“Mark Waugh is an Aussie, he wears a Baggy hat. When he saw the bookies, he said, “I’m having that.” Shared it out with Warnie: They went and had some beers. And, when the ACB found out, they covered up for years.”

The Barmy Army (England’s loyal cricket fans) were at it again as they taunted another Australian player. This was during the late 1990s and early 2000s, a time when English cricket was clutching at straws with half-baked players and a revolving-door selection policy. The Aussies, on the other hand, were steamrolling sides for fun, and were posing some serious threat to the records of the great West Indian sides of the late 1970s and the ‘80s.

There is no shortage of volume from the Barmy Army, irrespective of how their team is performing. They targeted the elegant Mark Waugh, rubbing his nose in the infamous incident in 1994, which also involved Shane Warne. Waugh and Warne were found guilty of providing information to an Indian bookmaker during Australia’s tour of Sri Lanka. The information in question included disclosing weather conditions and team selection.

Both the players were fined for the incident by the Australian Cricket Board a year later, but it came in the public eye only in late 1998. This video, though, is about two-time World Cup-winning Australian captain’s ability to induce a chuckle sitting in the commentary box by singing the lines, in the presence of an embarrassed Mark Waugh, during the Big Bash League.