now. Arshad Nadeem manages 87.15m with his fourth throw while Neeraj throws 84.64m. Jena, meanwhile, throws a PB of 84.77m with his fifth throw! Superb!

Women’s 3000m steeplechase final startlist

Women’s 3000m steeplechase final: While the javelin final countinues, there is another Indian in action now. Parul Chaudhary is in the women’s 3000m final.

Men’s javelin final: Not good technique from Manu with his fourth throw. Stops too close to the line. He falls in his follow through and his legs go over the foul line. His attempt won’t count.

Men’s javelin final: Kishore Jena is the second finalist to throw in the fourth series and he throws 80.19m. Not able to improve on his best.

Men’s javelin final: Neeraj, Manu and Kishore Jena all make it to the top 8 after three throws and get three more attempts.

Men’s javelin final: DP Manu needs a big throw to get into the top eight. And he does! A big 83.72m throw takes him fifth!

Men’s javelin final: Arshad Nadeem jumps to second with massive 87.82m! A season best throw for the Pakistani thrower and Neeraj finally has some competition!

Men’s javelin final: Neeraj with his final attempt, hurls the javelin 86.32m. The Indian is not particularly happy with it. He has the best and the second best throws of the night so far!

Men’s javelin final: Kishore Jena with a brilliant throw with his second attempt! Launches the javelin 82.82m to be fifth. Should be good enough to finish in the top 8 after three throws and get himself three more throws

Men’s javelin final: Julian Weber climbs to second with a massive 85.79m throw! Superb that

Men’s javelin final: Manu with an attempt just above 75m but he steps on the line while walking back. Don’t know if it was deliberate though.

Men’s javelin final: Vadlejch takes the lead with a good 84.18m throw. And Neeraj snatches the lead with a massive 88.17m throw! He knew it as soon as the javelin left his hand! He has laid down the gauntlet now. Time for the rest to play catchup!

Men’s javelin final: DP Manu throws 78.44m with his first attempt and Kishore Jena starts with a 75.50m throw. Neeraj the only thrower without a mark after the first attempts. Manu is sixth while Jena is eight.

Men’s javelin final: Not the best of starts for Neeraj as he throws well below 80m. He duly steps out of the line to make sure that attempt is not recorder against his name.

Men’s javelin final: Finland’s Oliver Helander gets things underway with a throw of 83.38m. Jakub Vladjech is up next and puts down a throw of 82.59. Poland’s Dawid Wegner at third manages to throw 78.19m.

Men’s javelin final: Neeraj Chopra, the reigning Olympic champion, is undoubtedly the favourite tonight. And he showed why when he qualified for the final on Friday with an 88.77m throw with his first attempt. No other athlete qualified for the final with just one throw. Chopra’s biggest challenges will be Czech Republic’s Jakub Vadlejch, Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem and Germany’s Julian Weber.

Nadeem and Chopra have had a friendly rivalry on the field although the Pakistani has never beaten the Indian. He, however, is capable to coming up with big throws when it counts like the massive 86.79m he threw on Friday to qualify second behind Neeraj and the 90.18m he threw with his fifth attempt to win the 2022 Commonwealth Games title.

Men’s javelin throw final startlist

Hello and welcome to Scroll’s coverage of the Athletics World Championships, Budapest.

It is day nine of the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary and there will be three finals featuring Indians. All eyes will, of course, be on Neeraj Chopra who will compete in the men’s javelin throw. Competing with him will also be Indian javelin throwers Kishore Jena and D P Manu. Additionally, Parul Chaudhary will feature in the women’s 3000m steeplechase while the Indian men’s 4x400m relay team will be hoping to make history in the final.

Indians in finals tonight

Men’s javelin throw: Neeraj Chopra, DP Manu, Kishore Kumar Jena at 11.45 pm IST

Women’s 3000m steeplechase: Parul Chaudhary at 12.35 am IST

Men’s 4x400m relay at 1.07 am IST