It is true that very few teams have gone on to crack the Decision Review System, which has polarised opinion. England, despite their superior experience with it, dithered with its use against India in the recently concluded Test series. India, after shunning the DRS for years, had a better success rate than their rivals.

It is proven that the DRS is not 100% accurate, but was introduced to elimimate umpiring howlers. However, teams still need to use it sensibly. On the third day of the second Test between Australia and Pakistan in Melbourne, common sense went out of the window.

Pacer Mohammad Amir got the ball to seam away from David Warner outside the off stump. It was there for the whole world to see that the Australian vice-captain withdrew from his shot as it passed him and was pouched by the keeper.

Pakistan half-appealed and the umpire gave it not out. That should have been the end of the story. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Misbah-ul-Haq took the review and the third umpire adjudged it not out in no time. Warner couldn’t help but have a chuckle. The left-hander went to hammer the Pakistan bowlers post that, slamming 144 in just 143 balls. In a strange turn of events, it was a review that brought an end to Warner’s entertaining effort.