08:30 pm: That’s a wrap from us then. We won’t have a winner in the T20I series after all, Shame, really after that one-sided ODI series. But the players safety is paramount and the outfield was in no condition for any play to be possible. So that’s the end of Australia’s tour of India. Arriving next are their Trans-Tasman rivals – the New Zealand ODI series begins in Mumbai on October 22nd, join us then.

08:20 pm: Bad news, folks. It’s over. The match has been called off. The series has ended 1-1. The groundsmen worked tirelessly but when a high ball just hits the outfield and gets stuck half way through, you know it’s unplayable. That really happened:

08:00 pm: The next inspection should be done by now but there’s no official word yet. More waiting and finding ways to keep ourselves occupied. Speaking of which, looks like the Indian cricketers had some ‘left-hand’ practice:

Image: @BCCI
Image: @BCCI
Image: @BCCI

07:35 pm: Some more light reading for you. Today, the ICC made some pretty big announcements regarding the future of ODI and Test cricket.

07:20 pm: Update from Hyderabad, another inspection in about 25 minutes from now.

07:16 pm: The umpires and referee Richie Richardson are in serious discussion with the captains. We would venture to say it’s not looking good folks. But fingers crossed there’s some action still possible.

07:15 pm: As we wait for some clarity on when the match will start, let’s show some love for Nehra Ji, shall we?

07:10 pm: Umpires are taking a look at the outfield and word is that a start is not likely anytime soon, if at all possible. But hey, we’ll keep feeding you updates. And keep you entertained. Hopefully.

Inspection by the umpires underway

07:00 pm: Murali Karthik is out on the field as the groundsmen work on the wet patches. From what he is saying the players would be under risk if there is any action tonight – the outfield is soft, soggy and looks not ready for cricket after all the rainfall in Hyderabad over the past few days.

06:35 pm: Early update from Hyderabad is that the toss and the start of the match will be delayed due to heavy rain in the past few days. It’s clear now and the groudsmen are working to get the outfield ready – something the umpire’s were not happy with earlier.

Update from earlier.

Speaking of groundsmen getting the outfield ready, this happened in Hyderabad:

Fans... Hah!

06:30 pm: Hello all and welcome to the third and final T20I of the series between India and Australia. The venue is David Warner’s Hyderabad (Yes, that’s an IPL reference) as his side hope to end a difficult India tour on a high. A trophy tonight would help ease the pain of the drubbing Australia received in the ODIs.