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This marks India's smallest successful defense in T20Is and Pakistan's lowest failed chase target. One is bound to feel for Naseem who walks off being comforted by Shaheen but eventually, you need everyone to show up in a game like this. For all the talk about the New York pitch, it dished out a game that truly lived up to the hype of an India vs Pakistan encounter. Jasprit Bumrah's bowling was magical but the other bowler quicks provided excellent support as well. Pakistan almost had their first two points on the board but the wait continues.

Rohit Sharma|India captain: We didn't bat well enough. Halfway through our innings we were in good position. We didn't put enough partnership there and fell short with the bat. We spoke about how every run matters on a pitch like that. There was enough in the pitch. It was a good wicket as compared to the last game. With a bowling lineup like that, you feel confident to do the job. Halfway through the stage when they were batting, we got everyone together and said that if it can happen to us, it can happen to them. A little contribution from everyone can make huge difference. He's going from strength to strength (Bumrah). We all know what he can do. Not going to talk too much about him. Want him to be in that mindset throughout the WC. He's a genius, we all know that.

Babar Azam|Pakistan captain: We bowled well. In the batting, lost back to back wickets and had too many dot balls. Tactics was simple, to play normally. Just strike rotation and the odd boundary. But in that period we had too many dot balls. Can't expect much from tailenders. Our mind was to utilise first overs in batting. But [after being] one wicket down, we weren't up to the mark in first six [overs]. Pitch looked decent. Ball was coming on nicely. It was a little bit slow, and some balls extra bounce.

Jasprit Bumrah: It feels really good. We felt we were a little under par and the wicket got a little better after the sun came out. We were really disciplined so it feels good. Tried to hit the seam as much as I could, tried to be as clear as I could with my execution and it all came out well so I felt happy.

Jasprit Bumrah is the player of the match for his 4-0-14-3.

The Group A standings after IND v PAK

Pakistan innings summary: Phew, what a match! This T20 World Cup, New York and Pakistan have been wilding. No seriously, how did Pakistan manage to lose that? It was theirs to lose, really. They did all the work and threw it away. Mohammad Rizwan seemed like the only one capable of taking the bowling on but he too gave in with an unnecessary shot. And for the rest, there is a simple answer, Jasprit Bumrah. What a bowler.

PAK 113/7 (20 overs): INDIA WIN BY 6 RUNS! Arshdeep defends 18 runs in the final over as India take a crucial win.

8 needed off 1 ball.

12 needed off 2 balls.

18 needed off 5 balls.

PAK 102/7 (19.1 overs): WICKET! Imad Wasim departs. A solid yorker aimed at Wasim's leg-side. Imad attempts a swing, he fails to connect, and the ball passes through to Pant behind the stumps. Pressure getting to Pakistan.

18 needed off 6 balls. The India vs Pakistan hype has delivered and how.

PAK 102/6 (19 overs): WICKET! Iftikhar misses another opportunity with yet another full toss. Swinging across the line, he manages a thick leading edge sending the ball soaring high into the air. There's a tense moment as Arshdeep and Surya nearly collide in the deep, but Arshdeep maintains his composure to take the catch.

21 needed off the last 2 overs. A thriller!

PAK 99/5 (18 overs): Oh come on, T20 cricket! What a dramatic turn of events. From Pakistan dominating the larger chunk of this match, India have managed to give them the scare in the backend. No boundaries for Pakistan in the last five overs.

PAK 88/5 (16.3 overs): WICKET! Shadab Khan departs. He doesn’t help his case, does he? Pandya bowls in a short-pitched delivery that catches Shadab off guard. He attempts a pull shot, resulting in a top-edge and Pant takes an easy catch on his left. Pressure, pressure!

PAK 83/4 (15 overs): Pakistan need 37 off 30 balls and have six more batters to come. Currently, it is Shadab Khan and Imad Wasim out in the middle and Pakistan are still favourites to win it. But again, weirder things have happened in cricket.

PAK 80/4 (14.1 overs): WICKET! Mohammad Rizwan departs. Jasprit Bumrah (who else) with the breakthrough. Seems like a lapse in judgment from Rizwan, doesn't it? It's not often you see someone attempt an ordinary slog against a bowler of Bumrah's caliber. The delivery keeps slightly low, slipping beneath the bat as Rizwan swings across the line. The off and middle stumps are rattled. Two new batters in the middle.

PAK 73/3 (12.2 overs): WICKET! Fakhar Zaman departs. Fakhar steps forward, but Pandya delivers a short of length ball aimed at his chest, leaving him with no room to navigate it. It bounces off his glove and Pant who takes a sharp catch behind the stumps. Pakistan need 47 from 46 now and have 7 wickets in hand but can there be a twist in the tale?

PAK 57/2 (10.1 overs): WICKET! Usman Khan departs. There's a strong appeal for LBW from Axar Patel as the batter finds himself stuck in the crease against a slider.

PAK 57/1 (10 overs): Usman Khan once breaks the shackles against Pandya with a slap over cover and then Rizwan times a stunning inside-out shot over extra cover for four against Jadeja. Pakistan isn't currently in full control, but they appear to be managing the situation well. They have nine wickets in hand, and the required run rate is only hovering around 6.

PAK 42/1 (8 overs): Siraj and Jadeja have managed to keep the run-scoring under control. India will want some more overs like this on the trot to halt the momentum.

PAK 35/1 (6 overs): The game remains finely poised following the powerplay. However, Pakistan holds a slight advantage with just one wicket down during this phase. The pitch is playing out better for the batters too and Rizwan is settling in.

PAK 26/1 (4.4 overs): WICKET! Babar Azam departs. An exceptional catch by SKY! Without his swift dive, this catch wouldn't have been achievable. Bumrah's back-of-a-length delivery does the trick here.

PAK 15/0 (2 overs): Arshdeep and Siraj nowhere close to looking as threatening as Pakistan’s pacers did early on. Just the solitary boundary from Babar off Siraj but Pakistan seem to be moving along rather smoothly.

Pakistan’s openers Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam are out in the middle. Arshdeep Singh to open the bowling for India.

India innings summary: What a bowling performance from Pakistan! The pitch was supposed to test batters and aid bowlers but Pakistan’s pacers have capitalised on that and the overcast conditions in some style. India saw some resistance from Pant and Axar but Naseem, Amir and Haris combined to put up an all-round display to take India from 89/3 to 119 all-out. Pakistan need 120 to win.

IND 119 all out (18.6 overs): WICKET! Arshdeep Singh is run out. Babar fired a throw to the Rizwan, the keeper to effect the runout.

IND 112/9 (17.5 overs): WICKET! Jasprit Bumrah departs. He has hammered that straight into the Imad Wasim’s hands. With nine down now, Pakistan have tore into India’s batting and how. This is Haris Rauf’s third wicket and he's on a hat-trick now.

IND 112/8 (17.4 overs): WICKET! Hardik Pandya, who usually comes good against Pakistan, departs too. Haris Rauf comes back strongly! Pandya tries to flick the delivery which is short of a length but this pitch lacks pace, leading to Iftikhar to make a well-calculated catch.

IND 97/7 (15 overs): With just five overs to go, India are in massive trouble. Barring the brief partnership between Axar and Pant, Pakistan’s pacers have barely let India get away. Naseem, Haris and Amir have taken 4 wickets in the last five overs, it’s been proper dominance.

IND 96/7 (14.1 overs): WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja departs for a duck. Wow, what an over from Mohammed Amir. He’s on a hat-trick after this. India are in shambles now. Once more, the ball grips, compelling the batter to play his shot early. It's yet another soft dismissal for India as the ball travels slowly and directly into the fielder's hands.

IND 96/6 (14.1 overs): WICKET! Rishabh Pant departs. A fullish delivery right in the slot, with mid-off positioned up, and it turned out to be a trap by Pakistan which Pant walked right into. Once more, attempting a lofted shot on the rise but Pant connects poorly, hitting it off the bottom of the bat. Babar, a few yards to the left of mid-off, makes an easy catch.

IND 95/5 (13.2 overs): WICKET! Shivam Dube departs. Naseem Shah with his third. It’s a caught and bowled this time around! Dube offered his bat in defense, but this length delivery had a bit of extra bounce resulting in a simple return catch to the left of Naseem Shah. Pakistan continue to pick the wickets.

IND 89/4 (11.2 overs): WICKET! Suryakumar Yadav departs for 7. He hasn’t quite been able to make an impact against Pakistan in his outings for India so far. Haris Rauf picks up his first. A tough first over but he has come back strong in his second over. Good on Babar Azam to back him. The fuller delivery comes off the toe-end of the bat, and directly into the hands of Amir at mid-off.

IND 81/3 (10 overs): The commentators on air have been trying to gauge what Rishabh Pant has been up to for a while now! He has been trying the reverse tumble-down shot and as aesthetically displeasing it is to the eyes, it has found some effectiveness against Haris Rauf in the 10th over. Pakistan put down a tough chance to get him out in the previous over and he is capitalising on the luck he has had so far. At the halfway stage, India are crawling back in.

IND 58/3 (7.4 overs): WICKET! Axar Patel departs for 20. A loose shot from Axar here. He advances down the track and attempts a wild swing across the line, but completely misses it, leaving his stumps shattered. Naseem picks up his second and India lose their third.

IND 50/2 (6 overs): India have sneaked in three boundaries since the last update but sneaked in is the keyword. Mohammad Amir too has been unlucky in his second over. Pant was dropped off the second delivery. The counter-attack from India is on but they are living dangerously.

IND 24/2 (4 overs): Dream start from Pakistan! India have sent two left-handed batters Rishabh Pant and Axar Patel to deal with the left-armer threat. But Pakistan have managed to keep India quiet since Rohit’s wicket.

IND 19/2 (2.4 overs): WICKET! Rohit Sharma also departs. He had been looking in good touch and looked to go for the pick up shot against Afridi again but this time, it falls short and Haris Raufs takes a clean catch. India in big trouble. The pitch and overcast conditions were expected to aid the pacers but this is solid stuff from Pakistan.

IND 12/1 (1.3 overs): WICKET! Virat Kohli is gone. Naseem Shah it is! This delivery was pitched short and wide outside the off stump, not particularly a well-directed one, but it appeared to deceive Kohli slightly as he stretched out to play a shot, aiming to drive it over point. It didn't quite connect and Usman Khan takes a straightforward catch. Massive moment this considering Kohli has been India’s main man against Pakistan all this while.

India vs Pak: The broadcasters confirm that the match is set to restart at 9:30 PM IST with no overs lost.

IND 8/0 (1 over): Afridi has maintained his full-ish lengths in this over. Rohit tonked a ridiculous looking one for a 75m six into the stands. In the last delivery, Afridi thought he had the Indian captain plumb but his shout for LBW has been turned down and Babar Azam also decides against taking the review. All of this action before the rain came in again and stopped play. Sigh, this stop-start play is bound to disrupt the momentum of the players. We are in for a long night.

India vs Pak: The Indian openers – Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli – are out in the middle. Shaheen Shah Afridi to open the bowling for Pakistan. Under these overcast conditions! It’s game time.

India vs Pak, 8:44 PM IST: The players are out for the national anthems.

India vs Pak, 8:35 PM IST: Okay, maybe not. Play is set to begin at 8:50 PM IST. No overs lost.

India vs Pak, 8:30 PM IST: The covers are back on. Sigh, looks like we are in for a long night.

India vs Pak: With overcast conditions and the New York pitch’s reputation of aiding fast bowlers, Pakistan’s pacers have an advantage with the new ball. India have a huge challenge at their hands to navigate the initial overs.

India Playing XI: Rohit Sharma(c), Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant(w), Suryakumar Yadav, Shivam Dube, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj, Arshdeep Singh

Pakistan Playing XI: Mohammad Rizwan(w), Babar Azam(c), Usman Khan, Fakhar Zaman, Shadab Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Imad Wasim, Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf, Naseem Shah, Mohammad Amir

Toss: Pakistan win the toss and opt to field first.

India vs Pak, 7:54 PM IST: BCCI confirms that the toss will take place at 10:30 AM Local Time (08.00 PM IST). Play begins at 11:00 AM Local Time (08.30 PM IST).

India vs Pak, 7:30 PM IST: The broadcasters confirm that the toss has been delayed due to rain. An inspection is expected at 7:45 PM IST. It seems to be a light drizzle but let’s wait and watch.

Hello and welcome to Scroll’s coverage of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup!

An India vs Pakistan contest is bound to be high octane no matter what.

Even though Rohit Sharma’s India look confident as ever while Babar Azam’s Pakistan seem to be struggling at the moment, both teams are bound to make their presence felt in New York on Sunday.

The International Cricket Council is making sure that the New York pitch, which drew criticism for the low-scoring affairs that have played out on it so far, is able to produce a better contest in the much awaited clash between the subcontinental rivals.

India are coming off a comfortable win against Ireland but after their loss to USA, Pakistan find themselves in a dilemma. On a pitch that has been aiding fast-bowlers, they would be hoping for the pace battery to step up. Meanwhile, India will be expected to keep their focus on the fundamentals and not worry about the wicket or the occasion.


India: Rohit Sharma(c), Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant(w), Suryakumar Yadav, Shivam Dube, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel, Jasprit Bumrah, Arshdeep Singh, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal, Sanju Samson, Kuldeep Yadav, Yashasvi Jaiswal

Pakistan: Mohammad Rizwan(w), Babar Azam(c), Usman Khan, Fakhar Zaman, Shadab Khan, Azam Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf, Naseem Shah, Mohammad Amir, Imad Wasim, Abrar Ahmed, Saim Ayub, Abbas Afridi

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