End of the match: A day that well and truly belonged to Rohit Sharma. India stroll to a 141-run win as Sri Lanka manage to score 250/8 in their chase of the hosts’ 393-run target. Rohit & Co level the three-match series 1-1. The Hitman’s first win as India captain as well.

Sri Lanka 245/8 after 48 overs: Dropped! Dhawan spills a difficult chance in the deep. Mathews can’t quite get the ball to clear the fence. It comes flat to Dhawan at deep mid-wicket, but he can’t hold on. Washington finishes his 10-over spell with two near-catches and one six by Mathews. Not the greatest feeling, but it’s a good debut nonetheless.

Everyone concerned with this image just going through the motions now...

After 47 overs, India 236 for 8 - century for Angelo Mathews: For what it’s worth, this has been a fine innings from the former captain. Gets to the landmark – his 2nd ODI ton, 2nd against India – with a hardworking double. Clutches his leg, first thing, even before celebrating. This seems to be cramp more than hamstring trouble, and he’s not walking away yet. Russell Arnold thinks Mathews should just save himself for the decider.

After 46 overs, Sri Lanka 230 for 8: Mathews is two away from a hard-fought century. A fine six over the sightscreen off Chahal. The Sri Lanka dressing room makes for a glum viewing.

After 42 overs, SL: 213/8, Bumrah strikes: The death-overs expert comes on in the 41st over, and breaks that little partnership between Mathews and Akila Dhananjaya. The latter lobs one to Rohit Sharma at leg gully, seemed like a plan to target the tail-ender at his ribs and it works. Mathews is now struggling with his hamstring, that’s not a good sign. But continues to find the odd boundary and well, well, Sri Lanka have gone past Rohit Sharma.

But imagine this...

After 40 overs, Sri Lanka 203/7: The visitors have crossed 200, huzzah! Mathews gets into the 80s with a glance to the boundary. Five away from Rohit’s 208.

After 37 overs, Sri Lanka 196/7: This is a crawl by Sri Lanka now. Mathews has pretty much shut up shop, and is rotating the strike, perhaps looking to add an indvidual 100 to his name. Washington comes back to try and improve his figures. 9 overs, 55 runs and a wicket is, technically, not a bad start. He’s looked alright today.

After 34 overs, Sri Lanka 180/7: Another wicket falls as this Sri Lankan innings is coming to a swift end, even before they could go past Rohit Sharma’s 208. (It was a similar story during that 264* in Eden Gardens as well). Bhuvi comes back into the attack and removes the yogi-looking Pathirana, with Dhawan taking the catch. Mathews is still hanging on, unbeaten on 65.

After 31 overs, Sri Lanka 167/6: And the beginning of the end of Sri Lankan innings. The wily Chahal gets two wickets to his name despite (or maybe because?) conceding 11 in the over. He’s at his best when the opponents are attacking him and that’s exactly what happened. Twice. First Gunaratne, falls for the flight and turn, nowhere close to the pitch of the ball and Dhoni wastes no time in stumping. And Dhoni in action again, as he takes a diving catch when captain Perera lobs on off the gloves and pads to the leg slip region.

After 30 overs, SL: 155/4 : A break for Washington after that 12-run over. Bumrah is back for his 3rd spell and concedes 8 in the 30th. The over starts with Mathews getting to another half century. Fighting a lone battle in Mohali.

Sri Lanka 146/4 after 28 overs: Washington Sundar and Chahal continue in tandem. This is a productive little phase for the Lankans, with 31 runs from the five overs despite Dickwella’s dismissal. Washington is going for runs now. First Mathews and now, Gunaratne take him on, hitting three boundaries in one over. Two switch hits and one late cut. That first boundary was interesting. Axar at square leg anticipated the switch hit and made a move to his left, expecting a catch but the shot goes square rather than fine – ironically, would have been a sitter had he not made the first move.

Sri Lanka 115/4 after 23 overs, Dickwella falls: Sri Lanka lose their fourth wicket just as some momentum was building. And it’s nothing more than a cameo (like it usually is) for Dickwella. Falls for 22 off 20, slices it to short third man off Chahal. It was clever thinking, coming around the wicket and tempting him with width – something we saw against Maxwell a lot.


After 22 overs, Sri Lanka 110/3: Mathews and Dickwella are keeping busy, but the req’d rate has crept up above 10. Mathews, especially, tries to upset Washington’s rhythm, hitting the first six of the innings. SL need more of that.

After 19 overs, Sri Lanka 90/3: A loud appeal by Bumrah but Dhoni doesn’t seem interested in reviewing, so you know what that means. Dickwella is his usual proactive self, looking busy, getting a couple of boundaries early on. Chahal starts with a 8-run over.

After 16 overs, Sri Lanka 67/3: A moment to remember Washington Sundar! His first wicket for India, comes off his 9th delivery. A strange shot by Thirimanne, as he tries to reverse sweep a full and quick ball, yorks himself. There was nice drift for Washington there, and it went with the angle. Muted celebration by the teenager.

And here’s the story behind that unique name...

After 14 overs, Sri Lanka 60/2: The 220th player to play ODI for India is into the attack. A memorable moment for Washington Sundar and he bowls a tidy first over, at “Jadeja’s pace” like the commentators observe, conceding just four runs. 3 runs from the previous over by Pandya, as the Lankans continue to work the gaps.

After 12 overs, Sri Lanka 53/2: Pandya and Bumrah continue after the powerplay. A typical Dhoni moment in the 11th over, as Mathews tries to rush back for a second run as Dhoni runs toward the ball, doesn’t gather it but flicks it without looking – the bail falls off, but Mathews is just home. Mathews gets going in the next over with a rasping square cut off Bumrah for four.

Just 4 boundaries in 12 overs – that’s not doing Sri Lanka any favours...

After 10 overs, Sri Lanka 41/2: Another no-boundary over from Bhuvi as Mathews and Thirimanne try to rebuild. Bumrah with the last over of the powerplay and Thirimanne releases some pressure with a boundary off the last ball.

After 8 overs, Sri Lanka 30/2 - Gunathilaka gone: Bumrah into the attack and he gets a wicket off his first over. Not the best ball he’s bowled in his life – it’s full and on the pads, the batsman tries to glance it fine, but it’s way too fine and Dhoni takes a catch down the leg side.

Interesting: Bumrah’s landing point is well-behind the landing crease! Remember his no-ball against Tharanga in Dharamsala.

After 7 overs, Sri Lanka 29/1: No boundaries conceded in his last two overs by Bhuvi as he gets his metronomic line and length going. And singles won’t do Sri Lanka any good. They need a boundary every over almost, to keep this chase in check. Pandya concedes his first boundary, as Gunathilaka goes aerial, seemed like a mishit but flies over mid-off for over.

Data-check: A look at how the trend of scoring 150-plus has just exponentially increased in the past few years.

After 4 overs, Sri Lanka 16/1, Tharanga gone: The ploy to start with Pandya has worked. He has been steady with his line and length, angling away from the left-handers’ off -stump. This one is on the shorter-side, but it gripped and stood up to Tharanga who was shaping to blast it in the leg-side, but checks his shot to short cover. An easy catch.

After 3 overs, Sri Lanka 13/0: Not quite like Bhuvi, this start. Usually impeccable with his line and length, he’s straying on the pads to the Sri Lankan openers. Gunathilaka first flicks him for 3 and then Tharanga pulls to fine leg for four.

After 2 overs, Sri Lanka 5/0: Bhuvneshwar, expectedly, starts with the proceedings. 4 runs from his over, as he strays on the leg stump to the two left-handed openers. And there was one that caught the edge, but a diving Manish Pandey in slips can only get a hand to it. Great effort. And surprisingly Hardik Pandya from the other end, not Bumrah. Just a single from that over, as he gets the off-stump line going.

3:45 pm: Recovered from that Rohit Sharma innings yet? We are all set for the run-chase. Can Sri Lanka pull a rabbit out of the bat...

Data-check: When Rohit Sharma scores a 100, he makes it count – big time!

Ind 392-4 after 50 overs (Rohit 208*)

A six off the first ball, a double off the second and another double to get his third double century. He got his century off 115 balls. He has reached his double in just 151 balls. Just 36 balls for his second century. Stunning knock. Madness. Pandya was dismissed off the last ball.

H Pandya c Thirimanne b Perera 8 (5b, 1x4)

Ind 373-3 after 49 overs (Rohit 191, Pandya 8)

‘You are a magician,’ goes Sivaramakrishnan. But what a shot! A six over long-off. Stunning shot by Rohit. 6 balls to go, 9 runs to get.

Ind 360-3 after 48 overs (Rohit 183, Pandya 1)

12 balls to go and 17 runs to get. Can Rohit get those runs?

Ind 354-3 after 47.2 overs (Rohit 178)

WICKET! Dhoni deceived by the change of pace. Perera strikes with a slower ball.

MS Dhoni lbw b Perera 7 (5b 0x4 1x6)

Ind 346-2 after 47 overs (Rohit 177, Dhoni 1)

The only batsman with two ODI double hundreds is looking good for another one. It is truly as incredible as it sounds. Rohit is absolutely hitting everything into the stands.

Ind 328-2 after 45.2 overs (Rohit 160)

WICKET! Iyer is gone. A wonderful knock comes to end. He was caught in the deep but this was a well crafted innings that gave us a glimpse of his true potential. Dhoni walks in next.

SS Iyer c sub b Perera 88 (70b 9x4 2x6)


Ind 321-1 after 45 overs (Rohit 153, Iyer 88)

152 off 133. Last 8 balls, Rohit has faced he has hit 6 sixes and a single. Till just a couple of overs back, he was not even batting at a run-a-ball. This is what he brings to the table. No one hits it like Rohit.

Ind 303-1 after 44 overs (Rohit 140, Iyer 83)


It rained sixes in the over. The first came off a full toss but Rohit got across the stumps and hammered it into the stands over wide long-on. Two deliveries strayed on the leg-side and were dealt with in the same way. And then another short arm pull was hit into the stands. This is Rohit at his best. Lakmal, hero of Dharamshala, now has figures of 8 overs, 0 maidens, 71 runs, no wickets.

Ind 277-1 after 43 overs (Rohit 116, Iyer 82)

9 runs off the over. It is being done in the smoothest of manners, without any hint of malice. This is good stuff by the Indian batsmen but could they go a little crazier? They should.

Ind 268-1 after 42 overs (Rohit 111, Iyer 80)

150-run stand up between Rohit and Iyer off 129 balls. Iyer is starting to catch up to Rohit, who has almost dropped into an anchor role of sorts. Iyer clearly has been given license to run wild. He has scored 30 runs off the last 13 deliveries he has faced.

Ind 256-1 after 41 overs (Rohit 109, Iyer 70)

India have got over 10 runs in that over and the batsmen didn’t even look like they were trying. What is a good total at this point. These are very good batting conditions but 300-350 might be beyond this SL team.

Ind 245-1 after 40 overs (Rohit 101, Iyer 68)

16th ODI ton, first as captain. It took him 115 balls. A well planned knock – he made sure he played out the overs initially and then has slowly taken control of the game. A very mature innings.

Ind 236-1 after 39 overs (Rohit 99, Iyer 61)

Shreyas has got his fifty and he celebrated by hitting a six. Another four followed later in the over. He is shifting gears now. Rohit is taking the singles route to his century.

Ind 224-1 after 38 overs (Rohit 98, Iyer 50)

It has taken him just 50 balls. His first ODI fifty. Wonderful, wonderful knock. India’s No 4 slot issues might be one step closer to being resolved if he can keep this up.

Ind 220-1 after 37 overs (Rohit 96, Iyer 48)

The 100-run partnership between Rohit and Shreyas is up – it took them just off 98 balls. This is solid cricket. A drinks break has been taken but after this be prepared for players turning on the T20 mode. This could get very ugly.

Ind 204-1 after 35 overs (Rohit 92, Iyer 38)

This has been a superbly constructed innings – both by India and by Rohit. First 20 runs took Rohit 37 deliveries but he has been steady after that. Iyer has been good as well.

Ind 191-1 after 33 overs (Rohit 81, Iyer 37)

A bit of a quiet run for Rohit – he usually does this as he nears his century but then he explodes after reaching the landmark. If SL want to save this match, this would be a very good time to get time. Iyer has been impressive in his own right with several stylish flourishes that tell one he belongs at this level.

Ind 180-1 after 31 overs (Rohit 77, Iyer 30)

Rohit just goes on and on. Nothing in this Sri Lankan line-up seems capable of troubling him. Another four in the over. The ball was on the legs and Rohit delicately played it to the fine leg boundary.

Ind 170-1 after 30 overs (Rohit 71, Iyer 28)

In the old days, one would usually double the score at the 30-over mark to arrive at the eventual total. But now anything is really possible. India have a wonderful platform and the likes of Hardik Pandya would probably be sent up the order to take full toll.

Ind 164-1 after 29 overs (Rohit 69, Iyer 25)

50 runs from 49 balls – wonderful partnership between the Mumbai boys, Rohit and Iyer. The innings hasn’t slowed down at all and India are looking good for a total of well over 300.

Ind 153-1 after 27 overs (Rohit 61, Iyer 21)

The first six of the innings bring up the 150 for India. A typical short-arm pull for six from Rohit, who is now looking set for a really big one. 1st 50 runs off the innings took 73 balls, 2nd fifty took 43 balls and the third fifty has taken 45 balls.

Ind 145-1 after 26 overs (Rohit 54, Iyer 20)

The run-rate is shooting through the roof now. At the start of the game, the commentators were saying that 250 might be a good score but all predictions are out the window now.

Ind 127-1 after 24 overs (Rohit 50, Iyer 8)

50 off 65 balls, Rohit has responded to Dharamshala as a captain should have. This has been a classy knock and he deserves the applause that he is getting. Iyer has settled in quickly and should be comfortable.

Ind 115-1 after 21.1 overs (Rohit 46)

WICKET! Another wonderful comes to an end. It almost seems like Dhawan tends to give away his starts now. His conversion rate isn’t that great recently. Still, it was a vital innings –- India’s openers put on 115, three more than the whole India team managed in the first ODI – and it has put India in a position of immense strength. The ball was too close to hit and the left-hander only ended up dragging it to mid-wicket.

S Dhawan c Thirimanne b Pathirana 68 (67b 9x4 0x6) SR: 101.49

Ind 108-0 after 20 overs (Rohit 45, Dhawan 62)

Now, Rohit getting into the act as well. This is just too easy.

Ind 97-0 after 19 overs (Rohit 36, Dhawan 61)

Last 36 balls, 43 runs. India are firmly in control of this match. Rohit is cruising along and letting Dhawan take most of the strike for the moment. This is smart batting from the duo.

Ind 91-0 after 18 overs (Rohit 30, Dhawan 60)

Lucky save for Dhawan? Big LBW appeal off the last ball but SL declined to review it. Replays showed that the ball pitched in line and was straightening. There a little bottom edge though. Maybe time he puts the sweep away. It does tend to get him out quite a few times.

Ind 89-0 after 17 overs (Rohit 29, Dhawan 59)

Time for a drinks break but what a start after the Dharamshala debacle. The Indians would have been pretty nervous when they saw the green pitch but they have negotiated the first hour very well. There have been a few loose shots but mostly, things have been kept well in control.

Ind 84-0 after 16 overs (Rohit 26, Dhawan 57)

Dhawan is just taking the game away from the Lankans. This won’t be comforting news for the Lankans. Bearing the brunt of his attack is Thisara Perera who has been hammered for 30 runs in his 4 overs. This is wonderful batting.

Ind 75-0 after 15 overs (Rohit 23, Dhawan 51)

From 33 for no loss after 10 overs, the Indian team has accelerated well to reach 75 after 15 overs. They are cruising along at 5 runs an over and the man behind this surge is Dhawan who now has 50 off 47 balls.

Ind 70-0 after 14 overs (Rohit 22, Dhawan 47)

Dhawan has been using his feet regularly against the faster bowler and not letting them settle into a rhythm. He is starting to hit the big shots (three fours in the last over) and making it look pretty easy. Rohit, on the other hand, is like that cocked hammer of a gun. Once he gets going, it is difficult to stop. Sri Lanka will be pretty worried at the moment.

Ind 55-0 after 13 overs (Rohit 22, Dhawan 32)

Well done! And that is the 50-run partnership for India (Rohit 21, Dhawan 28), 12.1 overs, 10th 50+ partnership in ODIs for India. Rohit and Dhawan will already be feeling pretty good about their game. Sri Lanka have not bowled badly but a wicket has eluded them.

Ind 45-0 after 11 overs (Rohit 18, Dhawan 26)

Two Dhawan fours in last over took the pressure off. In all, 12 runs came in the over. Sri Lanka seem to be on the defensive now. The lack of wickets has made them wary.

Ind 32-0 after 9 overs (Rohit 14, Dhawan 17)

Thisara replaces Mathews. The over started with a wide but it was pretty solid after that.

Ind 29-0 after 8 overs (Rohit 13, Dhawan 16)

Rohit getting a little nervous here. The nervousness that comes with not being able to score at his usual pace. After playing five balls well he charges out of his crease and attempts a big shot. It is a swing and miss but why does he need to do it?

Ind 27-0 after 7 overs (Rohit 12, Dhawan 15)

Another steady over but given the firepower that India possess, they need to get through the first 10-15 overs and then slowly start going for the big shots. There is no rush here. Still, the impact of the Dharamshala debacle can be clearly seen in the way India are playing.

Ind 26-0 after 6 overs (Rohit 11, Dhawan 15)

India have really improved their footwork against the moving ball today. They are batting way out of the crease to negate the swing and leaving the ball well.

Ind 20-0 after 5 overs (Rohit 11, Dhawan 9)

Five dot balls and Rohit went for the big shot. It got him four runs but good bowling by Angelo.

Ind 16-0 after 4 overs (Rohit 7, Dhawan 9)

Lakmal settling into a line and length now – in the channel just outside the off-stump. But Rohit is being more circumspect and waiting for the bad ball. After three outswingers, Lakmal bowled an inswinger and Rohit helped himself to a four.

Ind 10-0 after 3 overs (Rohit 2, Dhawan 8)

Batting track. Yawn. It’s overcast but the bowlers aren’t getting much from the wicket. India’s batsmen are already looking comfortable here.

Ind 6-0 after 2 overs (Rohit 0, Dhawan 6)

Lakmal has bowled an over and he has somehow managed to not get a wicket. The first ball was hit for four and Dhawan got another two after that. Not too much movement at the moment. Just the odd ball has moved in the air.

Ind 0-0 after 1 over (Rohit 0, Dhawan 0)

Angelo Mathews has the new ball. No, this is not a drill. He really does. The ball is moving around and Sri Lanka chose to give the new ball to Mathews. Why? Maybe Lakmal wanted the other end but still, the Indian openers got some breathing space. Mathews was bowling at 118 km/h. Brings back memories of Ganguly though. Mathews starts off with a maiden.


Sri Lanka have won the toss on a green track n overcast conditions. They will bowl first. India would have done the same.

No changes to the playing XI for Sri Lanka. India have made one change to their playing XI but it is not Rahane coming into the squad as everyone hoped. Instead, Washinton Sundar will make his debut and Kuldeep has been dropped.

Pitch talk

Little bit of grass cover and damp as well. Help for the bowlers throughout the game. There are a few cracks but don’t expect them to open up. Last 4 games at Mohali, the team batting second has won and the team that wins the toss will most likely want to bowl first.

Focus SA

Speedster Umesh Yadav says the current Indian attack has the ability to take 20 wickets in a Test match during its tour of South Africa, seen by many as the side’s litmus test following a string of successes at home.

“The wickets in South Africa will put the focus back on the fast bowling unit and rightly so. There will be a lot of expectation from us and I believe this attack has the ability to get 20 South African wickets. All of us had a good 14 months at home and it’s time to translate into overseas success,” Yadav said in an interview.

What makes Yadav optimistic is the lion-hearted performance of the pacers on rather unresponsive home tracks in recent times.

“I believe good fitness, proper plans were key to our success in the sub-continent. But the main thing is the attitude with which you enter the field. If we can maintain it in South Africa, no one can stop us,” said the man, who is one shy of completing 100 Test

Something special

Sri Lanka produced a near flawless performance in Dharamsala and captain Thisara Perera is expecting an encore from his team in the second ODI to win a maiden series in India.

“It is a good opportunity to win the series. Not many teams have won series in India. We want to do something special, like we did in Dharamsala,” Perera said on the eve of the second match of the three-ODI series.

Adverse weather conditions in Dharamsala meant Sri Lanka had to spend an extra night in the hills and only arrived here in today morning. They arrived at the PCA Stadium late afternoon and practiced amid cold and overcast conditions.

Asked if there is an added pressure on the Sri Lankan team, Perera replied in the negative.

“It is not pressure. It is another game for us. Everyone knows if we win tomorrow we will win the series. We will give our 200 per cent,” the all-rounder said before hinting that they would go with the same XI that beat India by seven wickets in the series opener.