“I’ve dreamed of this moment for so many years. Today is a dream come true. I’m shaking right now. I’m going to cry,” says the newly-crowned champion Wozniacki.

“I have many years to go. Hopefully I will face another challenge like today,” says an emotional Halep after accepting her runner-up trophy.
Any one who has watched her play today, or in the semi-final against Angelique Kerber or the match against Lauren Davis, would agree – the Romanian is definitely going to be in a Grand Slam final, and hopefully with the trophy soon.

Only 2 points separated them in the end!

Game 10: Incredible hitting. Or should we say punching?
And challenging too, as the chair overturns the line judge’s call, only to be overturned by Halep’s Hawk-eye request.
A unfortunate double fault from Halep follows, and then comes a super, super rally to get the championship point. It’s the kind of rally you hope to win championship points on. It’s the kind that makes you a champion. Halep loses the last point on an unforced error off her backhand.
The Australian Open singles champion and the new world No 1 beats Simona Halep 7-6(2), 3-6, 6-4 in 2 hours and 49 minutes.

The Dane is in tears as she falls on court – 7 years after she failed to make the Australian Open finals after having match-points, she is the champion!
Halep covers her face with a towel, but full credit to her, she was phenomenal.
This was an epic, epic final

Game 9: This time, Woz holds. For the first time since the first game of this set. All this with a strapped knee.
As the match nears the 3-hour mark, we are 5-4 in the decider.

Game 8: Wozniacki has broken back! This decider is back on serve, again!
The 2nd seed goes 30-0 up and gets an important break point but Halep pulls back for deuce.
Woz shoots a brilliant forehand winner to get another and converts it when Halep hits the net.
The time out has really helped Woz get her groove back.

Wozniacki has taken a medical timeout, and is getting her left knee treated.
This gives both players some time to breathe in this intense decider, after being on court for 2 hours and 35 minutes already.

Game 7: Surprise, surprise (not really) It’s deuce, on Woz’s serve this time.
Her first serve falters & she give up another break point and then send her forehand long to get broken.
Halep takes the lead for the first time in the decider.
Game 6: Halep holds!

Look a short service game in this set. An ace and forcing error’s on Wozniacki’s forehand.
The decider is 3-3 now

Game 5: Halep has broken back again! Forced and unforced errors from oz on forehand and the decider is back on serve, again.

Game 4: In this roller-coaster of a match, Wozniacki has now broken Halep to love in the very next game!

Game 3: A huge game at 2-0 and it lives up to the hype!
The highlight is a 23-shot rally on second deuce! This is a gladiator match, both players are going all over, side, front, and back on the court but Woz finds the winner in that insane rally.
But Halep is not holding back as she takes gets her third break point of the game. It only leads to the fourth deuce though as Woz serves a massive second.
She still doesn’t look 100% fit, but Halep has her fourth break point, swiftly followed by the fifth deuce.
A forehand winner gives her the fifth break point and a forehand error makes it sixth deuce.
Hang on, it is break point No 6 and this time it is converted!
The decider is back on serve!

Game 2: Wozniacki has got the big, early break!
Second game goes to deuce as well, as Woz tries to make Halep run all over, a smart move given the circumstance. The top seed is giving it back as hard as she can, especially when coming up to the net. But the unforced errors count racks up against the Romanian in this one. Woz leads 2-0 in the decider

Game 1: Wozniacki’s serve under pressure as the game goes to deuce. She manages a good hold in the end. She needs to be a lot more attacking here, as she was in the first set.
Time for the grinder, decider!

The heat rule is in effect! Both players will get a 10-minute break before the next set begins. Much needed, with the level of tennis and the humidity in Melbourne. The decider is sure to be intense.

What a comeback! Halep visibly weary, has forced a decider! She takes the second set 6-3 after a gritty, grinding display of tennis. She saved seven out of seven break points and converted in the one chance she got.
Wozniacki, on the other hand, seemed to drop her concentration and intensity a little after the little break. The weather is clearly taking a lot out of the two.

Game 9: Serving for the set, Halep goes 2 break points down. But finding some hidden reserve of strength, she saves both to take the game to deuce and then gets the set point!
But, but she goes just long to take it back to deuce. A small margin, but a big error nonetheless.
She manages to get Set point No 2 as Woz shanks. But the fight it not over as we have deuce No 3.
Woz gets the advantage as Halep send a forehand just long, and finishes all her challenges.
But we still have deuce no 4 and set point no 4 and she converts it!!
We have a decider on our hands!!

Game 8: Halep has got the vital break in the second! Wozniacki also drops her intensity a little as the top seed – clutching her thigh – still manages to break. Halep is serving for the set here.
Game 7: The top seed holds. A good game, she seems to be playing each point on its merit, trying to cut them short and maintain her aggression.
Game 6: Halep is back after some medical attention. She had her blood pressure taken and was given some medicines. On the bright side, it is not her ankle which she had injured in her very first match in Melbourne.
Wozniacki holds for 3-3.

Oh dear, looks like Halep has asked for a physio. She doesn’t seem to be a 100% fit right now. Pity given the intensity of the match so far!

Game 5: This time, Halep also races in her service game to make it 3-2.
Game 4: Wozniacki holds in a game significantly shorter compared to the insane last one.

Game 3: Woz gets a break point but Halep saves it to take the game to deuce. She begins pushing the Dane off court and gets the advantage but a big return from Woz takes it to the second deuce.
She makes another unforced error on her forehand to give away another break point, saves it for the third deuce of the game.
A fourth deuce follows, followed by the third break point of the long game.
Halep saves it with an almost casual but really effective slow volley.
Break point No 4! The Woz backhand is on fire. Saved by an equally fiery forehand. No one is giving away any quarter in this game.
Sixth deuce, Halep has the advantage and and she holds!! With that casual volley again

This is a crucial, gritty hold from Halep. Will giver her an immense mental boost after trailing by a set.

Game 2: Love hold for Woz as she carries on her momentum from the first set.
Meanwhile, the Aus Open win predictor is slowly changing its mind here!

Time for the second set

Game 1: Halep starts with a hold as she tried to regroup after the freight train of the first set Tiebreak.

First set to Wozniacki, she goes on her attacking best in the Tiebreak to take it 7-6(2) in 50 minutes.

A look at the stats from the first set.

Tiebreak Time
Wozniacki gets the first point after a brilliant rally. Halep sounds winded as Woz fires a winner in the part of the court left exposed.
Halep goes wide to return a down the line shot but shoots wide to go 0-2 down.
But the top seed claws back with an ace that is just on the line - great response.
More unforced errors from Halep and she is 1-4 down.
What a rally! Halep has got the winner. We see a pattern here – great rally, lots of running and a super finish. 2-4
Woz fires a booming backhand down the line and Halep can’t return. 2-5
Wozniacki has four set points! And she has taken the first set on her racquet!

First set to Wozniacki set 7-6(2) in 50 minutes.

Game 12: Halep serving to stay in the set again and she takes the first set to a Tiebreak.
The top seed has fought her way back from 2-5 down in the first set to give her a good chance to run away with the early lead.

Game 11: The world No 2 now with a love hold of her own for 6-5! We also have the second contender of the “Rally of the Match”, a 19-shot fest. Both Wozniacki and Halep are such incredible athletes, with the strength to chase every shot thrown their way.

Game 10: What do we have here! It’s at 5-5 with a super smooth Simona service game! A love hold with two back-to-back aces. The world No 1 is well and truly back in this match!

Game 9: Big moment for Woz and she serves for the set. A little nervy forehand sees her hit the net to give Halep the first point, who doubles it with when Woz fudges a volley. An unforced error gives Halep 3 break points and a chance to stay alive in this set.
She saves one with a second serve at almost 160kph and the second with a super ace. Immense!
But Halep has broken right back! The first set is at 5-4.

Game 8: Halep serving to stay in the set, gets the new balls and scores with an attacking volley at the net. She receives a similar volley and shoots it right back to go 30-0 up. But Woz pulls back to make it 30-30, putting immense pressure on the top seed.
Her response? Another attacking volley coming forward!
Her brave shots keeps her in the set at 5-3.

Game 7: Wozniacki is stepping on the pedal here as she forces errors from her opponent. But then come the an early contender for “Rally of the Match” a 17-shot defensive-offensive slug-fest which ends with another error from Halep. Wozniacki holds for 5-2.

Game 6: A stunning forehand winner has given Halep a new boost, as she scores the next three points on her forehand. What a way to hold at love for the top seed! 4-2

Game 5: Wozniacki races away to to a 40-0 lead, but she commits a double fault. Doesn’t impede her much as she pushes Halep to all parts of the court to induce an error and hold serve. 4-1

The Australian Open win predictor has Halep with a slight edge. Do you agree?

Game 4: Halep serves what everyone though was an ace but a good call from Woz puts her on second serve. A long rally ensues with a Halep coming forward to take the ball early & Woz gives away a free point with a shank. Three more long shots from Woz ensures Halep has won her first game to make ir 3-1.

Game 3: Wozniacki holds to race to a 3-0 lead. Halep’s serve is under early pressure here. The next game will be crucial for her.

Game 2: Wozniacki has got the first break!
A backhand unforced error gives Wozniacki the first point which she doubles with a down the line backhand winner. Another long rally follows and Wozniacki fires a forehand winner to get two break points in Halep’s first service game. She saves one but goes long and Halep trails 0-2.

Game 1: Wozniacki starts with a quick point on first serve and forces two forehand errors from Halep. Another big serve and she is 40-0 up, but Halep stretches the next rally and scores her first point with a backhand winner. Wozniacki holds for 1-0.

Before the final begins, here’s Oindrila Mukherjee on the gritty road to the final both competitors have had. Our correspondent in Melbourne, she has seen both player fight back from seemingly impossible situations, saving multiple match points, to reach the title clash.
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Wozniacki wins the coin toss and has chosen to serve first in the final.

Head-to-Head: Wozniacki leads Halep 4-2 in all their match-ups. Two of these matches came last year, with the Dane winning both.

2017 Singapore Hard R1 – Wozniacki 6-0, 6-2
2017 Eastbourne Grass QF – Wozniacki 5-7, 6-4, 6-1
2015 Stuttgart Clay SF – Wozniacki 7-5, 5-7, 6-2
2015 Dubai Hard R16 – Halep 2-6, 6-1, 6-1
2013 New Haven Hard SF – Halep 6-2, 7-5
2012 Dubai Hard R16 – Wozniacki 6-2, 6-3