Justice RM Lodha, who’s recommendations formed the basis of the Supreme Court order for reforms in the Indian Cricket Board, on Thursday expressed his displeasure at the BCCI’s resistance to its implementation.

Speaking to the New Indian Express, Justice Lodha also criticised the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators for their lackadaisical approach in performing their ‘duties’.

“I don’t understand why they have got involved in incidental matters and not shown urgency in doing the job they were supposed to perform,” he was quoted as saying.

Justice Lodha feels that the administrators’ primary duty was to get “structural changes, a new governance model in place and work on getting a Players Association functional,” instead of involving themselves in the day-to-day affairs of the board.

Asked about the involvement of former BCCI president N Srinivasan in the Board’s functioning, Lodha said: “It was for the CoA to see that all those who are not eligible to attend meetings are not allowed to do so. I don’t understand how this is happening.”

On a query regarding the lelgality of the eight-member committee formed by the Board to look into the Court order, Justice Lodha said: “This is an internal matter of the board, but how long can the board continue to stall reforms? Whatever objections or reservations they had were heard in court and only after that was the order passed. They can’t keep finding one excuse after another. Whether illegal or not, it is certainly against the spirit and soul of the court order.”

Lodha, though, stopped short of commenting on what the Supreme Court should do to set things straight. “I am sure the court is going to do whatever is appropriate,” he said.