The FIFA Inspection Committee appeared reasonably satisfied with the preparedness of the Indira Gandhi Stadium in Guwahati as 21 members from FIFA and the local governing body visited the stadium located in Sarusajai on Sunday.

FIFA Head of Events Jamie Yarza seemed satisfied with the venue, “The State Government is wonderful and their eagerness to be a great venue for the first FIFA tournament in the country is worth lauding. We know how passionate the supporters are in this part of the country and hence, we’re very happy to see the developments and preparations here in Guwahati. We want to give the fans all over north-east India, just like at other venues, a great World Cup.”

Guwahati became only the second venue after Navi Mumbai to be praised after Yarza after the Inspection Committee laid out its concerns over the first three venues it had inspected, Delhi, Goa and Kochi.

A minor issue pointed out was the construction of a new hotel for teams, but the committee noted that the venue was “well on schedule for the tournament.“ Kolkata is the last venue to be inspected tomorrow.