Pranav Dhanawade, the teenage Mumbai cricketer, hit national headlines in January last year after he scored an unprecedented 1,009 runs in an inter-school match. The 15-year-old became the first player in any form of cricket in the world to score 1,000 runs in an innings.

However almost two years later, it turns out that the record-breaking knock is actually weighing him down and his coach would like to erase all memory of that feat. The Mumbai teen has not been able to perform up to expectations since then. And in order to get his focus and game back on track, Dhanawade has decided to return the scholarship given to him by the Mumbai Cricket Association, according to a report by mid-day. Under the scholarship, he would have got Rs 10,000 per month for five years.

“We are thankful for the scholarship that the MCA announced when he created a world record with his unbeaten 1009. Since Pranav has not performed to expectations in the last one and a half years, it is not right for us to accept the MCA scholarship. If Pranav performs well later, the MCA can think of awarding him a scholarship. As of now, I request you to discontinue it with immediate effect,” his father Prashant was quoted as saying by mid-day. He has written to the MCA requesting them to discontinue the scholarship with immediate effect.

Since his record innings, he got in at both, the Air India team and Dadar Union, but he has been asked him to look for other teams by both now. He did not make it to the final Mumbai Under-19 probables list either.

The other factor in giving up the scholarship is also to avoid negative comments from people. “A lot of people pass comments like, ‘Pranav made enough money from the 1009-run knock. So, there is no need for him to play any cricket now’. People also started spreading rumours that he has now got a house in Bandra. All this false talk hurts us,” Shaikh said.

Now, the Dhanawades want to start on a fresh slate and insist that they needed better training facilities in Kalyan, more than the money and exposure. But irrespective of the scholarship, it will be hard for the teen to completely forget the record.