India win the match. They beat Germany 2-1 in an intense encounter. But what a game by the Germans tonight. They were physically exhausted but boy did they show character. Just 11 players on the pitch including two goalkeepers. They should be proud. India were made to work for this win.

After 14 minutes in Q4 India 2 Germany 1: India need to keep the ball to themselves here.

After 12 minutes in Q4 India 2 Germany 1: SK Uthappa seems to be cramping here. He walks out of the match. We hope he is fine.

After 11 minutes in Q4 India 2 Germany 1: PC to Germany but they fail to convert this time. Defensive errors continue to hamper India. They are managing to hold on by a whisker

After 10 minutes in Q4 India 2 Germany 1: Five minutes to go and as things stand, India will take the bronze medal. But brilliant showing by Germany tonight. They have taken India all the way tonight.

After 7 minutes in Q4 India 2 Germany 1: Another PC for India. Converted zero out of three till now. However, Harmanpreet Singh converts this time.

After 7 minutes in Q4 India 1 Germany 1: India pressing hard that results in India’s second PC. Error from the Germans. Will this cost them? SK Uthappa with the injection as Harmanpreet strikes. Re-take from India. Rupinder this time. But he fails as well.

After 5 minutes in Q4 India 1 Germany 1: Still 1-1. Germany not looking to attack here. They look tired and are bound to be. They have played back-to-back games. Yesterday Australia and today India.

After 3 minutes in Q4 India 1 Germany 1: Germany will be proud if this is decided via penalty shoot-out. India are not playing with the flair they showed against Australia and Belgium. They are keeping the ball for far too long. Errors continue to flow from the forward line as well.

End of Q3 India 1 Germany 1: Germany’s quarter this was. What a game this has been. With no substitutions, Germany have impressed one and all.

Germans showing their grit. India look rattled out there.

After 12 minutes in Q3 India 1 Germany 1: PC for India. Their first of the match. Gurjant with the injection. But India look all confused. Things get worse as Sumit gets a yellow.

After 10 minutes in Q3 India 1 Germany 1: Marijne will not be a happy man. India allowing the game to slip from their hands.

After 5 minutes in Q3 India 1 Germany 1: Reserve goalkeeper Mark Appel scores. WHAT A GOAL THIS IS. India defenders Harmanpreet and Varun Kumar caught napping.

After 2 minutes in Q3 India 1 Germany 0: India will look to put the game to bed with a second goal. Germany are looking tired now. They are chasing the ball. Akashdeep Singh with a brilliant shot but it is saved.

Here are the half-time stats for you

At half time India 1 Germany 0: SV Sunil’s goal makes the difference. Germany are still in this game. However, they are just 11 of them with no substitution.

“It is an amazing feeling. It was a tough first half. We have to concentrate on ball possession. We are losing it often in our half,” says SV Sunil.

After 12 minutes in Q2 India 1 Germany 0: Another PC for Germany. But they fail to convert yet again. India’s back line needs to wake up.

After 10 minutes in Q2 India 1 Germany 0: Sumit with a clear chance there but he fails to connect. India could have doubled their lead. Brilliant pass by Gurjant though.

After 7 minutes in Q2 India 1 Germany 0: India down to 10 men for five minutes. Kothajit Khadangbam sees a yellow card there.

India 1 Germany 0: India finally score. SV Sunil finds the net as he hits the ball on the rebound. Brilliant play between Harmanpreet and Akashdeep there.

After 6 minutes in Q2 India 0 Germany 0: Another PC for Germany. The Indian defenders need to buck up. Another save by Suraj Karkera. India looking to score on the counter.

After 5 minutes in Q2 India 0 Germany 0: 62% possession in opponent’s half for India along with seven circle entries. However, they are yet to get a PC.

Germany on the other hand get their second PC. Florian Fuchs with the pass to Niklas Bruns but yet another brilliant save by Suraj Karkera.

After two minutes in Q2 India 0 Germany 0: Beautiful play between Gurjant Singh and Akashdeep Singh, however, it amounts to nothing. Finishing continues to be a big problem for India.

End of Q1 India 0 Germany 0: First penalty corner of the match. It goes to Germany. However, they fail to convert. Ball goes straight to Karkera. Germany should be proud of their performance despite being hit with injury and illness.

After 12 minutes in Q1 India 0 Germany 0: Still goalless at the Kalinga Stadium. Both teams losing possession in the midfield.

After 10 minutes in Q1 India 0 Germany 0: The German coach trying to motivate his team on the sidelines. Germany are playing smart, keeping possession and not running after the ball.

After 7 minutes in Q1 India 0 Germany 0: India finally hitting their stride. They are moving the ball around. Two circle entries in two minutes in Germany’s half.

After 5 minutes in Q1 India 0 Germany 0: Suraj Karkera with the first save of the match. India cannot be complacent here. Germany are on the charge here and are looking sharp. India need to stick to their basics.

After three minutes in Q1 India 0 Germany 0: India need to move the ball around here and wait for their chances. Germany will tire and lack of substitution will hurt them.

Germany have only 11 players. Two out of the 11 are goalkeepers. Hence, one will start as a player. India have a fully fit squad.

“They were really disappointed. Circumstances were bad. Argentina played better in the rain. I know Germans really well. They can be tough to beat. We did really well in the quarter-finals. We are focused on ourselves,” said India coach Sjoerd Marijne.

05:00pm: Good evening folks, India take on Germany in the bronze medal match of the Hockey World League Final at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneshwar on Sunday. The last time these two teams met, Germany beat India 2-0. India lost their semi-final match 1-0 to Argentina while Germany were thrashed 3-0 by defending champions Australia. Both teams are looking to end the tournament with a win.