Virender Sehwag has once again trained his guns on Virat Kohli, saying currently there is no one in the team who can stand up to the India skipper and point out his mistakes on the field.

Sehwag, who had earlier attacked the India captain for his selection policy, said, “I think, Virat Kohli needs some players who can point out his mistakes on the field. Every team has four-five players who advise the skipper and help him avoid mistakes on the field. I don’t see that in the current Indian squad. There’s no one in the squad who can challenge Kohli’s selection decision in the dressing room. No player is up to his standard.”

Sehwag said Kohli’s captaincy is being affected by his own expectations from other players. “Virat Kohli has reached a level where he can play well in adverse situations and he expects the same from the rest of India squad. However, other players in the squad haven’t reached the stature where Kohli already is. This is affecting Kohli’s captaincy,” said Sehwag.

According to Sehwag, all Kohli wants is to see other Indian batsmen score fearlessly like him.

“Kohli is just asking them to make runs like him. And there’s nothing wrong with it. I remember, when Sachin Tendulkar was the captain, he used to ask other batsmen to score runs. If I can score, then why can’t you?” he said.

Sehwag strongly believes that Kohli must be getting advice from the coach but not implementing it on the field. “It’s important is to sit together and talk to make a strategy for the upcoming Test. No single player can lead you to victory, teamwork is important. Every player has to contribute,” said Sehwag.