Chefs attached with Norway’s Winter Olympic team were left with 15000 eggs in their kitchen after what was described as an error while placing an order for their athletes, who will be competing at the Pyeongchang games, reported BBC.

The chefs, who are in charge of preparing meals for the 109-strong Norwegian contingent, intended needed 1500, but were delivered 13500 extra.

“Received half a truckload of eggs,” chef Stale Johansen was quoted as saying. “No end to the delivery,” he added.

Fortunately for the team, they were able to return the 13,500 extra eggs to the supplier.

Some reports suggested that the error could have occurred after ‘Google translate’ was used incorrectly as the chefs made the order online.

South Koreans are known to used a complex system to count.

According to the report, South Koreans buy eggs by the crate in multiples of 30. In Korean, just one syllable differentiates 1,500 and 15,000.