The Sports Ministry on Wednesday decided to introduce a former sportsperson as “Government Observer” to monitor the selection of national teams after reports emerged of a CBI probe into an alleged case of nepotism in selection by office-bearers of the Badminton Association of India, PTI reported.

“Government is introducing a modified system of Government Observer with an enlarged role, which will include close monitoring of talent identification process and selection of the national team,” Ministry said in a release.

“Under this expanded role, the Government will appoint the most reputed sportspersons who have retired from active sports, to function as National Observer for identified high priority and priority sports.”

Reports on Tuesday claimed that the CBI had registered a preliminary enquiry to look into allegations of fraud and nepotism by office bearers of BAI, including president Akhilesh Das Gupta, and the Delhi Capital Badminton Association. They are accused of sending their wards and close relatives to Tokyo in 2014 as part of a Youth Sports Exchange Programme in direct violation of selection criteria.