Wrap up: India are World Champions for the fourth time at this level! Well, the biggest compliment to this Indian team is that it would not be an exaggeration to say that they have played like champions from the very first ball of the World Cup. The margins: 100 runs, 10 wickets, 10 wickets, 131 runs, 203 runs, 8 wickets. That tells you the story.

That’s it from us, hope you enjoyed what we had to bring you. There’s plenty more to come in terms of reaction and analysis to this famous win. Stay tuned!

1:50 pm: Medals for Indian players followed by a visibly proud captain Prithvi Shaw talking about the win. ‘Just can’t express my feelings, really proud . All credit to our support staff starting from Dravid sir and the players’ hard work. Rahul sir is a legend. Crucial 100 from Manjot in the final.’

Presentation ceremony:

Man of the match: Manjot Kalra

Man of the series: Shubman Gill

India are Under-19 World Champions: Undefeated in the tournament, but the reality is they were unchallenged almost. Through domination from start to finish of this tournament as India lift their fourth title.

Crazy celebrtations (inspired by FIFA, says one of the players)

After 38.5 overs, India 220/2 - WORLD CHAMPIONS! Century for Manjot Kalra and a four from Desai’s bat means India are deserving World Champions - unbeaten in tournament!

After 35 overs, India 196/2: Just 21 needed for India to win the World Cup now. Manjot continues to take the singles and moves 3 short of a famous century. Desai doing the heavylifting from the other end, has moved on to 28 off 46 balls.

Just a matter of time now.

After 33 overs, India 180/2 - 36 needed from 102: Manjot into the 90s now after a four off Merlo - a lofted cover drive. Couple of quiet overs from Uppal and Lloyd after that.

After 30 overs, India 170/2: Less than 50 needed for India now. A reprieve for Harvik Desai earlier as he mistimes a sweep, but McSweeney can’t complete what would have been a great running catch. 150 up for India and the finish line is in sight. At the other end, Manjot is in the zone - he has been all night. A big hit over midwicket for a six off Pope, Manjot’s third six of the night and it’s against MASSIVE.

After 27 overs, India 151/2: Manjot Kalra brings up India’s 150 with a fine four over point - off the back foot, pounces on a short and wide ball.

Meanwhile, “2003 revenge for Dravid” says a poster at Mount Maunganui. Not sure about revenge, but it will be a mighty fine feeling to see Dravid finally get his hands on a World Cup trophy.

The sun is setting on a lot of U19 careers today. #Tauranga #final #u19CWC

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Kalra making sure this is not a problem.

After 25 overs, India 144/2: This is a period of consolidation for India. The middle order has not been tested for India in this tournament and it’s important that Manjot Kalra bats through the innings now. Quiet few overs for Australia as a result - 11 runs in the last 3 overs.

After 22 overs, India 133/2 - Shubman Gill gone! And once again, a wicket out of the blue. Param Uppal gets the wicket of the in-form. A massive breakthrough for Aussies. Uppal tosses it up, Gill steps down, misreads the length of the ball, and it bounces over his bat and disturbs the stumps.

After 21 overs, India 131/1: Sangha turns to Uppal’s offspin and the Indian pair take 5 singles, bringing up the 50-run stand. Merlo concedes 6 from the other end, including a powerful cut past point for four. 86 needed from 29 overs.

After 19 overs, India 120/1 - Less than 100 needed for India now. Australia need wickets and need them in a cluster and need them quickly. The game has comfortably moved in India’s favour. Sangha brings Merlo on in search of wickets. Pope’s expensive two overs have put a spanner in Australia’s works.

After 17 overs, India 110/1 - FIFTY FOR MANJOT KALRA! Stand and deliver, they say and Manjot does just that. A well-timed straight drive takes him to his 2nd fifty of the tournament - both against Australia.

After 16 overs, India 103/1: Despite Prithvi’s wicket, India motoring along. Shubman Gill has raced to 20 off 15 balls. First, a wristy cover drive off Pope - unmistakable Virat Kohli touch to that one. And then the conventional cover drive off Sutherland.

After 14 overs, India 88/1: Lloyd Pope (the man who blew England out of the World Cup with a 8-wicket-haul) goes for 13 runs in his first over. Shubman with a cover drive (misfield results in four) and Manjot with a massive hit over midwicket for his second six.

After 12 overs, India 73/1 - Prithvi gone! Well, well. Just when it looked like India were coasting along, Will Sutherland provides a big breakthrough. The captain is done in by a beautiful delivery by Will Sutherland, bowled playing within the line. A way back in for the Aussies?

In walks the man of the tournament so far, Shubman Gill..

After 11 overs, India 70/0: End of powerplay? So what, asks Manjot Kalra. Races past Prithvi in one over with three boundaries.

10.1 - 4, slapped past point
10.3 - 4, a delightful cover drive
10.4 - 4, lofted over mid-off

End of the first powerplay, India 55/0: And on course in their chase. Manjot plays a nice lofted cover drive in that over.

Prithvi - 29 off 39 balls.
Manjot - 19 off 22 balls.

After 9 overs, India 52/0 - fifty up for the boys in blue! Prithvi Shaw is playing some jaw-dropping cover drives. Has been timing the ball well but kept finding the fielders. Not this time. Two gorgeous boundaries in one over and the fifty up in quick time for India.

After 8 overs, India 41/0: Prithvi continues to dominate the strike - 19 off 33 balls, compared to Manjot’s 16 off 16 balls. The latter plays one of the shots of the day - Evans bowls full and the ball is swinging back in the air, the opener looked like he missed the ball in it’s flight but superb hands at the end, and it’s a brilliant straight drive for four.

After 6 overs, India 31/0: Shot, Prithvi! Evans errs on the length, just short and wide - and the Indian captain smacks one through point for four. But Evans getting some nice shape away from the right hander - beaten on a couple of occasions.

After 5 overs, India 26/0: No exaggerated swing yet, Shaw plays a nice on drive for a couple of runs.

11:05 am: No overs lost, players back on the the field. Will be there be more assistance for the Aussie seamers under overcast conditions with the lights coming on? Let’s find out.

11:00 am: That was quick! Play back on shortly, in about 5 minutes.

10:50 am: Although, shouldn’t need the reserve day if this forecast holds good. Just a few showers over the next few minutes. (Current time: 1820 hrs)

10:40 am: And it’s raining in Taurunga. Showers were forecast today and it’s come at an inopportune time for India just as they were pushing on. Players have walked off the ground.

Reminder: There is a reserve day, don’t forget.

After 4 overs, India 23/0: First boundary of the Indian innings and it’s Prithvi with a well-timed flick through midwicket. 8 runs from the 3rd over. And Evans goes for runs from the other end too. He hits the bails at the bowling end in his delivery stride, it’s a no-ball and it’s a free hit. Can Manjot make the most of it? OH YES. HE CAN! Massive six over long on by the southpaw! First six of the match...

After 2 overs, India 4/0: A maiden over from Evans from the other end - nice shape away from Prithvi, as he goes fishing outside off once and gets beaten. Two stylish drives follow but finds the fielders.

After 1 over, India 4/0: A wide and three singles off Hadley’s first over as India’s chase is underway with plenty of chirping from the Aussie fielders. (Surprise, surprise says Ian Bishop on air)

Innings break: Target for India 217

Shivam: 1 wicket
Ishan: 2 wickets
Nagarkoti: 2 wickets
Anukul: 2 wickets
Shiva: 2 wickets

A complete team effort by this bowling attack in the final means India have not conceded 250 even once in this World Cup!

Here’s some reaction to the first half of this final, join us soon for India’s chase.

After 47.2 overs, Australia 216/10: ALL OUT! What an impressive effort this has been by the Indian bowlers and fielders on the big day after losing the toss. Australia go from 183/4 to 216/10.


After 47 overs, Australia 216/9: Two wickets in two balls! Fast, accurate, and an unplayable yorker by the impressive Kamalesh Nagarkoti sends Zak Evans back. Next ball, it’s Shiva Singh with excellent work at deep square leg - catch falls short of him, but he stops it with his body, recovers quickly, sends a bullet throw in to send Holt back run out.

After 46 overs, Australia 214/7 : Wicket no. 14 for Anukul Roy - joint-most in this World Cup! A fine innings by Merlo comes to an end - he lived by the sweep and falls by the sweep. Reverse sweeping to the fielder in the deep, to be precise.

Well done: Fine spell by Shiva Singh today! 10 overs. 36 runs. 2 wickets.

After 43 overs, Australia 200/6 - Seven overs left for Merlo and Aussies to push for a big score. Shiva and Shivam bowling in tandem for a combination of pace and spin.

Interesting fielding performance this by India: Hard to rate this Indian fielding performance today. Some fine stops, sharp catches but some dropped catches, horror misfields, and bad judgement to go with. Latest - an easy direct hit missed for a runout in the 43rd over.

After 42 overs, Australia 194/6 - Singh on song! After a tight first over spell, Shiva has come back at the end and reaped rewards for some excellent bowling. Sutherland gets a inside edge, Harvik takes a sharp catch.

After 40 overs, Australia 185/5 - Shiva strikes! And one that Shiva Singh richly deserves. Has been India’s best spinner today and has a wicket to show for it, McSweeney is caught and bowled, as he tries to dab one through midwicket, gets a leading edge. Similar to Jason Sangha’s dismissal earlier.

The death overs begin - Australia need a big finish.

After 38 overs, Australia 174/4: No teeing off just yet but Merlo and McSweeney putting together a busy little partnership - rotating well. Shaw, Snehal Pradhan notes, is employing some aggressive captaincy by leaving Merlo’s strong area unmanned against Shiva’s left arm spin - trying to get the set batsman LBW perhaps.

DRINKS - After 35 overs, Australia 163/4: The spinners bowled in tandem and the three left armers’ 17 overs went for 70 runs and two wickets. Nagarkoti and Ishan are back for a presumably short spell (yes, indeed - three overs between them) as the Aussies prepare for the final 15.

Is 250-plus on the cards?

08:40 am: Good crowd gathered for this final, reports Snehal Pradhan. Some dols were spotted as well.

Almost 2200 people already at Bay Oval for #indvaus #final #u19CWC

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After 32 overs, Australia 151/4: FIFTY! Jonathan Merlo has pretty much swept his way to a fine half century and he’s keeping Australia on track for a fighting total. His first 50 at this level and a great time for it.

Time for some pace - Nagarkoti is back into the attack...

WICKET, partnership broken - After 29 overs, India 134/4: And it’s India’s leading wicket-taker at this World Cup who provides Captain Prithvi the breakthrough. Anukul removes the well-set Param Uppal and the partnership is broken. He bowled much fuller in this over, Uppal tries to flick, but closes the bat face too early, and the leading edge loops back to the bowler.

After 28 overs, India 128/3: Aussies found the pacers tough to handle but handling the spinners with ease so far - cricket is a funny game! Anukul and Abhishek bowling in tandem, but Uppal has been steady while Merlo has swept everything that is full.

After 25 overs, India 118/3 - And now the partnership has gone past 50, with a rasping cut shot by Uppal for four through point. Merlo then sweeps Anukul for four in the next over. Halfway through, Australia are 118/3 and have recovered well after losing 3 early wickets.

After 23 overs, Australia 104/3: The 100 up for the Aussies in the 23rd over with a reverse sweep by Merlo off Abhishek for four. This is a nice little partnership now for the boys in yellow and one they desperately needed...

Meanwhile, here’s a nice story from New Zealand by Snehal Pradhan... one that R Ashwin enjoyed as well.

After 20 overs, Australia 94/3: Nagarkoti, despite that wicket that got him all pumped up, continues to concede a boundary in his over - four in four now. He’s gone for 25 runs in his first spell, and his replaced by Abhishek Sharma (slow left arm) at the other end and concedes 4 in his first over. Shiva Singh, the other slow left armer, has gone for 15 in his 4 overs so far, maintaining a steady line. No big turn on offer here in Tauranga so far.

After 16 overs, Australia 78/3 - DRINKS: Merlo and Uppal must rebuild for the Aussies now because this is not a 78-3 track, and the boys in yellow must be kicking themselves for that scoreline. Shiva and Nagarkoti keep it tight for the most part - but the latter has conceded a boundary each in his 3 overs so far, something that he would like to cut out.

Good catch by Harvik
Good catch by Harvik

WICKET! After 12 overs, Australia 60/3: What a start for Nagarkoti. The youngster has been electric on the field so far (as he always seems to be) and this time he strikes with the ball in his first over. Captain Jason Sangha gone! The Indian fast bowlers are doing it again. This is one the good length outside off, Sangha looks to punch through cover, and the outside edge is taken by a diving Harvik Desai - the keeper dropped one off Shiva’s spin bowling in the previous over, but makes amends.

Terrific start for India!

WICKET! After 10 overs, Australia 52/2: ISHAN STRIKES AGAIN! What a World Cup he is having, after almost returning with an injury in the very first game. He has removed both the openers in the final. The dangerous Edwards punches off the back foot and the ball seems to have bounced more than he anticipated - it’s straight to Nagarkoti at cover!

After 8 overs, Australia 46/1: Shivam Mavi’s pace has been a revelation in this tournament so far, but today it’s going against him as the ball is coming on nicely - Edwards (the tall kid who made 73 off 90 in the first match between the two sides) makes the most of it, cracking two boundaries (the 2nd almost a six) to start the 7th over. Mavi has gone for 30 in his first four. Captain Sangha plays an elegant cover drive for 3 to get going. Ishan continues to keep a good line from the other end, keeping things tight.

WICKET! After 6 overs, Australia 32/1: And against the run of play, India have a breakthrough - Ishan Porel is the man once again. This is just a regular short of length ball outside off but Bryant, who was striking well, can only find the fielder at cover point with a fierce cut short. Taken well by Abhishek Verma.

Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

After 5 overs, Australia 32/0: Interesting over. Just as we mentioned the slip coming off, Edwards slashes outside offstump and the ball speeds through the vacant slip region for 4. A boundary either side of that and this is a solid start for the Aussies.

After 4 overs, Australia 20/0: Good start this for the boys in yellow. Bryant is in good striking form - already has 3 boundaries to his name. A backfoot punch off Shivam followed by a flick through midwicket off Ishan’s over.

And the slip comes off... definite indications of how good the batting conditions are.

After 2 overs, Australia 6/0: The semi-final hero Ishan Porel (four wickets against Pakistan in his opening spell) starts off by conceding a boundary - the first of the match is a nice-looking straight drive by Bryant. Five from that over.

After 1 over, Australia 1/0: Overcast conditions, and India’s fast bowlers wouldn’t mind having a go early in Tauranga. Shivam Mavi starts proceedings... and doesn’t concede a run off the bat. A harsh wide call to begin the day with (the final of a world cup between these two sides starting with a wide - painful memories eh, Indian fans?) - but Shivam recovers quickly to bowl a steady over. Six dot balls after that. Getting good shape away from the batsman Edwards, and the pace is up in the high 130s once again.

National Anthems done, we are all set!

Australia lost to India by 100 runs in their first match of the tournament. India have been undefeated, even unchallenged, through the tournament. But this is the final and it’s the biggest game in these kids’ lives.

Here’s Praveen Sudevan’s preview...


Jason Sangha wins the toss and Australia will have a bat first, unlike the group stage encounter between the two sides.

Here are the teams, both unchanged from their semi-final wins.

INDIA: Prithvi Shaw(c), Manjot Kalra, Shubman Gill, Harvik Desai(w), Riyan Parag, Abhishek Sharma, Anukul Roy, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Shiva Singh, Ishan Porel

AUSTRALIA: Jack Edwards, Max Bryant, Jason Sangha (c), Jonathan Merlo, Param Uppal, Nathan McSweeney, Will Sutherland, Baxter J Holt(w), Zak Evans, Ryan Hadley, Lloyd Pope

06:15 am: Hello all and welcome to The Field’s live blog of the biggest game in these young kids’ lives, without a doubt - India and Australia face off in the final of the Under-19 World Cup.