As it happened:

Rashid Khan (MoM): “People back home love the fact that Afghanistan players are playing here. We want to see their smiling faces, because what’s happening there is not so good. Want to dedicate this win to my friend whose son is in the hospital. All the money will go to him.”

Kane Williamson: One of those games that came down to the wire. The surface was a bit different than the last one, and we were slow to adapt. Hooda was outstanding. He is so world-class in how he operates.

Rohit Sharma: It was a good game but I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. Being on the receiving end for the second time is tough to digest. It wasn’t a good enough total. The bowlers showed a lot of character.

What a finish! It was a brilliant comeback from Mumbai after all seemed lost at one stage and Mayank Markande, the purple cap holder, deserves all the praise. Dhawan gets the orange cap and was once again brilliant with the bat. Deepak Hooda showed nerves of steel and so did Billy Stanlake. Who knows. At this rate, Hyderabad might go all the way. They are the pace-setters and deservedly so. As for Mumbai and Rohit Sharma, they have been here before, and know exactly what it takes to bounce back.

HYDERABAD WIN BY 1 WICKET Stanlake finishes it off with a heave on the leg side, reads the slow delivery to perfection. The players rush onto the field. What a game!

SCORES LEVEL: SRH 147/9 in 19.5 overs Hooda tries a pull but doesn’t middle it. Bumrah at short-fine makes a desperate lunge forward but can’t catch it. Just one.

SRH 146/9 in 19.4 overs A wide and two singles and Hooda is back on strike. There is plenty of talk between the skipper and the bowler in the middle. Huge roar goes up as Stanlake gets a single.

SRH 143/9 in 19.1 overs SIX! What a strike. It’s a wide full toss and Hooda doesn’t miss out. It was a fairly straightforward length for the batsman and he thumps it for a six, wide of long-off. Bad delivery from Cutting.

SRH 137/9 in 19 overs OUT! The bizarre encounter is now firmly in Mumbai’s grasp as Sandeep Sharma, attempting a pull, can only lift it as far as Bumrah at short-fine. Nine down. Have the batsmen crossed? If so, Stanlake will take strike in the first ball of the final over.

SRH 137/8 in 18.4 overs OUT! Mustafizur takes a terrific one-handed return catch to send the under-fire Kaul back to the pavilion. Mumbai, for the first time in the match, firmly have their noses in front.
S Kaul c & b Mustafizur 0 (3)

SRH 136/7 in 17.4 overs OUT! Another one bites the dust and this was a peach. Rashid Khan could only fend at it and nick it to the keeper. How Mumbai have clawed their way back here. This could go down to the last ball. Game on. Two from two for Bumrah.
Rashid Khan c Kishan b Bumrah 0(1)

SRH 136/6 in 17.4 overs OUT! Bumrah gives Mumbai an opportunity. He rushes Pathan into pulling a short delivery. There was little timing on the shot and Pollard takes a simple catch at short mid-on.
Y Pathan c Pollard b Bumrah 14 (14)

SRH 133/5 in 17 overs 15 needed from the last three overs and at the moment, it’s a walk for Hyderabad. Pathan soothes the nerves with a stylish flick to the fine-leg boundary. Mumbai need a big over or they are staring at another defeat.

SRH 124/5 in 16 overs There is plenty of drama down there: good (Ben Cutting) and bad (Sangwan) fielding. Calamitous running between the wickets from Pathan and Hooda before both batsmen decide against taking any risks. Mumbai need wickets and Rohit is using the best options available to him.

SRH 114/5 in 14 overs Yusuf Pathan is up and away in trademark style – with a boundary. Another wicket will put enormous pressure but one suspects Pathan is not going to change his style. Run rate is not a worry for Hyderabad.

SRH 107/5 in 12 overs OUT! Another one goes. Sky is the limit for young Markande, who continues to soar. This time, Shakib is caught in two minds while playing the shot and drags the ball back onto his stumps. Now, it’s an even contest.
Shakib Al Hasan b Markande 12 (12)

SRH 104/4 in 12 overs Deepak Hooda eases the nerves with a hammering blow down the ground for a boundary. Mustafizur is unable to get his cutters at work so far. The required rate, though, is still well under six an over.

SRH 89/4 in 10.1 overs OUT! They keep on tumbling and Markande has triggered an extraordinary collapse. There was a bit of a confusion between the bowler and the fielder as the ball went up in the air. Sharma completes the catch and Mumbai are cock-a-hoop. Poor shot from Manish Pandey.
M Pandey c Rohit b Markande 11 (8)

SRH 77/3 after 8.5 overs OUT! Another one goes and this time, it’s Dhawan who departs. Bumrah takes a fine catch at fine-leg. Markande gets another one and Mumbai have made a terrific comeback here. Can they pull this back? Hyderabad are in a bit of trouble.
S Dhawan c Bumrah b Markande 45 (28)

SRH 73/2 after 8 overs OUT! Once again, Mumbai make fools out of audiences. A cutter from Mustafizur missed Williamson’s bat (so we thought) and went through to the keeper. The bowler and Kishan are convinced there was an edge. Replays showed that there was a faint edge. Yet another terrific referral from Mumbai.
K Williamson c Kishan b Mustafizur Rahman 6 (4)

SRH 63/1 after 7 overs OUT! Saha comes down the track and checks his shot, the ball crashes onto his pads. It didn’t look out at all at first look but Mumbai take a review. Surprisingly, replays show the ball clipping the off stump.
W Saha lbw b Markande 22 (20)

SRH 56/0 after 6 overs Bumrah leaks 14 runs as Hyderabad continue to deal in boundaries and are calmly going about with their chase. Saha is also chipping in. This could be over in 15 overs at this rate. Mumbai get a break, a much-needed one.

SRH 42/0 after 5 overs DROPPED! Another chance goes begging as Ishan Kishan can’t react quickly enough to take a catch off Saha. Pandya got off to a fine start, though, conceding only four from his first over.

SRH 28/0 after 3 overs. DROPPED! Saha gets a reprieve! Mistimes the ball off Sangwan...Cutting runs back from his position at mid-on gets to it, but spills it.

SRH 7/0 after 1 over. Dhawan starts off confidently. Gets a boundary. Saha, however, begins gingerly. Nearly chops one onto the stumps.

MI finish at 147/8 in 20 Overs After starring with the ball against Chennai, Markande finishes with a flourish, paddling Kaul to the fine-leg boundary. Kaul, otherwise, had yet another fine outing with the ball, but the star of the show was undoubtedly Rashid Khan, who earned miserly figures of 2/13 from four overs. Kaul now has the purple cap too. It will be hard for any team to get runs off the SRH attack. That’s how good they have been in the two games so far.

MI 136/8 in 18.5 Overs OUT! Plumb in front. It looked quite obvious from the screen and the umpire turned it down. A review was taken, and it showed that Sangwan was gone for all money. On a hat-trick, Sandeep Sharma.
P Sangwan lbw b S Sharma 0 (1)

MI 136/7 in 18.4 Overs OUT! Another one goes and Suryakumar’s laboured stay at the crease comes to an end. He tries to heave Sandeep Sharma and this time, Deepak Hooda takes a safe catch at long-on and throws the ball in anger. Why, you ask? He had earlier dropped a fairly straightforward take off Rohit Sharma
S Yadav c Hooda b S Sharma 28 (31)

MI 132/6 in 17.3 Overs OUT! What does one do with Rashid Khan? He completely flummoxes Cutting with a googly, just as the batsman was stepping out, and cleans up his stumps. The Afghani has been stingy as ever so far.
B Cutting b Rashid Khan 9 (9)

MI 129/5 in 17 Overs Suryakumar, after waging a long struggle with finding the ropes, goes after Siddarth Kaul and gets a boundary. Mumbai need more of this. Probably a big-hitting cameo from Cutting.

MI 110/5 in 14.5 Overs OUT! Oh boy, Pollard just threw it away and it is hard to explain what the West Indian was trying to do there. His bottom hand just came off as he was playing the shot. The ball bobbed up in the air and Shikhar Dhawan at deep cover took a simple catch. Once again, Mumbai lose their way after it looked like they were building momentum.
K Pollard c Dhawan b Stanlake 28 (23)

MI 100/4 in 14 Overs SIX! 100 up for Mumbai and it has been a bit of a struggle for them in the last few overs. Pollard breaks the shackles with a thumping six over long off. It went as far back as the second tier. Prior to the six, Hyderabad had conceded only 13 runs from 19 deliveries.

MI 82/4 in 11 Overs Kieran Pollard has started with a thumping boundary straight down Rashid Khan’s head. It comes as a huge sigh of relief for the West Indian, who has been struggling with spin so far.

OUT! MI 72/4 in 8.5 Overs Oh dear, trouble for Mumbai as Krunal Pandya, who was picking up some momentum at the crease. It was a lazy chip from the left-hander and Williamson takes a safe catch.
K Pandya c Williamson b Shakib 15 (10)

MI 59/3 in 8 Overs Just five runs from the last two overs as the fluency we saw from Suryakumar’s blade a few days ago is missing here. Hyderabad are dominating this passage of play with a mix of yorkers and slow deliveries.

MI 54/3 in 6 Overs OUT! I Kishan c Pathan b Kaul 9 (9) Hyderabad on top. First, Ishan Kishan’s adventure comes to an end and Siddarth Kaul’s dream start to the IPL continues. The left-hander went for a wild swing but only got a top edge. Yusuf Pathan looked in a bit of discomfort just when he was about to catch the ball because of the floodlights glaring at him, but showed safe hands, nonetheless.
OUT! E Lewis b Kaul 29 (17) In the final ball of the over, Lewis, who had played a blinder, is deceived by a slower knuckle-ball and Kaul cleans up his off stump.

MI 48/1 in 5 Overs DROPPED! Sandeep Sharma drops a dolly after Rashid Khan outwits Kishan with a quicker delivery. Hyderabad have been terrible on the field so far, and that is putting it lightly. Earlier, Stanlake took quite a beating as Lewis went on the front foot and hammered a four and six in the fourth over.

MI 28/1 in 3 Overs Evin Lewis tonks Sharma for a six off the first ball – it landed in the second tier. You just cannot bowl short. You could have given an eight for that one, that’s how far back it went. Ishan Kishan gets off the mark with a streaky boundary, it narrowly missed his leg stump before running towards the boundary ropes.

No luck for Sharma again as the southpaw reads the slow delivery perfectly and cleverly runs the ball down to the third-man fence. Runs coming thick and fast for the home side.

MI 11/1 in 2 Overs Billy Stanlake drops it short and Rohit is on it in a flash (sorry). It was a crunching shot off the back-foot and the ball sails over the boundary with ease. The fifth ball of the over sees the Aussie quick over-pitch it, and Rohit dispatches it to the cover boundary for a four.....and it’s a wicket! Shakib lunges forward at short mid-wicket to take a fine catch! The pendulum is swinging back and forth at a dramatic pace here.

Many social media commentators predicting that Hooda may have just dropped the match.

MI 1/0 in 1 over What a start from Sandeep Sharma, who is playing his first game in SRH colours. Rohit Sharma is beaten all ends up and the seamer is getting some nip from the surface....and DROPPED! Deepak Hooda runs backwards as Rohit gets a top-edge. He was in position to take it but alas, he spooned it. Fine start for Sandeep, who hardly put a foot wrong in this over.

The players are making their way to the centre. Rohit Sharma and Evin Lewis open for Mumbai. It will be Sandeep Sharma who will open the bowling.


SRH: Wriddhiman Saha, Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson, Manish Pandey, Deepak Hooda, Yusuf Pathan, Shakib Al Hasan, Rashid Khan, Sandeep Sharma, Billy Stanlake, Siddharth Kaul

MI: Evin Lewis, Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav, Kieron Pollard, Ben Cutting, Krunal Pandya, Pradeep Sangwan, Mayank Markande, Jasprit Bumrah, Mustafizur Rahman.

Toss: Kane Williamson has decided to chase. No surprises there as they have a phenomenal record batting second. Hardik Pandya and Bhuvneshwar Kumar will be sitting out of today’s game due to injuries.

Head to Head:
Overall: Matches: 10, SRH won: 5, MI won: 5

Fun stat: Shikhar Dhawan has scored more runs against the Mumbai Indians than against any other opponent. He has an aggregate of 536 runs from 16 matches against Mumbai.

Hello and welcome! The variety in Sunrisers Hyderabad’s bowling attack may pose a few tricky questions for Mumbai Indians when the two teams square off in this encounter, which will be played at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Hyderabad.

The two teams met with contrasting fortunes in their opening games. While Sunrisers hardly broke sweat during their emphatic nine-wicket victory over Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians lost a humdinger to Chennai Super Kings at the Wankhede Stadium.

It is widely believed that Hyderabad have the most diverse bowling attack in the competition. They have Bhuvneshwar Kumar for seam and swing, Billy Stanlake for pace and bounce and Siddarth Kaul to hit the deck. Add Rashid Khan’s fast leg-breaks and googlies to it. Meanwhile, Bangladesh stalwart Shakib Al Hasan with his orthodox left-arm spin is a difficult customer to handle.

Mumbai Indians, on the other hand, is filled with a galaxy of stars and are often known to be slow starters in a marathon tournament. Skipper Rohit Sharma would be expecting a better effort from his batsmen as 165 on a good batting track wasn’t par for the course against Chennai.

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