As England lost the second Test match against Bangladesh on Sunday, their drooping shoulders showcased their lack of confidence. However, if they are to look for inspiration, they need not look far. They could just look at England cricketer Liam Thomas’s fielding during his side’s clash against Pakistan.

Thomas, who plays for the England Physical Disabilities team, was playing in the final of the International Cricket Council Academy Dubai Invitational Twenty20 tournament against Pakistan on October 24.

During the match, when England were fielding, Thomas made a brave attempt at stopping the ball, while fielding at the square leg boundary. Thomas, who has an artificial right leg, made a diving stop to prevent the ball from reaching the boundary. He managed to stop the ball but in the process, his artificial leg came off. Undeterred, he got up and hopped to over to collect the loose ball. He then went back and collected his artificial leg.

However, England lost the final by three wickets as Pakistan chased down England's 137 to win the final.

But, the talking point of the match was Thomas’s magnificent effort that had the entire world applauding.