Wrap-up: So, 11.5 overs on day one. 21 overs on day two. Maybe we will cross the 30-mark on day three? Not much else to add, from us we are afraid. Join us for hopefully a full day of action on Saturday.

02:40 pm: The inevitable has happened.

02:25 pm: Not looking good still.

01:50 pm: We wish we could tell you there is good news. We wish we could tell you there is an update from Kolkata. But as it is, there’s nothing to share. In the meantime, check out our data piece on three years of ISL – the fourth season starts tonight.

12:50 pm: It doesn’t look good at all for now.

12:45 pm: The drizzling has been on and off, on and off.

India 74-5 after 32.5 overs (Pujara 47, Saha 6)

And the covers are on again. India are somehow hanging on. Pujara with 47 is by far the top scorer. The next highest is 8. An early lunch has been taken.

India 61-5 after 31 overs (Pujara 40, Saha 0)

Pujara is the only man in this team who seems to be able to get some runs at the moment. He waits until the ball is right under his eyes before playing his shots. It pretty much is a ‘watch and learn’ session for the rest of the Indian batting line-up. Saha has been around for 17 balls and is still to get off the mark. And it is drizzling again.

India 50-5 after 26 overs (Pujara 29*)

WICKET! Ashwin walking back. A hit on the thumb and then in the very over, he goes for the drive and slices it straight to backward point. It is a dangerous pitch to play that shot. Again, no need to play that shot. India need to play for time, instead they seem to be in a rush to get back to the dressing room. Poor cricket by the home team.

Ashwin c Karunaratne b Shanaka 4 (29b)

India 45-4 after 25 overs (Pujara 24, Ashwin 4)

Another few quiet overs for India, there is a drizzle around but play goes on. A short one from Gamage (who has taken over from Lakmal’s end) hit Ashwin on his right thumb and the magic spray needed to come out. Still, Pujara has looked comfortable – the advantages of having played county cricket are there for all to see.

India 39-4 after 21 overs (Pujara 22, Ashwin 4)

Lakmal’s spell now reads an astounding 11-9-5-3 but he will be tiring now. How many more overs can he give to Sri Lanka? Pujara is clearly trying to play out this spell. In a sense, he is playing for time, a quality which seems lost on the rest of the batting line-up.

09.47: Rahane OUT! India 30-4. Oh boy! More worries for India outside the off-stump. After digging in and spending time at the crease, Rahane goes for an expansive drive and nicks the ball to Dickwella. Rash batting and India are in dire straits. Ashwin comes in at no 6. Shanaka, though, finishes the over with a wayward full-toss outside off stump in the final delivery of his over. Ashwin puts that away to the cover fence for a rare boundary.

Rahane c Dickwella b Shanaka 4 (21b )

09:35: Lakmal finally concedes a run as the ball took the edge of Rahane’s bat and flew to the boundary ropes. However, the Lankan pacer’s control is relentless and continues to probe the outside edge of the bat. Meanwhile, Dasun Shanaka has been given the ball. He had an ordinary start, pitching it full and straight, which Pujara gleefully drove to the long-off fence. The medium-pacer came back strongly in his second over. India are 30/3.

09:21: The skies have cleared out. For the time being atleast, it looks good for a full day’s play although we know that can change in the matter of seconds. Gamage comes steaming and Pujara leaves it. The brilliant Lakmal continues at the other end and he continues to shape the ball away from the batsman. After seeing off five deliveries, Rahane is forced to play at a full delivery on the off-stump channel and is beaten. That’s seven maiden overs in a row for Lakmal.

08:45 am: Hello and welcome to the live blog of day two in the first Test between India and Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. We had just 11.5 overs of action on Thursday, but boy, was it exciting! For Test cricket fans, there is nothing quite like a fast bowler taking the attack to the top order on a green pitch on the first day of the match, and that’s exactly what Suranga Lakmal did. Dream figures of 6-6-0-3. That’s right, 3 wickets for ZERO runs.

All eyes on the weather today, of course.

Meanwhile, read more about day one here: