Scotland’s Andy Murray is the new king of tennis as he secured the World No.1 status on Monday after defeating Novak Djokovic in the final of the ATP World Tour finals on Sunday.

The phenomenally talented Scotsman was always knocking on the doors of greatness and BBC showed a small glimpse of the newly crowned World No. 1 when he was just beginning his journey.

“Hopefully, I’ll be playing in Wimbledon in about four years and senior Wimbledon and junior Wimbledon in maybe two years. That’s probably one of my main ambitions,” said a 14-year-old Murray in an interview to BBC Scotland way back in 2001.

Touted as one of the brightest stars on the international circuit during that period, Murray had already set his sights on the Wimbledon crown. Coached by Leon Smith, Murray had the required ingredients to become the best in the world.

The interview also had Andy Murray’s mother, Judy Murray who was Scotland’s national tennis coach at that time, talking about how it seemed “likely” that Scotland would produce an international tennis champion. Fifteen years later, Andy Murray has gone beyond and delivered.