India booked their place in the semi-finals of the ICC Champions Trophy with a convincing eight-wicket win over South Africa on Sunday. They outplayed the Proteas in nearly every department.

After winning the toss and choosing to bowl first, both pacers and spin attack, led by comeback man R Ashwin, were on top form. They did well to put the pressure on the South Africa batsmen, especially with their fielding which was top-notch. They choked the opposition for runs and forced them to make errors that led to as many as three run-outs that prompted their batting collapse.

The batsmen matched the bowlers in their performance as Shikhar Dhawan once again brought out his A-game, scoring 78. This was the Delhi batsman’s third half-century of the tournament. He shared a vital 128-run partnership with Virat Kohli, who himself produced a fine performance to remain unbeaten on 76.

The display augurs well for team as they head into the knock-outs, where they will either face Bangladesh or England.

India will either face Bangladesh or England in the semi-finals. Photo: AFP

India win by 8 wickets. They become the first team from their group to have booked their place in the semi-finals. It’s Yuvraj who finishes the game off with a six. India romp home with 12 overs to spare.
India 193/2 (38 overs). Virat Kohli 76*, Yuvraj Singh 23*.

Just another 9 runs required for India to seal a place in the semi-finals.
After 37 overs, India 182/2. Virat Kohli 75*, Yuvraj Singh 14*.

There is only one team that can win from here. South Africa’s have been totally outplayed here, in all departments. Just another 16 runs needed for India.
After 36 overs, India 176/2. Virat Kohli 70*, Yuvraj Singh 12*.

India moving along well here. Yuvraj looks at ease. South Africa will be ruing those run-outs. 30-40 more runs and it would have been a very interesting game.
After 35 overs, India 173/2. Virat Kohli 69*, Yuvraj Singh 10*.

India well on their way. There is no need for any risks with the win all but just a formality. They need another 26 runs from 16 overs.
After 34 overs, India 166/2. Virat Kohli 64*, Yuvraj Singh 8*.

Virat Kohli had come into bat with India on 23/1. His stand with Dhawan proved vital. Photo: AFP

Yuvraj gets into the action. He smashes his first boundary of the game. India now need just 30 more runs from 102 balls.
After 33 overs, India 162/2. Virat Kohli 62*, Yuvraj Singh 6*.

Dhawan’s exit has come too late in the day for South Africa. India now need just 36 more runs from 18 overs.
After 32 overs, India 156/2. Virat Kohli 61*, Yuvraj Singh 1*.

Dhawan falls for a well-made 78 from 83 balls. He tries to smash Tahir for another big one and holes out to du Plessis at long off.
After 31 overs, India 154/2. Virat Kohli 59*, Yuvraj Singh 1*.

India now need another 41 runs from the remaining 20 overs.
After 30 overs, India 151/1. Shikhar Dhawan 78*, Virat Kohli 57*.

It’s looking all too easy in the middle at the moment. Dhawan, Kohli have batted South Africa out of the game.
After 29 overs, India 147/1. Shikhar Dhawan 77*, Virat Kohli 55*.

Fifty for Virat Kohli. His second of the tournament. He was dismissed for zero in his previous game against Sri Lanka, but has comeback strongly. He has now added 119 runs with Dhawan, who is batting terrifically at the other end.
After 28 overs, India 141/1. Shikhar Dhawan 75*, Virat Kohli 51*.

Virat Kohli is batting effortlessly against South Africa. Photo: AFP

Dhawan is batting flawlessly. India are well on their way. His form in ICC events has been quite remarkable. By the looks of it India look certain to play in the semi-finals. They will want the Delhi batsman to come good once again.
After 27 overs, India 131/1. Shikhar Dhawan 66*, Virat Kohli 49*.

100-run partnership comes up for Dhawan and Kohli. The duo have put India on track after the team lost Rohit on 23.
After 26 overs, India 125/1. Shikhar Dhawan 61*, Virat Kohli 48*.

South Africa seem be resigned to the fact that it’s game over. They seem to be going through the motions. Dhawan, Kohli making it look easy now.
After 25 overs, India 118/1. Shikhar Dhawan 55*, Virat Kohli 47*.

Fifty for Dhawan. His third of this tournament and 19th overall. Lobs the ball over the mid-on fielder to reach the landmark. He has been in surreal form in this edition of the Champions Trophy.
After 24 overs, India 115/1. Shikhar Dhawan 54*, Virat Kohli 47*.

Shikhar Dhawan's rich vein of form continues. Photo: AFP

Virat Kohli gets into his groove. Two boundaries in that Morkel over. He’s timing them well now and into the gaps.
After 23 overs, India 110/1. Shikhar Dhawan 49*, Virat Kohli 47*.

South Africa need a breakthrough here. India are cruising now.
After 22 overs, India 101/1. Shikhar Dhawan 49*, Virat Kohli 39*.

Virat Kohli slices the ball through cover for a boundary. It’s hit in the air, luckily for him it goes through the gap. He follows it up with another four. This time opens the face of the bat and hits it between slip and gully. India need another 92 runs from 29 overs.
After 21 overs, India 100/1. Shikhar Dhawan 48*, Virat Kohli 38*.

Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli have scored over 75 runs in their partnership for the second wicket. Photo: AFP

Dhawan smashes his seventh boundary of the innings. He is now three runs short of another half-century in an ICC event.
After 20 overs, India 90/1. Shikhar Dhawan 47*, Virat Kohli 29*.

Dhawan smashes back to back boundaries to break the pressure that was building. India are going about this chase with a measured approach. The lack of wickets since Rohit’s dismissal has augured well for them.
After 19 overs, India 85/1. Shikhar Dhawan 43*, Virat Kohli 28*.

Just one run off this over. Dhawan had a close shave as he tried to pull one for a boundary off Phehlukwayo. He mistimed the ball that landed just short of Morkel and mid-on.
After 18 overs, India 76/1. Shikhar Dhawan 35*, Virat Kohli 27*.

There is an appeal for a stumping. Dhawan was beaten by a wrong one in Imran Tahir’s first over. The keeper quickly dislodges the bails. The third umpire is asked to judge. Replays showed Dhawan his foot in the crease.
After 17 overs, India 75/1. Shikhar Dhawan 35*, Virat Kohli 26*.

Kohli is put down by Amla in the slips. It was a difficult chance. Kohli looked to hit the ball through the covers. He could only manage an edge. The ball went and fast towards Amla who stretched his hand out to reach it, but could not pluck it.
After 16 overs, India 70/1. Shikhar Dhawan 31*, Virat Kohli 25*.

India need Virat Kohli to stay at the crease as they look to chase SA's target of 191.

Kohli, Dhawan consolidating India’s position well here. They need keep going, if India are to be spared some tensed moments in this chase.
After 15 overs, India 65/1. Shikhar Dhawan 30*, Virat Kohli 21*.

Kohli finally breaks the shackles. Smashes a six off the first of Phehlukwayo’s second over. Walks down the track and smashes it down the ground.
After 14 overs, India 58/1. Shikhar Dhawan 29*, Virat Kohli 16*.

Virat KOhli was dismissed for 0 in the previous game against Sri Lanka. Photo: AFP

Fifty comes up for India. Kohli has a close reprieve. His shot towards long leg off Morris falls just short Morkel, who is stationed there.
After 13 overs, India 50/1. Shikhar Dhawan 28*, Virat Kohli 9*.

Andile Phehlukwayo comes in as first change. He is fended off well by Kohli and Dhawan. Kohli has settled down for now, but has not scored many. But, he and Dhawan have done well to deny South Africa any more wickets after Rohit’s exit.
After 12 overs, India 41/1. Shikhar Dhawan 28*, Virat Kohli 6*.

South Africa are taking the attack to India. Rabada is handed the ball to bowl his fifth over in his first spell. India score just 4 runs off it.
After 11 overs, India 41/1. Shikhar Dhawan 25*, Virat Kohli 3*.

Two back-to-back boundaries for Dhawan off Morkel. He capitalises on a tired Morkel, who bowls his fifth over on the trot.
After 10 overs, India 37/1. Shikhar Dhawan 22*, Virat Kohli 2*.

Shikhar Dhawan had scored a century in India's previous game against Sri Lanka. Photo: AFP

South Africa dictating terms. Dhawan, Kohli, understandably preferring to play any risky shots.
After 9 overs, India 26/1. Shikhar Dhawan 12*, Virat Kohli 2*.

Another maiden for India. Shikhar can’t find a way to keep the strike rotating. Morkel has his tail up.
After 8 overs, India 24/1. Shikhar Dhawan 11*, Virat Kohli 1*.

Virat Kohli has a weight on his shoulders. Plays out a maiden against Rabada. It is a must-win game. They would do well to avoid anymore hurdles.
After 7 overs, India 24/1. Shikhar Dhawan 11*, Virat Kohli 1*.

If any one is wondering why Rohit did what he did. May be this could be one of the reasons.

India lose their first wicket. Rohit Sharma departs on 12. He tries to go for a needless heave for a six off Morkel. All he could manage is a light edge to the keeper.
After 6 overs, India India 24/1. Shikhar Dhawan 11*, Virat Kohli 1*.

Rohit was in fine form leading up to the game today. Unfortunately, he could not replicate his recent successes.

India now getting a boundary in nearly every over. Dhawan smashes another four over the long leg.
After 5 overs, India 23/0. Rohit Sharma 12*, Shikhar Dhawan 11*.

Dhawan joins in the fun. He smashes the second six for India. It’s just a flick, but sails comfortably over the fence.
After 4 overs, India 18/0. Rohit Sharma 11*, Shikhar Dhawan 7*.

Rabada bowls a fine bouncer. Rohit replies with a boundary and six off the next two deliveries.
After 3 overs, India 12/0. Rohit Sharma 11*, Shikhar Dhawan 1*.

A sedate start by India. Both Rohit and Shikhar are adopting a measured approach. Focus is on blocking rather than scoring.
After 2 overs, India 2/0. Rohit Sharma 1*, Shikhar Dhawan 1*.

Kagiso Rabada begins with a tight first over. Rohit fends off well.
After 1 over, India 0/0. Rohit Sharma 0*, Shikhar Dhawan 0*.

South Africa have ran themselves out for 191 in 44.3 overs and Twitter had a field day.

Terrible batting by South Africa. The slow start added pressure on the rest of the line-up. By the time Ashwin was handed his first over of the game, South Africa were desperate for runs. The moment in the match played right into the hands of the Indians. The run-outs were a sign of the pressure built on by India. Skipper Kohli was also on top of things. He was proactive and kept shuffling his bowlers around, keeping South Africa guessing all the time. The electric fielding was the just the cherry on a great day for India of the field.

The team management chose not to bring Ashwin in place of a batsman, they have six batsmen at their disposal and will be confident of chasing down this target.

South Africa are all-out for 191. They lose their final wicket with another run-out. Their third of the game. Tahir is the last man to go after a mix-up with Duminy.

South Africa lost three wickets through run-outs on Sunday.

Tahir blocks everything from Bumrah. Keeps South Africa alive. Duminy to take the strike for the next over.
After 44 overs, South Africa 190/9. JP Duminy 19*, Imran Tahir 1*.

Ninth wicket down now! Bhuvneshwar Kumar is on a hat-trick. Morne Morkel goes without scoring. Morkel edges and is caught by Kohli in the slips.
South Africa lose their eighth. Rabada is caught behind off Bhuvneshwar, who was brought back into the attack this over.
Wonderful over by Bhuvneshwar. Every decision Kohli has made today has worked wonders for India.
After 43 overs, South Africa 189/9. JP Duminy 19*, Imran Tahir 1*.

Skipper Kohli is shuffling his bowlers around. Ashwin, Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar, Pandya have all bowled in the last five overs.
After 42 overs, South Africa 184/7. JP Duminy 19*, Rabada 5*.

South Africa lose their seventh. Phehlukwayo is LBW for 4 off Bumrah’s superb yorker. The umpire first gave it not out. Kohli asked for a review, where the ball-tracker confirmed the ball would have hit the stumps.
After 41 overs, South Africa 182/7. JP Duminy 18*, Rabada 4*.

Phehlukwayo was unlucky as Kohli correctly asked for a review.

South Africa’s run-rate has not gone beyond 5 in the game so far.
After 40 overs, South Africa 178/6. JP Duminy 18*, Andile Phehlukwayo 4*.

Ashwin is brought back into the attack. India going for the kill here. South Africa survive for now.
After 39 overs, South Africa 175/6. JP Duminy 17*, Andile Phehlukwayo 2*.

Indian fans having ball in the stands. Photo: ICC via Twitter.

South Africa’s hopes rest firmly on how well Duminy plays from here. India’s bowlers are running riot and will look to wrap up the tail quickly.
After 38 overs, South Africa 169/6. JP Duminy 12*, Andile Phehlukwayo 1*.

Sixth wicket down for South Africa. Morris falls on 4. Top-edge off Bumrah is neatly gobbled up by Bhuvneshwar Kumar at square-leg. This was Bumrah’s first wicket of the 2017 Champions Trophy.
After 37 overs, South Africa 167/6. JP Duminy 11*, Andile Phehlukwayo 0*.

Jasprit Bumrah gets his maiden wicket off the ICC Champions Trophy. Photo: AFP.

South Africa desperate for a partnership. This is their last batting pair.
After 36 overs, South Africa 165/5. JP Duminy 10*, Chris Morris 4*.

There was another appeal for a run-out. It was sent upstairs. Fortunately for South Africa, Duminy was comfortably in his crease.
After 35 overs, South Africa 162/5. JP Duminy 8*, Chris Morris 3*.

Twitter as usual, is having fun, unfortunately its coming at the expense of the South Africans.

South Africa lose their fifth wicket! Du Plessis departs on 36. He chops one onto the stumps off Hardik Pandya.
After 34 overs, South Africa 159/5. JP Duminy 6*, Chris Morris 2*.

India have wrested the momentum away from South Africa. They are firmly on top.
After 33 overs, South Africa 156/4. du Plessis 36*, JP Duminy 5*.

India have their tails up. South Africa looking to consolidate.
After 32 overs, South Africa 152/4. du Plessis 35*, JP Duminy 2*.

JP Duminy was adjudged LBW. The decision was sent for a review. It was found that the batsman had edged the ball and the call was reversed. Some relief for the Proteas.
After 31 overs, South Africa 148/4. du Plessis 32*, JP Duminy 2*.

Oh dear, another run-out for South Africa. Miller and du Plessis have major mix-up with both batsmen ending up at the keeper’s end. Bumrah rightly makes the throw at the non-striker’s end. Miller has to depart on 1. South Africa in trouble here.
After 30 overs, South Africa 145/4. du Plessis 30*, JP Duminy 1*.

Second run-out for the Proteas in as many overs.

AB de Villiers is run out on 16. Big wicket for India. Falls short as he looks for a quick single. Hardik with sharp throw, Dhoni does the rest with lightning fast glove-work to dislodge the bails.
After 29 overs, South Africa 142/3. du Plessis 28*, David Millers 1*.

AB de Villiers has made a habit of getting run-out off late.

Bumrah is brought back into the attack. He leaks seven runs.
After 28 overs, South Africa 139/2. du Plessis 27*, de Villiers 15*.

Jadeja with another tight over. Just two off it. May be it’s Ashwin’s re-entry into the playing XI or something else, but this has so far been a far better performance from the all-rounder than his effort against Sri Lanka.
After 27 overs, South Africa 132/2. du Plessis 25*, de Villiers 10*.

Ravindra Jadeja dismissed de Kock soon after the South African batsman completed his half-century. Photo: AFP

Du Plessis and de Villiers have kept the ship steady after de Kock’s exit. The duo scored 12 runs off Pandya.
After 26 overs, South Africa 130/2. du Plessis 25*, de Villiers 8*.

Second wicket down for South Africa. De Kock is bowled by Jadeja on 53. The South Africa batsman looks for a slog sweep, but misses the ball completely as it crashes into his stumps.
After 25 overs, South Africa 119/2. du Plessis 20*, de Villiers 3*.

Fifty for de Kock. The opening batsman has carried on well after Amla’s exit. He batted slow and steady, but should look to flex his muscles a bit now.
After 24 overs, South Africa 116/1. De Kock 53*, Faf du Plessis 20*.

South Africa’s two batsmen are rotating the strike well. India cannot sit back and let a new partnership build on.
After 23 overs, South Africa 110/1. De Kock 49*, Faf du Plessis 18*.

100 up for the Proteas. They have upped the scoring rate since Amla’s exit. Both de Kock and du Plessis are looking to score off nearly every over.
After 22 overs, South Africa 104/1. De Kock 47*, Faf du Plessis 14*.

Du Plessis has made a good start to his innings. Has scored run-a-ball, giving good support to the set de Kock.
After 21 overs, South Africa 99/1. De Kock 44*, Faf du Plessis 13*.

De Kock continues to trudge along at his own pace. The opening batsman is well set here and would be key as South Africa look to post a challenging total.
After 20 overs, South Africa 93/1. De Kock 42*, Faf du Plessis 10*.

India were made to work hard for that first wicket. The celebrations from the fans sum up the relief.

Skipper Kohli using spinners from both ends now. Jadeja and Ashwin taking the baton from the pacers and keeping up the pressure.
After 19 overs, South Africa 84/1. De Kock 37*, Faf du Plessis 6*.

18th over: Breakthrough! And its Ashwin who gives India the break as Amla is caught behind. Dhoni takes a sharp catch. Amla departs on 35 off 54 balls. He tries to cut, but can manage only an edge.
De Kock could found himself joining Amla in the pavilion, but Dhoni had missed difficult a stumping opportunity.
After 18 overs, South Africa 77/1. De Kock 35*, Faf du Plessis 1*.

Amla falls just as he began to express himself.

According to the pundits, compared to all previous pitches, today’s wicket at the Oval is one of the driest and could make batting difficult as the day progresses. India have brought in their fifth bowler - Ravindra Jadeja - on already.
After 17 overs, South Africa 71/0. De Kock 35*, Amla 31*.

South Africa are finally flexing their muscles. India will be desperate to get a breakthrough here.
After 16 overs, South Africa 67/0. De Kock 33*, Amla 29*.

Amla scores the first six of the game. He follows it up with a boundary. Boy, did he need that. The opening batsman has now occupied the crease for 46 delivers and not scored many.
After 15 overs, South Africa 62/0. De Kock 30*, Amla 27*.

Photo: AFP

South Africa have done well to safeguard the wickets, but the openers are getting the runs in as well.
After 14 overs, South Africa 52/0. De Kock 30*, Amla 17*.

South Africa have reached the 50-run mark.
Amla calls for a risky run, Kohli makes a quick throw after running in from mid-off. It misses narrowly with the batsman short of the crease.
After 13 overs, South Africa 50/0. De Kock 29*, Amla 16*.

South Africa score their first boundary in six overs. Relieve a little bit of pressure. It’s de kock who spoiled a fine over by Ashwin by finding the gap off the last delivery.
After 12 overs, South Africa 48/0, de Kock 28*, Amla 15*.

India’s pacers continue to bowl a tight line. Something’s got to give here. South Africa ambling on at a run-rate of 3.72.
After 11 overs, South Africa 41/0. De Kock 23*, Amla 13*.

10th over: R Ashwin is brought into the attack. Bowls a tight over giving away just two runs.
After 10 overs, South Africa 35/0. De Kock 20*, Amla 11*.

This Ashwin's first game of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.

Runs have dried up for the South Africa in the past few overs. The openers are happy to sit back.
After 9 overs, South Africa 33/0. De Kock 19*, Amla 11*.

India can’t afford to allow South Africa mount a big total. Their track-record while chasing against the Proteas does not read well.

Subdued start for SA. They are not looking to attack the Indian bowlers, preferring instead to sit back and focus on the ones and twos.
After 8 overs, South Africa 30/0. De Kock 17*, Amla 10*.

India’s pacers have not allowed the South Africa openers to run a muck. But, they can’t risk them settling down either.
After 7 overs, South Africa 29/0. De Kock 17*, Amla 10*

India’s Davis Cup captain Mahesh Bhupathi is at the Oval. The tennis puns are not far behind, it appears.

South Africa’s openers have made a steady start. De Kock (16*) and Amla (8*), getting into the groove. India need a breakthrough.
After 6 overs, South Africa 26/0.

After 4 overs, South Africa 16/0.

Amla has been a man in form. He has scored 271 runs in his last five ODIs, including a century in the opening game of the Champions Trophy.

3rd over: India come close to sending opener Hashim Amla back to the pavilion. There was a chance of a run-out, but Kohli, who came running in from mid-off, failed to make a clean throw towards the stumps. Amla was well short of the mark.

The fortunes of both teams could depend a lot on how their skippers perform today. The Royal Challengers Bangalore team-mates had a good laugh ahead of the toss. It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic works between them on the field.

Sedate start to the game. Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a tight opening over.
South Africa 3/0 after 1 over.

It is partly cloudy in London, but there is no rain forecast today. A result is imperative as both sides vie for a place in the semi-finals.

ODI record
Played: 76
India won: 28
South Africa won: 45

Former India coach Ravi Shastri isn’t too pleased with the team management’s decision to drop Umesh Yadav to accommodate Ashwin. Speaking in the pre-game show, Shastri stated, a better option would have been to bring Ashwin in place of a batsman, rather than going into the game with “one bowler short”.

Ravi Shastri was replaced by current India coach Anil Kumble. Photo: AFP

Playing XI’s

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli (c), Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (WK), Hardik Pandya, Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, R Ashwin, Jasprit Bumrah

South Africa: Quinton de Kock (WK), Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis, AB de Villiers (c), David Miller, JP Duminy, Chris Morris, Kagiso Rabada, Andile Phehlukwayo, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.

TOSS: India have won the toss and chosen to field.

R Ashwin comes into the playing XI in place of Umesh Yadav

Ashwin was warming the bench for India's first two games in the Champions Trophy. He finally gets a chance today. Can he deliver? Photo: AFP

India are heading into the game on back of a shock seven-wicket defeat at the hands of an unfancied Sri Lanka.

Skipper Kohli has made all the positive noises ahead of today’s game. Will it work for India? Now, that’s different thing altogether.

India’s premier off spinner Ravichandran Ashwin may be back in the mix after being dropped in the first two games and South Africa batting coach Neil McKenzie feels that the tweaker would be a preferred choice against his team.

With three left-handers in Quinton de Kock, JP Duminy and David Miller in the top six, it is imperative that Ashwin who can turn the ball away, would get a look in.

The team that wins on Sunday, will qualify for the semi-finals.