Heena Sidhu has revealed that her coach and husband Ronak Pandit’s inspiring words gave her the lift needed to clinch gold at the ongoing Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

The shooter has been one India’s standout performers at the event, having won gold and Silver in women’s 25m pistol and 10m air pistol event respectively.

Taking to Instagram Sidhu heaped praise on Pandit for helping her prepare well for the tournament.

“I would like to thank everyone in my team for preparing me for the finals. I had stopped believing in myself but my team did not,” Sidhu wrote on her Instagram. “They prepared me well and they prepared me hard,” she added.

Sidhu made special mention of her coach and husband for preparing her motivating her to do well in the final.

“I owe it to my coach and husband Ronak Pandit for preparing me for the finals and he told me that my best will come in the finals even though my trainings were never this high,” she wrote. “He actually said it three days back, ‘you are going to win the sports pistol with your personal best’.”

“I thought he’s trying to cheer me up after training, but he knew that I am on my learning curve and it will improve when I demand it.”

“So when the day came and pressure was high I applied all my skills and delivered my best. So this medal is for my team,” she added.