The Marylebone Cricket Club is said to have insured the Lord’s Test should the Queen die during a match at the iconic stadium, The Guardian reported.

In an eventuality that England’s Queen Elizabeth II passes away, a number of major sporting institutions will roll out prepared statements and programmes. The MCC meanwhile has even insured the game at the famed cricket stadium against cancellation, should the Queen die in the middle of it.

It is expected that the game will be called off if the revered head of state passes away while it is in progress. For such an eventuality, the MCC has gone ahead and insured the game safeguarding against any financial loss.

In 1952, following the death of George VI, rugby and hockey fixtures were called off, while football matches went ahead. The same practices are likely to be followed this time around as well, albeit there are plans to open football stadiums for memorial services if necessary. All games, including golf, will be banned in the Royal Parks, the report added.

The report also cited a “secret” government programme, “Operation London Bridge”, which enlists a list of protocols to be followed following the Queens death. According to the plan, the Prime Minister will be woken up and civil servants will say “London Bridge is down” on secure lines. The message will then be relayed to 15 governments outside the United Kingdom where the Queen is the head of state. The message will also be sent to 36 other nations of the Commonwealth.