Final comments

Man of the match is Heinrich Klaasen for his 43*

Virat Kohli: In hindsight, we can think of more runs. But it became a T20 game. We didn’t take our chances and we didn’t deserve to win. After the first break, the wicket became a bit different for Rahane and Dhawan to adjust early on. The game getting short played into SA’s hands, they had to go for the shots. When we got AB I thought we were in. Ya, no balls are always tough but we can’t be harsh on the boys.

Aiden Markram (his first win as captain): Great to have ABD back for his inputs. We are still not at our best, but we’ll keep fighting in the next two matches.

It’s 1:55 am on a Sunday morning, and we’ll finally take your leave. Despite the length of this match, it was a good game of cricket. And plenty of money made for the breast cancer charity (a little over 1.6 million rands!) - that’s always great. This is becoming a great annual tradition in South Africa and it was great to be a part of it in some small way.

WRAP UP: Miller 39, Klassen 43*, Phehlukwayo 23*, take SA across the line. India will rue the Miller’s dropped catch and his reprieve off a no ball! The first weather break too came at the wrong time for India as they were settling down for their batting. In the end, SA make the most of the reprieves that came their way and bludgeon their way to a first win in this series and keep it alive. A 3-3 is still on the cards!

After 25.3 overs - SA 207/5 - It’s all over! SOUTH AFRICA WIN IN STYLE. Phehlukwayo - remember the name! (No, seriously) Silly jokes apart, the allrounder finishes off in fine fashion, slog sweeping Chahal over midwicket for a massive six.

The Indian spinners took a hammering today:
Yuzvendra Chahal 5.3-0-68-1. ER 12.36
Kuldeep Yadav 6-0-51-2. ER 8.50

After 25 overs, SA 193/5 - ‘That’s class, son!” says the commentator as Klaasen plays a lovely lofted punch off the backfoot for four. And then Phehlukwayo takes over. With a six and four off Kuldeep and that’s 17 runs from that over! They have dismantled the spinners today.

After 24 overs, SA 176/5 - Some relief for Chahal: The legspinner gets Miller out for the second (third, technically?) time today but the damage might already be done. Miller was going well when he was attacking, hitting a massive six in that over as well over midwicket. And is given LBW (plumb as replays show) when he plays a forward defensive. Credit to Chahal for slowing it up in the air despite being taken to the cleaners. Brave bowling. 7 runs came from the previous Bumrah over.

SA just need 26 from 24 balls.

After 22 overs, SA 160/4 - SA need just 42 from 36 balls: Oh dear, Chahal. He’s been completely rattled and has come unstuck . This is how that over went: 1 0 WD 4 NB 6 1 WD 0. That 4 by Klassen was one of the most bizarre things you’ll see this series, it’s wide - VERY WIDE - but the WK-batsman, goes all the way across, even behind the stumps and hits over square leg for 4. Then a no ball - Chahal’s second. And the free hit is deposited over long on!

After 21 overs, SA 145/4 - SA putting spin demons to rest? Chahal continues to remain expensive, this time Klassen with a well timed sweep over midwicket for four. Klassen continues to impress from the other end as he takes on Kuldeep - a paddle sweep for 3 to start the over, and then a superb reverse sweep for four. (followed by an awfully pre-meditated one). Miller then hits one a long, long away - that’s out of the Bullring! It’s full, but if it’s in Miller’s ark it’s usually out of the park. MASSIVE OVER FOR SA - 16 from it!

After 19 overs, SA 121/4 (81 runs required from 54 balls): Miller on the move: How much is that 18th over going to haunt India? David Miller is enjoying all the lives he’s getting by smacking Hardik Pandya for a hat-trick of fours.

Pandya finishes with 1/37 in his 5 overs - with the wicket of ABD, that’s not too bad.

After 18 overs, SA 108/4 - WHAT AN EVENTFUL OVER! Chahal comes back into the attack. First, Shreyas Iyer gives David Miller a lifeline. He sweeps it in the air off Chahal, Shreyas in the deep square leg position puts in a forward dive but can’t hold onto the catch - the dive was not needed, it was straight to him. POOR! And shortly after, another lifeline. He goes for a slog sweep off Chahal and misses it completely and the ball hits the stumps. But, Chahal has overstepped! And to add to all the drama, he is caught off the free hit as well.

As this Twitter user puts it....

After 17 overs, SA 103/4 - ABD GONE! HARDIK PANDYA IS OVERJOYED! And why not. The gamble to give Pandya one more over pays off big time. This is an innoucous looking ball on the stumps, ABD swings hard, looked like he hit it well. But it is straight down the throat of Rohit Sharma at deep fine leg. Is that the match?

After 16 overs, SA 100/3 - the ABD show has begun! Chahal comes on to bowl, concedes 17 in his first over - SEVENTEEN! And it’s down to one man - ABD. Back to back sixes - first a sweep over long on to one that is flighted and turning away from offstump, and then a pull shot over midwicket as he anticipates a quicker one fired in - what anticipation! WHAT A PLAYER!

After 15 overs, SA 83/3 - AMLA GONE! Kuldeep is on a roll in this series. His second wicket already and this is the big one (not that one yet) of Amla. Flighted up beautifully, and it looked like Amla just stood at the crease and chipped it, but this one carries and carries and carries - and Bhuvi is waiting patiently at the long off boundary, takes the catch first time, overbalances, throws the ball up in the air, and runs back in to complete the catch! BRILLIANT from Bhuvi. Even ABD seems a bit iffy with picking up Kuldeep.

Last ball of the over, Millers sweeps powerfully for a boundary.

After 14 overs, SA 77/2: AB takes on Pandya as expected - a short ball bludgeoned through midwicket for four. Despite that and a wide ball, just 7 runs from that over. Not a bad spell this by Pandya.

After 13 overs, SA 70/2 - need 132 from 15 overs - Duminy gone: Kuldeep strikes again for his captain! Duminy came with a game plan of using his feet against the spinners but it doesn’t save him. Kuldeep appeals with full gutso, even falling over on his back as he was running backwards. Duminy was a long way down but it hits him very full and that’s why the umpire gave him out - not a bad call in hindisight. Duminy not happy, but his captain used up the review so he has to walk back.

And out walks ABD...

After 12 overs, SA 65/1 - need 137 from 16 overs: And there is the first move of the coin by South Africa. They were going to take on Pandya without a doubt and Amla makes the move, by playing a lofted square drive through cover for four. 8 from that over.

After 11 overs SA 57/1: Another tidy over from Kuldeep, just 4 singles from it. No exaggerated turn or bounce yet. JPD trying to use his feet, beaten once, gets a single the other time.

After 10 overs, SA 53/1: Predictably, Pandya from the other end as Kohli would want to get his quota done with as quickly as possible. Decent start from the allrounder, despite a wide to begin with. 6 from the over. Kohli will be OK with that.

Remember there is no (recognised) 6th bowler in the side today with Kedar not playing.

After 9 overs, SA 47/1: Kuldeep into the attack nice and early, just 3 from that over. Good tidy start by India. This is the first Amla is facing the wrist spinners in this series - will be interesting to see how he goes. The towel is already being worked by Kohli - but Kuldeep didn’t have any issues finding his rhythm right away.

After 8 overs, SA 44/1: A fumble at covers by Shreyas Iyer first ball after restart gives JPD an easy single. A half-appeal from Dhoni and Bumrah for a caught behind after that - brushing the pad.

12:00 am: Sunday is here folks and what better way to start it than with some cricket, eh? Bumrah to finish the ongoing 8th over.... and with the game there for the taking, South Africa don’t send ABD in at No. 3. Hmm.

11:55 pm: Interesting situation this from an Indian point of view, with 7.2 overs already bowled.

Bhuvi and Bumrah (when he finishes the ongoing over) will have bowled 4 each & can bowl only 2 more with only 3 bowlers allowed to bowl 6. Pandya will have to bowl 5, and the two spin bowlers split the remaining 11 overs between them.  

11:50 pm: We will have a restart at the stroke of midnight as this match spills over into 11th February, India time. SA will chase 202 in 28 overs - that’s 159 more runs in 124 balls.

11:35 pm: 5 minutes away from the inspection, hopefully not too far away from the restart...

Throwback: How about this run-chase, eh? One of those cricket matches you can’t ever forget. The Wanderers was witness to cricketing history.


11:25 pm: Another inspection in about 15 minutes...

11:20 pm: Umpires are out for an inspection...

The stump mic has given us some gems so far on this tour, and with someone like MS Dhoni behind the stumps, we were bound to get some pearls of wisdom.


11:15 pm: As we wait for play to resume, here’s our #longread on the growing legacy of Rahul Sharad Dravid...

11:10 pm: Apparently the main cover is coming off as well... huzzah!

11:05 PM: Update from the bullring...

10:55 pm: ESPNCricinfo reporting the rain seems to have stopped, the bigger covers have come off and the supersoppers are out on the field. We’ll be definitely losing overs but looks like we will have more play...

Meanwhile... an interesting statistic from this ODI series.

10:45 pm: Reports that it is pouring now at the Wanderers. Good time to watch highlights of the AB de Villiers masterclass in the Pink ODI against Windies.

Came in to bat in the 39th over & what happened after that was unreal!


10:35 pm: Oh ho! Not good news from the Bullring... ‘bucketing down’ says Chetan Narula, who’s at the stadium.

Play stopped: Some D/L numbers for you...

After 7.2 overs, SA 43/1 - Markram gone, play stopped: Oh dear, what a nothing shot by Markram! Captain or not, that shot with the proceedings well under control, was uncalled for. Goes on one leg and tries to heave Bumrah over midon, completely misses the ball and is hit flush on the back thigh. To make it worse, Amla calls for a review as well and it’s three reds and plumb in front. REVIEW LOST.

After 7 overs, SA 43/0: When Amla starts playing that back foot square drive and timing it perfectly, you know he is in good touch. Two boundaries now playing that shot - the first with the field up for Bumrah, the second time, he even manages to beat the fielder at deep point off Bhuvi. Bhuvi is trying to set Amla up with the one that is moving in - the ball that has often got Amla on this tour - but Amla playing it well.

After 5 overs, SA 31/0: Busy start by Markram and Amla. When they are not hitting boundaries to the third man (three already si far) they have rotated the strikes impressively.

After 3 overs, SA 19/0: That’s twice in two overs now that the Indian bowlers have managed to find the outside edge, but both times it runs to third man for four, wide of Rohit at first slip. Not much luck for Bhuvi and Bumrah to begin with here, although, one can question the logic of not having the second slip under lights with the new ball.

After 1 over, SA 6/0: Not an auspicious start for the Mighty Hash. Amla breaks his bat while tapping Bhuvneshwar to fine leg. Markram begin SA’s chase of 290 with a fine boundary through the covers off the next delivery. There was a hint of away movement for Bhuvi in that over, nothing exaggerated though.

09:45 pm: All set for the chase. The new white ball does move around under the lights at the Bullring. Bhuvi to Markram...

Innings break: Lightning struck at the wrong time for India?

After break in play: 89/5 in 15.4 overs.
In last ten overs: 59/3 (4s; 6, 6s: 0, dots: 26).
From 200/2 to 289/7.

Innings break: Last 10 overs, India managed just 59 runs and lost 3 wickets. The struggle was real post the lightning break but to be honest, they were struggling for a while even before the break. Join us shortly for the second session.

The target for AB de Villiers (who loves scoring big in pink) and Co is 290.

End of India’s innings - India finish on 289/7: Good finish from Dhoni, as ends up on 42 off 43 balls. This is how the final over went down.

49.1: FOUR - Dhoni bludgeons one through cover for four.
49.2: DOT - Full from Morris, Dhoni hits on to his shoes, the bowler takes the bump catch - 3rd umpire confirms.
49.3: ONE - Dhoni hits straight, sprints for two, Bhuvi sacrifices his wicket at the other end.
49.4: FOUR - Back on strike, Dhoni plays one of his both-feet-in-the-air shots over point for 4.
49.5: TWO - Whips a yorker to deep midwicket, sprints back for a couple.
49.6: ONE - Powered with all his might, but straight to Amla at cover.

After 49 overs, India 277/6: Dhoni has not enough of the strike so far at the death, points out Mike Haysman on air as Dhoni (and his helmet grill) manage a 10-run 49th over. Just 5 from Morris in the 48th over and Rabada then lets India hook off the bit with his final over. Dhoni retains strike for the last over...

After 47 overs, India 263/6: AIDEN MARKRAM, YOU SUPERMAN! A brilliant end to a fantastic over from Rabada as the captain pulls off a stunning catch at the edge of the 30-yard circle - standing at cover, he leaps full stretch, takes a one-handed stunner to send Pandya back. Just 4 runs from the over, India struggling here.

After 46 overs, India 259/5: Brilliant over from Rabada as he concedes just 4 in the 45th, with Pandya and Dhoni managing just singles. Morris then concedes a boundary plus 6 runs, as Pandya pulls through midwicket.

After 44 overs, India 249/5 - Shreyas Iyer gone: He survived a caught behind decision (given out, reviews immediately) in the 43rd over off Phehlukwayo but Shreyas is dismissed soon after, as he tries to hit Ngidi out of the Bullring - finds the fielder at long on instead.

After 42 overs, India 240/4: This is suddenly not looking a 350 pitch - whether it’s two new batsmen who have not played too much cricket struggling to get going or just good bowling by SA, remains to be seen. The hosts are varying their pace well, bowling the short of good length line that Dhoni hates, especially if cramped for room. Does get a boundary with an edge to third man.

After 39 overs, India 226/4: Well, We don’t think Dhoni intended to hit that for a six. He reaches out for a short ball outside off and it looked like he didn’t middle it but Holding thinks it’s the Wanderers’ altitude that takes the ball all the way, just over Phehlukwayo’s head at deep point. Shreyas hits a four past Morkel to make that a goo d over for India.

After 37 overs, India 211/4: - RAHANE GONE! Jinks could not have found the fielder at deep square leg better with an ultra-precise GPS. Ngidi is delighted with his first ODI wicket - it’s banged in short and the pull short goes straight to the fielder. India have lost their way since the restart.

Dhoni and Iyer have a job on their hands to take India close to 300...

After 36 overs , India 209/3 - DHAWAN GONE: Gabbar, apart from the 6 and 4 in his 90s, was struggling for a while before the rain break and after the break it’s more of the same. Breaks in play usually affect the batsmen more than bowlers and that seems to be the case as he tries to power Morkel over midoff and finds ABD.

Shreyas Iyer is the new man in and he almost edges the first ball to slips, goes wide instead as he fends a short ball.

After 35 overs, India 205/2: Rabada gets his radar wrong a couple of times, bowls a couple of wides. Dhawan gets lucky with that inside edge again (almost chops on for perhaps the third time today) but manages to get a couple of runs...

08:00 pm: And we are back in Jo’burg.. Rabada to continue, Rahane on strike.

07:55 pm: Covers coming off apparently and we should have play very soon. No overs lost, as well. Should start by 8 pm IST

07:35 pm: Still no cricket in Jo’burg... but...

07:25 pm: Not good news from Jo’burg

07:20 pm: Meanwhile, the women’s game is heading for an interesting finish. South Africa were struggling earlier in the run-chase but du Preez and young Wolvaardt are now taking command.

South Africa: 129/2 - 112 runs required from 17 overs.

Watch the match here:


After 34.2 overs, India 200/2 - PLAY STOPPED: With the scoreboard reading 200, the umpires decide it’s a good point to stop play with rain imminent. Notably, it’s not actually raining but there is lightning in the vicinity.

After 34 overs, India 197/2 - brace yourself for a break in play: Couple of boundaries in that Morris over, with Dhawan’s century being followed by a chip over midwicket by Rahane. And there is a massive rain cloud hanging over the Bullring now. There’s a storm coming...

100 for Shikhar Dhawan in 100th ODI : Morris has gifted this one to Gabbar - no pressure, it’s a full toss that Gabbar pushes past the bowler for a boundary. First Indian to get to a century in his 100th ODI!

After 33 overs, India 187/2 : Dhawan releases some pressure finally, with a six over square leg off Rabada. Superb shot to go from 92 to 98 and takes a quick single at the end... batting on 99. The conversion pressure seemed to be getting to Dhawan and he can get to his ton now...

After 32 overs, India 180/2 - VIRAT KOHLI GONE! And this moment could well be the difference between a chaseable score and SA being out of the match by the innings break. Something did give, finally as the lull in scoring gets to the Indian captain who plays another lofted shot this time finding the fielder at short cover - maybe a bit of extra bounce rushed Kohli. Morris gets the rewards for Ngidi’s good work.

And that’s it for Kohli. Another classy innings comes to an end. A few tight overs from SA made him want to try something. It didn’t come off. Kohli has made 75 (83) and somehow it feels like he has underachieved. Tells us of the standards he has set!

After 31 overs, India 177/1: And there’s a considerable lull in scoring out of nowhere now. Just 20 runs from the last 4 overs. Dhawan has scored 11 off the last 18 balls he has faced - struggling against Ngidi and Duminy,. Ngidi is bowling short of good length from over the wicket, and getting bounce with the angle - both causing discomforts to Dhawan. Something’s gotta give now...

After 27 overs, India 166/1: The 150 came up in the 25th over, to keep India’s run rate at and around the six mark. A couple of quite overs from Duminy to start his spell, Dhawan and Kohli perhaps wary that Duminy has the knack to pick up wickets at this stage. The running between the wickets has fluctuated between sublime and ridiculous between these two, and right now it’s on the sublime side of the spectrum. Kohli plays a sublime cover drive - that wristy, bottom-hand version - off JPD. Class.

After 24 overs, India 145/1: The run-scoring has increased pretty rapidly. In the 8 overs since the drinks break, Dhawan and Kohli have added 65 runs. Couple of streaky boundaries in the last 2 overs, one each for Kohli and Dhawan - first Dhawan slogs across the line off Phehlukwayo and finds the third man boundary, Kohli delicately edges Morkel to the same region, just past the keeper.

Meanwhile, Duminy (SA’s leading spinner today) into the attack...

Incredible numbers

After 22 overs, India 128/1 - FIFTY FOR VIRAT KOHLI! There are purple patches and then there is this. Kohli is simply unstoppable this series. Another wonderful fifty and brings it up with a boundary off Morkel - yet another lofted shot, this time over mid-off for four. You don’t see Kohli do this often and he’s done at least three times already to great effect - lofting the ball over the fielders.

India 105/1 after 19 overs (Dhawan 58*, Kohli 36*): FIFTY FOR GABBAR IN HIS 100th ODI! Great batting this by Shikhar Dhawan, he’s been a bit shaky with a few inside edges but other than that has been in glorious touch. Celebrates getting to the fifty with a stunning flick over midwicket for six off Phehlukwayo.

After 18 overs, India 95/1: End the competition folks, we have a winner for the shot of the series award. Stunnig hit by Virat Kohli. Takes a step outside the crease and hits a length ball off Ngidi straight down the ground for a six. Kohli usually doesn’t take the aerial route early in the innings. He has today and how!

DRINKS, India 80/1 after 16 overs: The run rate is up to five now as Dhawan, Kohli push ahead. Kohli is looking to improve his strike rate, with a lovely straight drive off Ngidi. Kohli moves to 25 off 32 balls, Dhawan on 43 off 41 balls.

Meanwhile, a while back, this happened on air: Sunny G was explaining AB de Villiers’ awesomeness using the English alphabet, on air. This is what we caught (he went off air at this point...)

“AB Can Do Everything Fabulously Gloriously Handsomely Innovatively Jauntily... Killingly Languidly Marvellously Nonchalantly Outstandingly....” 

— Gavaskar on AB de Villiers (over the duration of two overs)

After 14 overs, India 68/1: Ngidi and Morris bowling in tandem post-powerplay and Kohli and Dhawan have settled in nicely here. A big 14th over, with two boundaries for Dhawan off Morris. It’s a sluggish start for Kohli who is on 19 off 32 balls. Despite them settling down, the running has been dodgy. After a lengthy spell of dot balls, Kohli taps to point and scampers for a single, Duminy puts in a quick throw at the batsmen’s end. Dhawan would have been gone had that hit.

After 10 overs, India 53/1: End of the powerplay and India have reached fifty. Good recovery once again by these two after losing Rohit Sharma early. Couple of quite overs to end the powerplay as well, nothing aerial from either player.

Meanwhile, end of the India women’s innings in the 3rd ODI - a good recovery to post 240:

After 8 overs, India 46/1 - the Kohli-Rabada battle is back on: Ooops, Rabada is not pleased. Kohli has not played many loose shots this series, but that definitely was one - away from the body, edges over slip. Follows that up with a flick through midwicket. More like it. Two boundaries in that over, followed by a lovely straight drive for 2. Dhawan pulls Morkel with nonchalance in the previous over - 5 came off it.

After 6 overs, INDIA 30/1: Dhawan has a close call in the over after Rohit’s dismissal, an inside edge almost shatters timber, but he gets a four for it instead. Rebuilding phase for India, and these two - Kohli and Dhawan - have been united early yet again, thanks to Rohit’s dreadful form.

After 4 overs, India 20/1 - ROHIT GONE! Mr. Sharma’s torrid time in South Africa continues - Rabada provides the breakthrough for his captain yet again. This is more about Rabada the athlete than Rabada the bowler - a full ball is tentatively pushed back by Rohit and Rabada completes a low, tumbling catch in his follow through. Third umpire takes his time but this is cleanly done by KG.

In walks Virat Kohli, who has an average of 318 in this series....

After 3 overs, India 13/0: Hold that pose, Gabbar... a picture-perfect straight drive from Shikhar Dhawan to get going in his 100th ODI. Beautifully hit past Morkel and he enjoyed that one clearly. A few more drives in that over found the fielders on the offside.

After 2 overs, India 7/0: A hit-and-miss first over from Rabada to Rohit - good channel for the most part, but there is a wide outside off stump and he finishes with a full toss that Rohit drives past mid-off for his first boundary. Settling of nerves, much needed you’d think for Rohit.

After 1 over, India 2/0: Good carry and bounce for Morkel in the first over, as Dhawan is beaten a couple of times. Rohit Sharma takes first strike and he does not enjoy batting in South Africa... as his record shows. Can he change that today? He gets off the mark with a single towards fine leg.

04:25 pm: National anthems done, we are all set for play as Jo’burg looks like a sea of pink - what a sight!

Milestone for Dhawan

04:20 pm: The in-form Indian opener is playing his 100th ODI today


Pitch report

Pollock and Holding have spotted some cracks on the pitch that could assist the spinners but this is perhaps the most South African pitch that we have seen in this series so far - hard, with a tinge of green that could help seamers. And by the way, thuderstorms have been predicted for later in the day.

When bees took over

While it’s rained runs for South Africa in the Pink ODI, the match in 2017 against Sri Lanka, we saw one of the most bizarre stoppages of play - a swarm of bees stopped play midway through Sri Lanka’s innings in the third One-Day International against South Africa at the Wanderers in Johannesburg.

Play was disrupted twice as players from both sides dived to the ground to protect themselves. The game was officially halted in the 27th over of Sri Lanka’s innings.

Playing XIs:

One change for India, two for South Africa with Morkel returning along with ABD - no Imran Tahir.


04:00 pm: Virat Kohli has won the toss in the Pink ODI and decides to bat first. Wants to make the most of the hard pitch at Jo’burg. One forced change for India: Kedar Jadhav out (hamstring), Shreyas Iyer in. Markram says he wasn’t sure about what to do had he won the toss.

Big news: ABD is back!

03:55 pm: Meanwhile, after all the hue and cry that was raised over the non-telecast of India’s women taking on South Africa, CSA have a live stream up and running for the match today. Credit to them for listening to the fans. India have crossed 150 with the loss of four wickets after being 26/2 at one point.

Follow the match here.


03:50 pm: A reminder of just how good AB de Villiers is when he plays in pink - a colour in which South Africa are yet to lose. His place in the XI was all but confirmed by Chris Morris in the press conference yesterday. How big a boost it is to have him back?

Read more here.

03:45 pm: In case you were wondering, the PINK ODI is a South African tradition where they designate one ODI at the Bullring every year to raise breast cancer awareness.

03:45 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live blog of the fourth ODI between India and South Africa in this 6-match series. It’s played 3, won 3 for Virat Kohli and Co and they will have to pull off something extraordinary on a special occcasion to win the series - beat South Africa in a ‘Pink ODI’, something that’s never happened before.