The finance committee of the BCCI on Thursday decided to keep all the decisions including a financial windfall for women cricketers on hold, seeking clarity about their role from the Committee of Administrators (COA), PTI reported.

In fact, chairman of finance committee Jyotiraditya Scindia left midway through the meeting since scope and role of the finance committee was not at all well-defined.

“Since CEO Rahul Johri and CFO Santosh Rangnekar were present, the Committee members including the chairman had a question for them,” a senior BCCI official was quoted as saying.

Rubber stamp body?

“Since the CEO is the representative of COA in this meeting, he was asked whether this committee can take decisions independently or is a rubber-stamp body.”

The official further added: “The questions asked by the Committee were valid. Suppose we take a policy decision and the COA shoots it down.

“We need to know our scope and role. Unless that is clarified, we can’t take any decisions as it involves financial transactions.”

The COA is expected to clarify finance committee’s role and scope during their September 16 meeting in the capital.

However, it has been learnt that India’s elite women cricketers will make significant financial gains both in terms of hiked match fees as well increase in graded payment through central contracts.

The Ranji cricketers are also set to get a pay hike from current Rs 40,000 per game apart from the share of revenues.