That’s it from us tonight! We will continue with coverage of the 2023-24 FIH Pro League as the Indian teams will look to end their campaign on a winning note when the men and women take on hosts Great Britain on Sunday, June 9. See you then!

While mathematically, India have no chance of winning the Pro League, they will want to ensure that they finish as high as they can with their final match remaining in the 2023-24 season.

FT IND 2-3 GER: In the end, India’s surge in momentum in the fourth quarter was rewarded with the goal from Sukhjeet to get them near enough to close the gap, but Jarmanpreet’s two chances went begging.

Fulton will be pleased with the way his team came back in the second half again despite a two-goal deficit. However, many questions left to be answered when it comes to maintaining that consistency that the Indian coach was talking about before the start of the match.

Q4 IND 2-3 GER: Oh what a chance from Jarmanpreet Singh there! With two minutes left, Pathak gets subbed out for Lalit. Germany hang back in case a stray ball gives them the chance for a counter-attack. Then Harmanpreet gets the ball into the circle and Lalit receives it. There’s a lot of chaos and Jarmanpreet is in the best position on the left hand side for the rebound, but hits the post and the hooter is blown.

Q4 IND 2-3 GER: An overtly aggressive move from Hardik gets him a green card and India are down a player. Then an inexplicable decision from the referee sees Jarmanpreet concede a penalty corner which is saved well by Pathak, but because Jarmanpreet gets a foot on the rebound, it’s taken again. This time, Pathak does well again to save it and sends it high above for the clearance.

Q4 IND 2-3 GER: Germany now pushing up ahead as Peillat tussles with Nilakanta who gets the long ball meant for him, but concedes a foul. Now the world champions are just a tad rattled by that goal from Sukhjeet and are also making sloppy mistakes.

Q4 IND 2-3 GER: GOAL FOR INDIA! The rousing speech that Craig Fulton gave between the third and fourth quarter to back themselves seems to have worked for India. A good ball in from Hardik Singh who controls the long ball sent to him and does a 1-2 with Sukhjeet who finds Shamsher in wide and open space. Shamsher sends it into the left post and a diving Sukhjeet gets the final touch on it for the goal.

End of Q3 IND 1-3 GER: A better quarter for Germany with the goal from Peillat, but India have work to do as their high pressing isn’t really working all that much and they seem to be losing the ball in the midfield, something which they were good at in the previous fixture against the same side.

Q3 IND 1-3 GER: Another penalty corner for Germany and Peillat gets it away only to be saved by the Indian first line. The rebound however falls to Muller who has space and shoots it towards goal, only to be miscued and goes over the crossbar.

Q3 IND 1-3 GER: Manpreet Singh does brilliantly in the midfield on the left to win the ball back for India and sends it in to Shamsher who tries to pirouette to get a better shot at goal and mistimes it, giving his German marker the chance to get the ball away.

Q3 IND 1-3 GER: GOAL FOR GERMANY! Wiegand wins a penalty corner which is sent wide by an Indian defender. The second penalty corner however is taken by Peillat who sends it smacking into the left corner and Sanjay, the Indian marker there can do nothing about it.

India men’s team coach Craig Fulton: Very impressed by how we fought back in the second quarter there, good on the counter and looking forward to seeing more of it.

HT IND 1-2 GER: Much better from India in that second quarter as they faced the German pressure head-on and converted a penalty corner into a goal. However, the defence have been a tad shaky and as Germany are sure to come out in the second half with renewed energy, the tiny mistakes and indecisions being made could come to bite them back.

Germany on the other hand are truly a different team compared to the one that India beat 3-0 last week.

Q2 IND 1-2 GER: Gurjant tries to get the ball into the circle and sends it into the melee only for a deflection to hit Windfeder on the shoulder. Medical officials are called to check him and play continues with Ludwig getting a brilliant ball in that he takes straight up towards goal only for him to send it wide.

Q2 IND 1-2 GER: Two consecutive penalty corners for India as Schwarzhaupt crashes into Shamsher. Jugraj takes the first one that crashes into the German defender’s knee while the second one rebounds in front of Harmanpreet who tries to send a reverse sweep pass in, but Lalit is not in the right place to receive it.

Q2 IND 1-2 GER: Good passage of play for India who get away from the German pressure and employ a counter-attack with Shamsher and Sumit up front trying to navigate the German defence.

Q2 IND 1-2 GER: GOAL FOR INDIA! A penalty corner for India and it’s Harmanpreet Singh once again who makes good on his chance from the line. Brilliant take and Danneberg didn’t have a chance.

Q2 IND 0-2 GER: Sanjay rams into a German player and gets a green card for his deliberate obstruction.

End of Q1 IND 0-2 GER: India haven’t really troubled the German defence or Danneberg all that much. Even the penalty corners they’ve been awarded have been rather underwhelming.

Q1 IND 0-2 GER: A Germany review on an India foot inside the circle which is successful and an India review on a high dangerous ball by Germany that sees them lose their review and gives Germany a penalty corner. Nothing comes of it though as Windfeder doesn’t get the goal in.

Q1 IND 0-2 GER: GOAL FOR GERMANY! A solid solo goal from Christopher Ruhr there whose injury during the Olympic qualifiers back in January was relatively worrisome. However, today’s run showcased his complete comfort after his recovery and Pathak could do nothing about that strike to the right.

Q1 IND 0-1 GER: Wow! What a save from Danneberg. The German goalkeeper barely had time to react as his defence were left standing as Araijeet Singh Hundal got a superb ball in the circle and took a brilliant shot at goal. Danneberg had just enough time to block it with his stick and send it above the crossbar.

Q1 IND 0-1 GER: GOAL FOR GERMANY! A couple of early penalty corners and Peillat manages to squeeze the ball through Krishan Pathak’s legs for the early lead. The Indian goalkeeper hangs his head in disappointment as he judged the take correctly, but reacted a tad too late.

India men’s team coach Craig Fulton: We’ve had a lot of meetings and some rest over the last five days. Looking to end the season on a high with two consecutive games. Last weekend we were good on the ball and proactive in attack and the next game [against Great Britain] we were the complete opposite. It will be a different Germany team so the World Cup and Olympic style will be played more today. We need to make sure that we maintain the consistency that we didn’t have last weekend.

And we’re back with more Pro League action as the Indian men’s team take on Germany in the final match of Saturday’s roster.

Despite the loss, the Indian women’s team will continue in the FIH Pro League for the next season. The team from the United States will drop down to the second division – the FIH Hockey Nations Cup.

Next up will be the Indian men’s team taking on Germany in the final match on Saturday at 9.45PM IST. We’ll be back for that action and more!

With one more match left, India are most likely to finish in eighth place in the standings and will continue to remain in the Pro League for an additional year.

FT IND 2-4 GER: A penalty corner won by Deepika that goes nowhere as the hooter is blown and it’s Germany who go away with the full three points.

One huge positive for India from this game was the manner in which they began – their counter-attacking ability and the tackles that they won in the midfield contributed to that rapid goal scoring that gave them the 2-0 lead.

What let them down in the end was the inability to keep up with the German pressure for that brief period in the third quarter as Huse and Kurz capitalised on that to get Germany ahead.

Q4 IND 2-4 GER: GOAL FOR GERMANY! This time it’s Bleuel who makes a good run down the left and hits it through the line past Savita. The Indian goalkeeper is then taken out to allow for 11 outfield players with less than five minutes to go.

Q4 IND 2-3 GER: It’s the Deepika and Vandana combination again, but this time Sonntag tracks Deepika’s run and saves it. The clearance is just a little too fast for Vandana who was waiting at the right-hand post for a possible tap-in.

Q4 IND 2-3 GER: GOAL FOR GERMANY! From that quick counter-attack, India concede a penalty corner and it’s a clean straight strike for Kurz who slots it past Savita on the right. Germany have the lead!

Q4 IND 2-2 GER: Salima Tete makes a brilliant run down the right and gets a free hit. Then Lalremsiami takes the free hit, but the referee sees that Wiedermann is too close to her and awards a penalty corner. However, India don’t get anything from it as Sonntag is up to the task and her clearance allows Germany to break away.

Q4 IND 2-2 GER: Udita makes a defensive mistake and concedes the ball to Germany. Then Pieper nearly makes a dangerous tackle in midfield and gives the ball away to India.

End of Q3 IND 2-2 GER: Deepika making some good runs into the circle, but is unable to time her shots properly to have an impact. The last 15 minutes left for both teams before they go into a penalty shoot-out to determine who gets the bonus point.

Q3 IND 2-2 GER: The umpire gives a penalty corner to India for a push and stick obstruction on Deepika from Davidsmeyer, but the latter protests and asks her captain to review. The video umpire agrees with Germany who are given a free hit and get to keep their review.

Q3 IND 2-2 GER: Both sets of players have been running up and down the field as both sides are pushing to get that lead in this quarter itself. India though will need to strengthen their defence, but Germany also a little shaky when India get the ball forward.

Q3 IND 2-2 GER: Oh what a chance for India there! Deepika gets the ball into the circle with some space, but doesn’t have anybody to assist her though. The momentum carries her forward and in trying to make a shot, she misses and falls.

Q3 IND 2-2 GER: Germany are now threatening like the world No 3 team they are. Stoffelsma this time who gets a brilliant one-handed shot right across goal, but it’s sent way above the crossbar and Savita can breathe a sigh of relief.

Q3 IND 2-2 GER: GOAL FOR GERMANY! And it’s Victoria Huse again! Granitzki wins a penalty corner after a tussle with an Indian defender and Huse repeats her goal from the second quarter, but it takes a good enough deflection to go past Savita and her line.

Q3 IND 2-1 GER: A worrying moment as Wiedermann gets an unintentional elbow or a hit by the ball to her head and goes down. The German player was on the ground clutching her head as the medical officials walk her off.

HT IND 2-1 GER: India are still not letting things settle for Germany as a few sticks clash in their own circle, but things end with India still in the lead as half-time is signalled.

Harendra Singh will be happy with the way the Indian women have played and will be hoping that the few mistakes in defence are ironed out in the second half.

Q2 IND 2-1 GER: A few nervy moments for India as Davidsmeyer gets a shot straight into Bichu’s face, but the Indian goalkeeper saves it with ease and then yells at her defence who fail to take it away from the Germans. But Nikki Pradhan puts in a brilliant tackle and gets it away.

Q2 IND 2-1 GER: GOAL FOR GERMANY! A penalty corner is conceded by Nikki after pressure from a quick German counter-attack and Huse slots it in with ease to pull one back for her team.

Q2 IND 2-0 GER: Germany are pressing quite high up in search of that first goal, but Nikki Pradhan is marshalling the defence quite well. Savita is happy to sit back and watch.

Q2 IND 2-0 GER: Germany are pressing quite high up in search of that first goal, but Nikki Pradhan is marshalling the defence quite well. Savita is happy to sit back and watch.

End of Q1 IND 2-0 GER: GOAL FOR INDIA! A proper lesson on how to score from a counter-attack. Deepika gets the ball away from Germany in the midfield and runs forward with Vandana for company. It’s an India 1-2 and Vandana draws Sonntag out before sending it to Deepika who taps it in with ease two seconds before the hooter goes off.

Q1 IND 1-0 GER: Germany get their first penalty corner and Kurz sends it quite wide, releasing it a tad too early.

Q1 IND 1-0 GER: GOAL FOR INDIA! What a brilliant field goal from India! The attack races forward and sends a perfect ball into Sunelita Toppo who is unmarked and sends it above Sonntag for the lead.

Q1 IND 0-0 GER: India seem to have started much better in this match than they have done in their previous two matches in London. This time, Lalremsiami gets some space to drag the ball into the circle and takes a powerful shot at goal, only for Sonntag to save it just in time.

Q1 IND 0-0 GER: A good run into the circle from Akshata and India get the first penalty corner. Neha takes it and Sonntag makes life difficult for herself as she saves with a nervous touch.

Q1 IND 0-0 GER: A quick attack forward from Germany and Savita makes a good save with her knees early on.

India women’s team coach Harendra Singh: We want to end the Pro League season with a good account and these two matches will be a testimony to how much we are improving. The other teams have the pressure of the Olympics on them and if we can continue making good technical decisions, we can aim for the win.

Hello and welcome to Scroll’s coverage of the 2023-24 FIH Pro League matches in London, England.

It’s not been the best of outings for the Indian men’s and women’s teams as they enter their final round of matches in the 2023-24 FIH Pro League.

Today, the men and women will be taking on Germany and tomorrow, on Sunday, the Indian teams will end their Pro League season with fixtures against hosts Great Britain.

While the women are yet to secure a win in the European leg, the men will want to end their Pro League season on a winning note to boost their confidence ahead of the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics.

Last weekend, the Indian men were quite dominant over Germany in a 3-0 win, but fell apart against a strong Great Britain in a 1-3 loss. The women’s team were hapless against Germany in a 1-3 loss and looked a tad stronger against Great Britain despite the 2-3 loss.

While the Indian women will need to ensure that they get off to a fiery start, the Indian men will be hoping of a repeat performance like they had against Germany last Saturday.

Indian women’s squad

Goalkeepers: Savita Punia, Bichu Devi Kharibam

Defenders: Nikki Pradhan, Udita Duhan, Ishika Chaudhary, Monika, Jyoti Chhatri, Mahima Chaudhary

Midfielders: Salima Tete (Captain), Vaishnavi Vitthal Phalke, Navneet Kaur (Vice captain), Neha Goyal, Jyoti, Baljeet Kaur, Manisha Chauhan, Lalremsiami

Forwards: Mumtaz Khan, Sangita Kumari, Deepika, Sharmila Devi, Preeti Dubey, Vandana Katariya, Sunelita Toppo, Deepika Soreng

Indian men’s squad

Goalkeepers: Sreejesh Parattu Raveendran, Krishan Bahadur Pathak

Defenders: Jarmanpreet Singh, Sumit, Jugraj Singh, Amit Rohidas, Harmanpreet Singh (captain), Sanjay, Vishnukant Singh

Midfielders: Hardik Singh (vice captain), Vivek Sagar Prasad, Manpreet Singh, Nilakanta Sharma, Shamsher Singh, Rajkumar Pal, Mohammed Raheel Mouseen

Forwards: Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, Mandeep Singh, Gurjant Singh, Sukhjeet Singh, Abhishek, Akashdeep Singh, Araijeet Singh Hundal, Boby Singh Dhami