Footballer Abinash Ruidas, who was recently picked up by Mumbai City FC during the Indian Super League draft, on Thursday, categorically stated he would not play for East Bengal on the sidelines of his ongoing contract dispute with the Kolkata giants.

“I’ve had such a good relation with East Bengal, my father is also a die-hard red-and-gold supporter but now I will never play for East Bengal,” Ruidas was quoted as saying by PTI.

Earlier, The Football Players Association of India wrote into the All India Football Federation to sort out the contract dispute on behalf of Ruidas after it emerged that he has two more years to serve with the Kolkata club.

The 21-year-old denied signing a contract with East Bengal: “I’ve made inquiries with IFA but they are not showing any contract. I never signed for 2017-18. They are also saying ‘come for settlement’ and sign the contract. If I signed the contract then why they are asking me to sign again?”

Ruidas said he is determinted to fight the battle and is not perturbed by the vitriol spewed against him on social media through troll pages. He said: “But they don’t know my side of the story, and the kind of mental turmoil I’m going through. But I’m not giving up as I’ve not made any foul play here. I know the repercussions.”

“I may get suspended and can never play again if East Bengal were proved right but I’ll not move an inch. I’m not stopping till I prove them wrong.” and added, “I just pray that I get justice and no other junior player has to go through this predicament.”