Nike’s initial pricing of the national team’s brand-new light-blue jersey at Rs 4,695 evoked a series of reactions across social media, with commentators taking to Twitter to mock the jersey makers and their price point.

Most users baulked at the amount, comparing to European football team jersey, more or less available at the same or even cheaper prices.

There were jokes and plenty of them. One of them involved the Indian Under-17 team’s striker Komal Thatal’s hair and the contrast in designs with the jersey. A hairy situation for Nike indeed!

Others chose to buy a light blue t-shirt in solidarity with the colours but not opt for the jersey, showcasing the great Indian jugaad system at play.

Others chose to speak about replicas and how local stores would be providing cheap knock-offs at a fifth of the price.

Well, atleast Jinx was happy with his jersey, gifted to him by Nike.

If you thought the price point was demoralising, there was a greater shock for those who mustered up the courage (and coughed up the dough!) to buy the colours.

Clearly, delivering the jersey was a complex process as online retailers decided to slap a 750 rupees tag on shipping charges for funsies.

There were those who were being sarcastically hopeful.

Others decided to appeal to the highest authority of sport, hoping that the minister would shoot, err...tackle this problem.

Some souls suggested that the jerseys were not meant to be sold. With this pricing, it’s hard to disagree.

Even Nike’s tagline wasn’t spared. Buy the jersey for the price of a limb (cue kidney jokes too)? Just Don’t Do It.